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									                                                                                                  .. A     FullyAccredited School"

                                                           WES                                       Newsletter
                                                       August-September                           2009                          Sandra J. Montgomery,      Principal

     Welcome to Our New Faculty &Staff Members

Mrs.     Stevie     Spence       Willis         Elementary                              A native of Fauquier                          Willis      Elementary
Bowman          joins the        School      and       Indian                           County      in northern                       School is pleased to
                                 Valley         Elementary                              Virginia, Ms. Rebecca                         welcome Mrs. Kay
WES staff as a 5th grade
teacher. A 2003 FCnS             School are pleased to                                  Knox,      will serve as                      Huff     as    cafeteria
                                 welcome       Ms. Renie                                Title      I      Reading                     manager for the 2009-
graduate, she holds a BS                                                                Specialist     at   Willis                    2010 school year.
                                 Gates       as       speech
in            Elementary                                                                Elementary School and                         With           valuable
Education from RU with           therapist for the 2009-
                                 2010 school year. Ms.                                  Check Elementary this                         cafeteria experience at
a     concentration      in      Gates      earned         her                          year. Having earned a                         both Indian Valley
Special Education and            master's      degree        in                         BS in interdisciplinary                       Elementary       School
English. Mrs. Bowman             Spring      2009        from                           studies and an MS in                          and Floyd Elementary
completed a year-long            Radford         University.                            Reading Education, Ms.                        School, Mrs. Huff has
                                                                                        Knox       comes      well                    managed the summer
internship at Auburn             Returning to her roots,
                                 Ms. Gates         attended                             equipped to enhance an                        FPS breakfast        and
Elementary          School
                                 Indian                Valley                           already strong Title I                        lunch programs.
where she taught in 5th                                                                 Reading Program.        In                    Mrs.     Huff     enjoys
and       2nd        grade       Elementary      and is a
                                 FCHS graduate.            Ms.                          her spare time, Ms.                           spending time with
classrooms. She enjoys           Gates loves her horses                                 Knox enjoys reading,                          family, friends, and
spending     time     with                                                              walking, and hiking.                          her husband Rodney.
                                 and        dogs           and
family.                          volunteers as an EMT                                   Welcome Ms. Knox!                             Hobbies include golf,
She is married to Lowell         with the Floyd County                              .-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-                              fishing, and cookouts.
Bowman and has a 3-                                                                                                                   Mrs.     Huff     invites
                                 Rescue.      Ms.       Gate's                      ! Gifted Adulto."                            I
year     old     daughter        future dreams are to                               I Committee                                  i    everyone to come to
                                                                                                                                 i    school and enjoy a
named Kiley.                     one     day travel          to                     I The    Gifted                  Advisory
                                                                                                                                      healthy,      nutritious
Mrs. Bowman's hobbies            Europe and take a long                             I   Committee of Floyd County
                                                                                    . is looking to expand    its .
                                                                                                                                 i    meal.
include baking, sewing,          awaited cruise.                                    ! membership. The committee    I                  Welcome Mrs. Huff!
and gardening. She also                                                             ! meets four times a year on                 i
                                                                                    I the second Tuesday       of'
enjoys outdoor activities       An Equal Opportunity                                                                                     Sept. 3, 2009
such as softball, jogging,                                                          i
                                                                                        March    and
                                                                                                                 May.    The
                                     Employer                                                                                              6:00 P.M.
hiking, and swimming.         The Floyd County School Board does not
                              discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,
                                                                                    ! meetings are held at 4:00 at i
                              naHonal origin, political amliaHon, gender, age,      I   the School Board Office. For'                     PT A BBQ
                              marital status, or disability                         . more          information       or   an I
                                 ;n its educaHonal programs, admission to any
                                            program, or employment.
                                                                                    !   application,       please call 745-      i          Supper
                                                                                    I   9400                or          email    i       You're Invited!
                                                                                    i.~~~~~~@~~v~~                              ..i

Committed "toexcellence in educat:ion, equalit:Y educat:ional oppoftunit:Y,and t:he recognit:ion
                               Of each S1:udent:'sndividualit:y.

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