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          Underdog Wine Merchants and Italian Wines Made Easy
    Underdog Wine Merchants, a division of The Wine Group, has become the exclusive
      distributor for A•Mano SRL for the first Pan-Italian brand in the United States

Livermore, CA (March 26, 2008) — Mark Shannon, a Californian winemaker now living
in Italy, and his Italian partner Elvezia Sbalchiero started A•Mano over 11 years ago.
Their project was to create the best possible wines from native Italian grapes. From the
very beginning they received awards and accolades for their most well-known varietal,
Primitivo from Puglia.

“The beauty of Italy is that it is divided into very discrete regions, and each region has its
own wines and foods. It is also what makes it so difficult for an American to
understand,” says Shannon. After traveling the regions of Italy tasting their indigenous
wines and forging bonds with likeminded winemakers, Shannon and Sbalchiero proposed
bringing the best that Italy has to offer under one family—A•Mano and Prima•Mano.

The A•Mano and Prima•Mano brands will focus exclusively on native Italian varieties.
Their claim is, “This wine could only be made in Italy.” The first release includes
Primitivo, Chianti, Pinot Grigio, Moscato and Soave from A•Mano, and Fiano-Greco,
Primitivo and Brunello from Prima•Mano. For the first time, consumers who enjoy an
Italian wine from one region can rely on the very same brand for other regions as well.

Fritz Lance, president of Underdog Wine Merchants, commented, “We are excited to
work with Mark and Elvezia to expand the offerings from A•Mano and from
Prima•Mano. This project fits our core strategy of adding iconic, differentiated brands to
our growing portfolio of international wines. The strategy of a Pan Italian brand like
A•Mano is an ideal way to reach today’s most engaged wine consumer, the 70+ million
Millenials with intriguing Italian varietals like Primitivo, Moscato or even the Fiano-Greco
aromatic blend.”


About Underdog Wine Merchants
Underdog Wine Merchants is the champion of the more interesting, albeit sometimes misunderstood or
under-appreciated wines and wine styles. In a word … the “underdogs” of the wine world. We work
with both domestic and international winemakers to craft unique, esoteric wines and bring wine lovers
those true gems. Our current portfolio of wines includes A●Mano, Angel Juice, Big House, Boho
Vineyards, Cardinal Zin, Chateau Laroque, Killer Juice, Monticello, Now & Zen, Osborne, Pinot Evil, just
to name a few. Underdog Wines, always the most interesting pick of the litter.

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