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									                                             Vacations, Retreats, and Camps
    Going on vacations and retreats is important for relaxation,        many more cities. Even vacation hot spots such as Las Vegas
learning about the world, and being together with family and            and Florida have Jain temples. There are thousands of Jain
friends. In addition to tingling our senses and emotions, some          pilgrimages and retreats in India with breathtaking scenery, and
parts of the vacation should include appeal to the mind and the         grand ancient temples.
Soul. This can be quite an exhilarating experience. Vacations               Jain Camps Siddhachalam and various Jain Centers keep a
should also be a time to reflect about ourselves, our practices,        Jain Camp yearly. Here you can enjoy activities such as yoga,
and our habits. In the United States as well as all over the world,     meditation, hiking, sports and hearing interesting lectures. While
there are thousands of vacation spots and retreats which are not        going trekking, you can jointly sing Namokar Mantra and stutis
only fun but also spiritually uplifting.                                together for the first 10 minutes of the hike, or practice total
    Retreats One type of vacation is a retreat, where you leave the     meditative silence. To minimize trampling on small plants and
tensions and responsibilities of your daily life, and go to a place     killing small insects, you want to take extra precautions while
closely associated with nature and learning. More specifically, there   exploring nature.
are places which are religious retreats. Here you can immerse in            Create your Own Several families can get together and plan
beautiful temples, nature, rituals, scriptural learning, meditation,    their own customized spiritual retreat. Each member can be
yoga, herbal treatment, and more. In the United States, Jain            asked to prepare a talk on a subject or a book they have read and
retreats include the serene Siddachalam (in New Jersey), where          others can help in meditation and prayers, etc.
they have cabins and ample accommodations and delicious                      Visiting Friends and Family Visiting family and friends in
vegetarian meals.                                                       the United States or India is always a nice change and can be
    Jain temples in United States and retreats in India Almost          immensely enjoyable. Take these visits as a chance to understand
every major U.S. city and most Indian cities have one or many           “good practices” that they have incorporated into their lives. Be
Jain temples (See list of Jain Temples on page 178). You can            sure to help your host with all household activities (cooking,
visit many of the other great temples in the country, such as,          cleaning, making beds, helping with children) so that their work
Jain Center of Southern California and Northern California,             by having you there is reduced.
Detroit, New York, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Houston, and
 Vacations, Retreats, and Camps                                                                                                        Family

      The following are recommendations:

     Camping                      Excellent way to experience nature. Avoid campfires as firewood has many insects living in them. If you
                                  must, then tap the wood vertically to dislodge insects and worms. Avoid eating out at night.
     U.S. Cities                  Visit a Jain temple and also visit famous temples and churches.
     Other Countries              Visit famous churches, sight–seeing landmarks, cultural events, holy sites, etc.
     Hiking                       Practice silence for a few minutes; walk carefully to minimize killing of insects.
     Museum                       Understand the many views (multiplicity of views). Visit the Holocaust, Natural History, Art, Science
                                  museums and understand the diverse viewpoints.
     In the Car                   Play some religious and devotional music for some time. Meditate together. The best time is when you
                                  start your journey in the morning.
     Yoga/Meditation              Art of Living offers courses in practical wisdom on how to live gracefully in a stressful world, and also
     Retreats                     the deep spiritual experience necessary to put that knowledge into action.
     Casinos                      Enjoy the casinos, see the architecture, see the people obsessed with gambling, smoking and drinking.
                                  See the human behavior. If you must gamble, set a limit of $20 to $50 per day and vow to gamble no
                                  more than that.
     Recycling                    Use paper plates whenever possible. Put your name on cups so they can be reused.

                     “Every variety of living creature I must ever defend from harm.” — Ta-chwang-yan-ling-lun (sermon 62)

 Contributor: Sonia Shah


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