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Tourism Councils
International Advisory Council for Tourism
The International Advisory Council for Tourism (IACT) was                 •   Singapore as an Events Capital
established in 1999 to advise the STB on long-term strategic                  Clustering and marketing similar events, placing greater
issues in the tourism industry.                                               emphasis on promoting instead of creating events,
                                                                              developing a stronger audience base and focusing
Comprising prominent leaders of the global tourism industry                   on iconic events which cannot be easily replicated.
and representing a spectrum of tourism-related clusters and
geographic regions, the IACT members are appointed on a                   •   Singapore as a Choice Business Destination
three-year term and the Council has been convening annually                   Attracting top MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions &
in Singapore. The IACT met on 10 and 11 November 2003 to                      Exhibitions) talents into the industry, placing stronger
share with the STB a global perspective on the trends and                     emphasis on attracting top government level summits to
issues pertaining to long-term tourism development. Some of                   Singapore and packaging MICE events with stronger
the key recommendations raised were:                                          educational content.

•       Singapore Tourism in a New Business Environment                       The Council also highlighted the need for Singapore to
        Building lifestyle hardware and software as the backbone              encourage private sector and government collaboration and
        of Singapore tourism development to ensure long-term,                 build as many bridges as possible in various countries by
        sustainable growth for the industry.                                  taking a flexible and adaptive approach.

•       Managing Challenges and Emerging Trends                               The STB has reviewed the recommendations and is
        Focusing on growing the regional markets, twinning                    working in tandem with the industry and relevant government
        Singapore with complementary neighbouring destinations                agencies to drive Singapore’s tourism sector into the next
        and continuing to build niche segments such as education,             lap of growth.
        health and cruise tourism.

•       Singaporeans as Tourism Ambassadors
        Stressing the importance of service culture and quality
        among Singaporeans and educating Singaporeans on the
        relevance of tourism in their lives.

Chaired by Mr Lim Chin Beng, Chairman of The Ascott Group Limited and Chairman of Singapore Press Holdings Limited,
the 16 distinguished members of the current Council are:

    •    Mr Wee Ee-chao                         •   The Honourable Jeffrey Gibb Kennett         •   Mr Koji Shinmachi
         Chairman,                                  Past Premier of Victoria, Australia             Chairman,
         Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore                                                         Japan Association of Travel Agents,
                                                •   Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay                            Japan
    •    Mr Lim Neo Chian                           President and Chief Executive,
         Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive,       Star Cruises, Malaysia                      •   Mr Tony Wheeler
         Singapore Tourism Board,                                                                   Founder,
         Singapore                              •   Mr Ranjit Malkani                               Lonely Planet Publications,
                                                    Chairman and Chief Executive,                   Australia
    •    Mr Lars Christensen                        India and Asia Kuoni Travel Group,
         Chairman, The Incon Group &                India                                       •   Professor Xie Shengwu
         Managing Director,                                                                         President,
         International Conference Services,     •   Ms Marilyn Carlson Nelson                       Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
         Denmark                                    Chair and Chief Executive,                      People's Republic of China
                                                    Carlson Companies Inc, USA
    •    Mr Jiang Jianning                                                                      •   Ms Yang Lan
         Executive Director & CEO,              •   Mr Mike Rusbridge                               Chairperson,
         China CYTS Tours Holding Co. Ltd,          Chairman,                                       Sun Media Group Holdings,
         People's Republic of China                 Reed Exhibitions, UK                            People's Republic of China

    •    Mr Rupert Keeley                       •   Mr John Sharpe                              •   Mr Adrian Zecha
         President and Chief Executive,             Chair Finance Committee,                        Chairman,
         VISA Asia Pacific Region,                  The Culinary Institute of America,              Silverlink Holdings Limited,
         Singapore                                  USA                                             Singapore

The STB wishes to thank Mr Charles Petruccelli, President, Global Travel Services, American Express, who has left the Council
in October 2003, for his invaluable contributions to the IACT.
                                                       STB Annual Report 03/04

Marketing Advisory Council for Tourism (India)
Established in India in February 2004, the Marketing Advisory Council for Tourism (India) is the STB’s first advisory council
based outside Singapore. The Council offers a formal platform where experts from various industries provide the STB with
views on its strategies on growing and developing the Indian market. With insights into new market opportunities and trends,
the STB hopes to develop keener marketing strategies, products and services that will better meet the needs of the Indian
market and strengthen bilateral ties with India.

Comprising leading figures from the tourism, business, media and academia sectors in India, the Council will convene annually
and members will serve on the Council for a term of two years.

Co-chaired by Mr Lim Neo Chian, Deputy Chairman & Chief Executive, STB and Mr Ranjit Malkani, Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer Indian Subcontinent and Middle East, Kuoni Travel Group, India, the members of the Council are:

     •   His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singhji
         Maharaja of Jodhpur, Chairman of CII Tourism Committee
     •   Professor Aman Agrawal
         Director, Indian Institute of Finance Business School
     •   Mr Tariq Ansari
         Managing Director, Mid-Day
     •   Ms Deepti Bhatnagar
         Director, Deepti Bhatnagar Productions
     •   Mr Jamshed Daboo
         Chief Operating Officer, The Taj Group
     •   Mr Pradeep Guha
         President, Times of India Group
     •   Ms Celina Jaitly
         Film Actress
     •   Mr Jehangir Katgara
         Managing Director, Travel Corporation (India) Private Limited
     •   Mr Rattan Keswani
         Vice-President, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts
     •   Mr Vaishnav Puri
         Chairman & Managing Director, Seaworld Shipping and Logistics Private Limited
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Tourism Consultative Council
The effectiveness of the COOL Team task force established during the SARS crisis clearly demonstrated the necessity of
collaboration between the public and private sectors in meeting the challenges confronting the tourism sector. The Tourism
Consultative Council (TCC) was formed on 1 February 2004 to facilitate this collaboration.

The TCC serves as both a sounding board for the STB's key strategies and plans, as well as issues and challenges faced
by the industry. It will provide ground intelligence and perspectives on industry trends and assist in the joint implementation
of tourism initiatives.

The Board will continue to engage other industry players, in addition to the TCC, for consultation on specific tourism issues.
Through more opened channels for communications, the STB aims to provide the necessary support for the private sector
to develop the tourism industry into a key driver of economic growth for Singapore.

The TCC is co-chaired by Mr Lim Neo Chian, Deputy Chairman & Chief Executive, STB and Mdm Kay Kuok, Executive
Chairman, Shangri-La Hotel Ltd; with Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports
and Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, as the honorary advisor. The Council comprises leaders of key
travel-related industry associations and organisations, as well as representatives from key government agencies and selected
individuals from the tourism industry.

The TCC meets once every quarter and the 24 members are:

  Honorary Advisor                                                      Government Agencies*

  •   Dr Vivian Balakrishnan                                            •   Mr Ho Beng Huat
      Acting Minister for Community Development,                            Deputy Director, General Airport Management,
      Youth and Sports,                                                     Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
      Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry
                                                                        •   Mr Khoong Hock Yun
  Chairpersons                                                              Assistant Chief Executive, Industry Group,
                                                                            Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
  •   Mr Lim Neo Chian
      Deputy Chairman & Chief Executive, STB                            •   Mr Lim Eng Hwee
                                                                            Director, Physical Planning,
  •   Mdm Kay Kuok                                                          Urban Redevelopment Authority
      Executive Chairman, Shangri-La Hotel Ltd
                                                                        *Other relevant government agencies will be invited to sit in when required
  Industry Associations/Organisations
  •   Mr Er Kwong Wah
      President, Singapore Education International                      •   Mr Anthony Chan
                                                                            Group Managing Director, Chan Brothers
  •   Dr Lee Pheng Soon
      President, Singapore Medical Association                          •   Ms Jennie Chua
                                                                            Chairman, Raffles International,
  •   Mr Simon Lim                                                          President & Chief Executive Officer, Raffles Holdings
      Chairman, Pubs and Clubs Industry Panel
                                                                        •   Mr Robert Guy
  •   Mrs Gina Lim-Singham                                                  Managing Director, Pacific World
      Vice President, Marketing Communications and
      Development, Singapore Airlines                                   •   Dr Loo Choon Yong
                                                                            Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,
  •   Mr Francis Phun                                                       Raffles Medical Group
      Chairman, Association of Singapore Attractions
                                                                        •   Mr Darrell Metzger
  •   Mr Pakir Singh                                                        Chief Executive Officer,
      Chief Executive, Singapore Hotel Association                          Sentosa Development Corporation

  •   Mr William Tan                                                    •   Mr George Quek
      President, National Association of Travel Agents                      Managing Director, BreadTalk
                                                                        •   Ms Janet Tan-Collis
  •   Dato’ Dr Jannie Tay                                                   Chief Executive Officer, East West Executive Travellers
      President, Singapore Retailers Association

  •   Mr Wong Bun Huge
      President, Restaurant Association of Singapore

  •   Mr Jimmy Wong
      President, International Festivals and Events Association

  •   Ms Dilys Yong
      President, Singapore Association of Convention and
      Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers

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