AG Tourism by youmustknowme


									                           Agriculture Tourism
                    Roundtable Discussion Work Session
                    Monday, March 24, 2003 – Governor’s Conference

Moderator: Gayle Fisher, Russell Country, 761-5036,
Examples of Agriculture Tourism:

-Virgelle Mercantile B&B and Missouri River Canoe Company
Packaging –
-Paddle to saddle float (float Missouri River ½ day to Glenny Terry’s Ranch then go
horseback riding and camp at Pilot Rock ranch property)
-Homestead hideaway (Area homestead cabins and sheepwagon moved to Virgelle and
made into rental units with story about each unit provided for guests)
-Homestead and educational w/schools
-River Trips – 3-7days (Wild & Scenic Missouri River)

Fort Benton-
-River Bend Bed & Breakfast
-Guest House
-Double Circle Ranch
-Grain Harvest – bread
-Elliot’s Pasta – from grain to pasta

Ideas for AG Tourism
-Outfitting Guides
-Wagon train, cattle drives
-Working Ranch
-Dinosaur & Fossil Digs
-Agribusiness – value added processing – community food system –locally grown food
-Dude Ranch
-Farm to table restaurant
-Organic farm tours
-10 ranches in Sweetgrass County Co-op
-Hunting/Nature Education
-Horse Hotel Directory/Board Horses
-Resources: Chambers, Regions, State

Fun Adventures – Tours/Billings
-Production of sugar beets
-Field – plant
-Cream of West
-Dairy Farm
-Hat makers, saddle makers
-Experiment station

-Click through sites (Google)
-Travel MT
-Travel Agent
-Packaging (Rural/Urban)
-SAAM Tours (Yellowstone County)
        (Sheep, arts, antiques, & museum)
-Quilting – Quilt tour -went to quilt shops in different towns
-Historical Tours w/ Storytellers cross/culture
-Hands of Harvest – Russell Country
        (Like handmade in America)
        Showcase MT products

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