LWPES President Job Description by arh18908


									                                                    LWPES President
                                                     Job Description

RESPONSIBILITIES                             TASKS                                                                      TIME LINE

1. Leadership                                Set priorities for the Society with the advice and                         ongoing
                                             consent of the Board of Directors and Executive Director

2. Serve as primary spokesperson for LWPES   Represent LWPES to other organizations                                     as needed
                                                    -delegates and appointees
                                                    -media communications

3. Communications with membership            letters, e-mail communications, etc                                        as needed

4. LWPES Committee appointments              -in consultation with Pres-Elect                                            Spring
                                             -personal contact with each appointee, outlining timeline & responsibilities

5. Serve on Awards committee                 Review all LWPES awards                                                    Winter

6. Scientific Program development            Work with Program Committee Chair                          Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
                                             -select & notify key speakers for Annual Meeting
                                                      -Lawson Wilkins
                                                      -LWPES State-of-the-Art Plenary Lecture

7. Preparation for Annual Meeting            Work with Degnon and officers                                Spring and earlier
                                                    -prepare LWPES introductory page & photo for brochure
                                                    -develop agenda for Annual Meeting
                                                    -Give Presidential Lecture at Annual Meeting
                                                    -Present all Awards at Annual Meeting
8. BOD and CAB meetings   Work with Degnon and officers            Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
                                 -review agendas
                                 -chair all BOD and CAB meetings

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