Assassin's Creed - Weapons PC Combo's by feanaro



                        WEAPONS AND PC COMBOS

FIST: You can use fist to pickpocket, to engage in fist fight, etc. it is the weakest weapon in the game so using it
against guards will be completely useless.

HIDDEN BLADE: Hidden blade can be used in two profiles viz., low profile and high profile. Low profile gives you enough
time to escape before anybody notice he’s dead. Whereas in high profile attracts too much attention. But it comes to
use when you need to kill someone immediately.

SWORD: Sword can be used to fight in high profile or open fighting. It has high defense and range but compared to
short blade it is slow. But believe me it is a lot easier to wheel the sword than the short blade.

SHORT BLADE: Just like sword it can be used for fighting. The advantage of using short blade is you can throw knives
at your enemies while fighting. But compare to sword it is very difficult to block attacks and do counter at the same

THROWING KNIVES: Throwing knives can be used to stealth kill your enemies. You can also use it while fighting with
your short blade. If you run out if knives, you can pickpocket thugs or visit Maysaf to refill it.

STEALTH KILL WITH HIDDEN BLADE IN LOW                          Press F to lock onto the target, then slowly get near the
PROFILE                                                        target and press Left Click to stealth assassinate your foe
STEALTH KILL WITH HIDDEN BLADE IN HIGH                         First press F to lock onto the target, then run towards
PROFILE                                                        the target and press Left Click to stealth kill your target
                                                               in high profile
ATTACK                                                         Press Left Click to attack your enemies
DEFLECT                                                        Hold Right Click to block enemy’s blow
SLOWER ATTACK                                                  Press and Hold Left Click to perform a stronger attack
COUNTER KILLS                                                  Hold Right Click and Press Left Click when the enemy
                                                               attacks to counter their attacks
STEALTH KILL WITH THROWING KNIVES                              Press F to lock onto the target and then press Left click
                                                               to throw a knife at them
GRAB BREAK                                                     When your opponent grabs you press Right Click + Shift
                                                               grab break
REGAIN BALANCE AND DODGE                                       Press Right Click + Space to dodge enemy’s attack
DEFENSE BREAK                                                  When your opponent is holding block, press Right Click +
                                                               Left Click to beak their defense

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