Northern Michigan Christian School Scholarship Application by xjw18681


									                 Northern Michigan Christian School
                       Scholarship Application
Northern Michigan Christian School has a limited number of scholarships available to
help deserving students whose families need help with the cost of Christian school
tuition. Scholarships are awarded only as long as money is available. These scholarships
vary in amount to a maximum of 80% of the cost of education. Families are responsible
for the balance of tuition. Scholarships are renewable from year to year as long as the
criteria listed below are met.

Scholarship Criteria

           1. Financial need must be established annually by means of a FACTS
           2. Tuition balance must be paid by electronic funds transfer on a monthly
              basis and must be paid in full by August of next year.
           3. Families must be active members of a Christian church.
           4. Families must actively participate in the volunteer program, earning the
              required number of points annually.
           5. As a condition of accepting an 80% scholarship, parents must participate
              in a no-cost financial planning session offered by NMCS before
              September 30, 2008. Call the school to make this appointment.

I understand that all Scholarship Criteria must be met annually in order for
scholarships to be renewed for the following school year.

I am applying for a Scholarship for these students (include first and last names):



              I have completed the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment form and have
              submitted it to FACTS either on-line (preferred) or by mail.

                       Signed:       _______________________________

                       Date:         ________________________________

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