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					                                                                                                   Winter 2009

                      Y O U R      L I F E     I N   E X P E R T       H A N D S

           V I A C H R I S T I F O U N DAT I O N • C H I L D R E N ’ S M I R AC L E N E T WO R K

New Via Christi Hospital in west Wichita:
‘The ideal patient experience’

Also in this issue:

Mother Mary Anne Clinic answers
call for low-cost immediate care

Young moms guided by
Gerard House mentors

New doctors join forces to help
underserved worldwide

Cuddly donations bring smiles to tiny patients
what’s new at Via Christi
                                  Coverage for                                            A special message from
                                  more Kansans                                            President Jim Barber

                                  Starting in January 2010, patients with
                                  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas insurance
                                  coverage can choose Via Christi hospitals
                                  and receive full in-network coverage. Via
                                  Christi also is an in-network provider for
                                  Preferred Health Systems and many other

                                  major health insurance providers.

                                  Charity of the Year
                                  Via Christi Children’s Miracle Network —
                                  beneficiary of the annual Preferred Health
                                  Systems Wichita Open — is a 2008 Charity
                                  of the Year for the Professional Golf Associ-
                                  ation Nationwide Tour. CMN will receive
                                  $15,000 from the PGA Tour to further its
                                  programs and services on behalf of sick and

                                  injured Kansas children and their families.                  ince Via Christi’s beginnings in Wichita more than 120 years ago
                                                                                                we have been on a journey to transform healthcare.
                                  Boundless fun                                          In those early days, a small group of Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother
                                  Sunrise Boundless Playground opened in                 arrived at St. Francis Hospital to bring much-needed healthcare to a dusty
                                  summer 2009 in Wichita’s Sedgwick County               cow town. A generation later, the Sisters of St. Joseph adopted what later
                                  Park, providing children of all physical abili-
                                                                                         became St. Joseph Hospital, for a healing mission of their own.
                                  ties a place to climb, swing, slide and jump
                                  together. The handicapped-accessible play
                                                                                         Through the years, the Sisters and their partners — a dedicated team of
                                  area is the first of its kind in Kansas and is
                                  a project of the Sunrise Rotary of Wichita,            doctors, nurses, clinicians and support staff — have grown St. Francis
                                  with strong support from Children’s Miracle            and St. Joseph into the hospitals of Via Christi, regional leaders in medical
                                  Network, Via Christi Wichita Health Network            care, research and quality, compassionate, cost-effective healthcare for all.
                                  and Via Christi’s sponsoring congregations:
                                  the Congregation of St. Joseph and the                 Today, as the healthcare landscape grows ever more challenging, we are
                                  Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother.
                                                                                         compelled by God to continue our transforming journey to make Via
                                                                                         Christi a sacred, peaceful, healing place where the patients and families
                                  Tops with                                              we serve feel the touch of God in all we do for them.
                                  HealthGrades                                           We invite you to join us on our journey and thank you for your ongoing
                                  Receiving Distinguished Hospital for Clinical          prayers and generous support.
                                  Excellence awards from HealthGrades, an
                                  independent national ratings company, is
                                  becoming routine for Via Christi Regional
                                  Medical Center.                                        God bless,
                                  This year marks the third consecutive year it
                                  has received the award — a feat accom-
                                  plished by no other Kansas hospital and
                                  only 150 hospitals nationwide.

                                  Via Christi also was a repeat recipient of             Jim Barber, President – Via Christi Foundation
                                  HealthGrades Excellence Awards for Stroke,
                                  Pulmonary and Critical Care based on
                                  patient outcomes that rank in the top 5
                                  percent in the nation; ranked No. 1 in
                                  Kansas for Cardiac Care; and a first-year
                                  recipient of HealthGrades’ Excellence in          For more information about Via Christi Foundation, contact us at 316-946-5020 or by e-mail at
                                  Women’s Health awards.
                                                                                    Via Christi Foundation |       723 N. McLean Blvd., Suite 310   |   Wichita, KS 67203

                            [2]                            M ira c les • Y O U R L I F E I N E X P E R T H A N D S • V I A C H R I S T I F O U N D A T I O N • W I N T E R 2 0 0 9
                  ‘    Shopportunities
  at Via Christi help our community
W      hen you purchase flowers, gifts, cards, balloons or
       candy from Via Christi Flower and Gift Shops, you help
support many Via Christi programs and services, including
community outreach projects for neighborhoods in need.

That’s because our shops are operated by Via Christi Volunteers,
Partners in Caring. Grants from this volunteer organization sup-
port programs including these, provided by Via Christi Outreach
and Prevention:                                                                    •	 At-risk	Baby	and	Child	Safety	Equipment	Program,	
                                                                                      providing	child	car	seats	and	bicycle	helmets	to	the		
•	 St.	Margaret	Mary	School	Physical	Education	Project,	to	                           children	of	low-income	families.
   purchase	additional	gym	equipment	and	health	education	
                                                                                   •	 Senior	Connection	Newsletter,	part	of	a	membership	
   materials	for	students	and	classroom	teachers	in	this	school	
                                                                                      program	for	those	55	and	older,	with	information	about	
   that	lacks	financial	
                                                                                      classes	and	healthcare	screenings	to	enhance	the	lives	of	
   resources	to	hire	a		
                                                                                      older	adults.	
   PE	teacher.
                                                                                   •	 File	of	Life	kits,	free	emergency	health	information	pack-
•	 School	Nurse		
                                                                                      ets	that	attach	to	the	refrigerator	so	emergency	medical	
   Program	educational	
                                                                                      responders	can	quickly	and	easily	find	the	information	they	
   materials,	for	the	
                                                                                      need	to	provide	treatment,	even	if	the	patient	is	uncon-
   program	that	brings	
                                                                                      scious	or	too	upset	to	speak.	
   nursing	care	to		
   parochial	and		                                                                 Via Christi Flower and Gift Shops are located just off the main
   private	school		                                                                lobby at St. Francis and St. Joseph. You also may shop online for
   children	in	under-                                                              many items at We accept MasterCard,
   served	populations.                                                             Visa and Discover.

Say thanks to a ‘Guardian Angel’
Have	you	or	a	loved	one	received	exceptional	care	from	a	Via	Christi	physician	or	employee?	Thank	that	caregiver		
in	a	special	way,	with	a	gift	to	the	Via	Christi	Guardian	Angel	program.	Your	donation	will	benefit	Via	Christi	patient		
services	so	even	more	patients	and	families	can	experience	Via	Christi	quality.

Return	the	donation	envelope	inside	this	issue	of	Miracles,	along	with	the	names	of	your	“Guardian	Angels”	and	a		
few	comments	about	how	they	provided	notable	care.	You	may	also	donate	online	at

Angels	will	receive	a	letter	of	acknowledgement	from	the	Via	Christi	Foundation	and	a	lovely,	custom-crafted		
Guardian	Angel	pin.

YO UR     L IFE   IN   EXPE RT     HA N DS     •   V I A   C HRI S T I   F O U N DAT I O N   •   W I N T E R   2 0 0 9   •   Mi ra c l e s         [3]
‘The ideal patient exp
Via Christi Hospital in
west Wichita will open
in August 2010, offering
patients healing elements
of nature and a wide
array of services, new
technology and high-
quality, individual care.

A           lready a mom four times,
               Lisa Chandler knew that
baby No. 5 would come quickly. Sure
                                               have done just that. The new Via Christi
                                               hospital in west Wichita will open in
                                               August 2010 at 14800 St. Teresa — just
                                                                                                 One of the most striking features of the
                                                                                                 hospital will be its innovative “biophilic”
                                                                                                 environment, which recognizes the
enough, the teacher at Goddard’s Holy          minutes away from the Chandler’s north-           positive emotional connection between
Spirit Catholic School barely had time         west Wichita home.                                humans and objects of nature. Research
to drive home, grab her overnight bag                                                            has demonstrated that people heal more
                                               The new, three-story hospital is the
and travel with her husband, Jerry,                                                              quickly when surrounded by natural ele-
                                               city’s first in decades to be built from the
across town to Via Christi’s NewLife                                                             ments, so the new hospital will include
                                               ground up. It will feature four labor and
Center on East Harry.                                                                            plenty of natural light, the soothing colors
                                               delivery suites, 68 private patient rooms,
                                                                                                 and patterns of nature in carpet, wall cov-
Baby Emma, born Sept. 4, 2009, had a           an emergency room and an array of ser-
                                                                                                 erings, and furniture, and garden court-
seamless delivery. The family, which also      vices, radical new technology and service
                                                                                                 yards visible from patient rooms.
includes four school-age boys, enjoyed         delivery innovations to provide patients
visiting their mother and new sister in the    and families with the high-quality, indi-         Hospital planning committees also are
hospital’s spacious hotel-like Mom and         vidual care and attention they deserve.           working together to explore ways that
Baby Suites.                                                                                     technology can help hospital staff work
                                               “Our goal isn’t simply to build another
                                                                                                 more efficiently and effectively while
“But I couldn’t help thinking it would         community hospital — it’s to create the
                                                                                                 providing the ideal patient experience.
have been nice to give birth in a hospital     ideal patient experience,” said Michalene
closer to home,” said Lisa. Had Emma’s         Maringer, president and CEO of the Via            “I liked the balance of technology and
birth been 11 months later, Lisa could         Christi Wichita Health Network.                   hands-on care of what’s being looked at

[4]                     M ira c les • Y O U R L I F E I N E X P E R T H A N D S • V I A C H R I S T I F O U N D A T I O N • W I N T E R 2 0 0 9
                                                                                                  lENd Your SuPPort

                                                                                                  Follow	the	progress	of	our	new	hospital	and	

                                                                                                  learn	how	you	can	lend	your	support	by		

                                                                                                  visiting	You’ll	find	a	count-

                                                                                                  down	to	our	opening,	“live”	Web	cam		

                                                                                                  photos	of	the	site	updated	several	times	a	

                                                                                                  day,	a	time-lapse	video	of	construction,		

                                                                                                  an	online	progress	diary	and	more.

                       “…Help us design an experience in which our guests who enter
                         will come to inner peace through the dedication of our people,
                         our healing environment and the processes they encounter.”
                                                         from a prayer for the new hospital by Sister Sherri Marie Kuhn, SSM,
                                             Senior Vice President of Mission Integration, Via Christi Wichita Health Network

  to create a more patient-friendly environ-       that would be great for them,” said                       and all the other hospital services we
  ment,” said Bob Simpson, chairman of             Simpson, who enthusiastically encour-                     need nearby!” said Jerry.
  Via Christi Foundation Board of Trustees,        ages potential donors to give what
                                                                                                             “This new hospital will be wonderful
  after hearing about some of the new tech-        they can to fund these and other
                                                                                                             for us — and for the west side as a
  nology proposed for the hospital.                technological features.
                                                                                                             whole,” said Jerry. “I can’t wait to see
  Simpson was particularly excited about           Meanwhile the Chandlers, who already                      it when it’s open.”
  how a common hotel feature — online              have four rambunctious boys, say they’re
  access to information, services and en-          eager for the new hospital to open.                          On	the	cover:
  tertainment — might be used to benefit                                                                        New west Wichita mom Lisa Chandler cuddles
                                                   “When one of the kids jumps out of a                         baby Emma, born across town at Via Christi’s
  hospital patients and their families.                                                                         NewLife Center on East Harry. The Chandler
                                                   tree and cracks an elbow — which is                          family lives just minutes from Via Christi’s
  “Often, as a family member, you’re               something we’ve already had to deal                          soon-to-open hospital in west Wichita.
                                                                                                                Photo courtesy of Lasting Memories Portrait
  sitting there with lots of time on your          with — it’s a great comfort and con-                         Studio & Wedding Photography, Wichita, KS.

  hands, so I think that a feature like            venience to have an emergency room

  YO UR   L IFE   IN    EX PE RT   HA N DS   •   V I A   C HRI S T I   F O U N DAT I O N   •   W I N T E R    2 0 0 9   •   Mi ra c l e s                      [5]
       MoTHer MArY ANNe CLiNiC
       Dignified care for all
                       B     y the time the Mother Mary Anne Clinic                     One man’s complaint of a sore throat was actually
                             celebrated its second birthday in July 2009,               a severely inflamed epiglottis (the flap that cov-
                       nearly 14,000 people had turned to this low-cost,                ers the windpipe during swallowing so food won’t
                       after-hours immediate care clinic for the help                   enter the lungs).
                       they needed.
                                                                                        Within 90 minutes, he was in the hospital intensive
                       “Public and private financial support is what allows             care unit on a ventilator.
                       our vital mission to continue,” said Robert Alvarez,
                                                                                        “This patient might not have come into the emer-
                       manager of the clinic that is open to all, but pri-
                                                                                        gency room for treatment because of the cost.
                       marily serves the needs of the uninsured and Med-
                                                                                        Had it not been for this clinic, his life-threatening
                       icaid populations. It is named for the late Mother
                                                                                        condition might have gone untreated.”
                                               Mary Anne McNamara, CSJ,
                                                     who led St. Joseph Hospital        Young parents, on the other hand, often go
                                                     for more than 20 years.            straight to the emergency room when they fear
                                                                                        their child is ill. “In days past, a good grandmother
                                                     The clinic’s small staff
                                                                                        could probably have taken care of the problem,”
                                                     includes a receptionist,
                                                                                        Domme added.
                                                     financial counselor, trans-
                                                     lator, two nurses and two          Mother Mary Anne Clinic is here to help all such
                                                     Via Christi Family Medicine        people and do so affordably.
                                                     faculty physicians.
                                                                                        No one is refused care. Those without insurance
                                                    “They meet whatever and             are asked to pay $15 for services and then meet
                                                    whoever comes, appropri-            with a financial counselor to arrange payment of
Mother Mary Anne Clinic manager                     ately and with human                additional costs according to a sliding fee scale set
Robert Alvarez reviews paperwork with               dignity every shift,” said          by federal poverty guidelines. A wide variety of
Elizabeth Phillips, LPN. The immediate
care clinic is located just north of Via Christi-   Alvarez.                            insurances also are accepted.
St. Joseph Emergency entrance.
                                               Sylvester Domme, MD,                     “Our goal is to provide people appropriate non-
                       associate director of Via Christi Family Practice                emergency treatment — and save Emergency
                       Residency Program, is one of two physicians                      Rooms for those who need that level of care,”
                       who work at the clinic. “Often it’s just a matter of             said Alvarez. “We don’t want people to go to
                       treating infections early so they don’t get worse,”              the Emergency Room if they don’t have to.”
                       Domme said.

                            You can help
help Mother Mary anne clinic continue its important service to the medically
underserved. use the donation envelope provided in this issue, call the Via
christi Foundation at 316-946-5020 or give online at

[6]                          M ira c les • Y O U R L I F E I N E X P E R T H A N D S • V I A C H R I S T I F O U N D A T I O N • W I N T E R 2 0 0 9
                         Gerard House
 Sweet start launches mentoring program for young moms

                                                        a    bout nine years ago, Paula Smotherman got a little overzealous in support-
                                                             ing neighborhood Girl Scouts during their annual cookie sale. While at
                                                        Gerard House donating her surplus cookies, Smotherman — a computer
                                                        programmer and a self-professed “giver” — helped some staff members with
                                                        computer problems.

                                                        She’s been helping ever since, from playing board games with the moms to tak-
                                                        ing residents to church. Her mentoring relationship with one resident inspired
                                                        Gerard House’s new mentoring program.

                                                        Because of her history as a young single mom — her husband abandoned her
                                                        and her 4-year-old son 22 years ago — Smotherman could relate to some of the
Volunteer mentor Paula Smotherman                       residents’ issues.
shares the wisdom she learned as
a young, single mom with the new                        “I know their lives are a lot more complicated than mine was, because I had a lot
moms of Gerard House.                                   of other family support,” says Smotherman, who spends most weekends visiting
                                                        Gerard House.

                                                        That’s how she met “Debbie,” a quiet, reserved woman with whom she formed
                                                        a close friendship. Debbie needed someone to help her gain confidence in her
                                                        decisions and for emotional support when she put her baby up for adoption, and
You can help                                            after her father died. After Debbie’s stay at Gerard House, Smotherman opened
] Volunteer aS a Mentor                                 her home to her, to learn the skills of living independently.
  for residents or sponsor a recent
  resident and her newborn as
  they embark on an independent                         “If you haven’t had a solid home life, you often don’t learn simple skills such as
  life. Call Jim McFadden at the Via                                                                      changing a light bulb or repair-
  Christi Foundation, 316-946-
  5074, to find out how.                                                                                  ing a toilet,” notes Smotherman.

] purchaSe Kohl’S careS                                                                                                    “You can’t go there thinking
  For KidS BooKS or toYS
  from Wichita or Derby Kohl’s                                                                                             you’ll change their world. You
  stores. All of the net profits go                                                                                        have to realize it’s about them,
  to Kohl’s Newborns in Need
  Closet at Gerard House, which                                                                                            not you. By being there, being
  provides expectant moms with                                                                                             a friend and being accepting of
  baby clothing, diapers, formula,
  and other baby care needs.                                                                                               who they are now, you are
                                                                                                                           helping them. You can’t change
] MaKe a Financial giFt.
  Use the donation envelope                                                                                                a lifetime of survival instincts in
  provided in this issue, call                                                                                             a few months.”
  the Via Christi Foundation at
  316-946-5020 or give online

YO UR     L IFE   IN   EX PE RT        HA N DS   •   V I A   C HRI S T I   F O U N DAT I O N   •   W I N T E R   2 0 0 9     •   Mi ra c l e s             [7]
 a packaGe deal

new doctors
team up to tackle HealtHcare needs

New Hampton, a small northeastern iowa town, will benefit                     a force of compassionate, competent family physicians with the
from a unique package deal next summer.                                       unique knowledge and clinical skills necessary to effectively
                                                                              serve the world’s poorest and most underserved people.
Six doctors who recently completed their residency at Via Christi
Regional Medical Center will join the town’s Mercy Medical                    “These physicians were unwavering in seeing it develop, get
Center and its new family clinic in August 2010, after completing             funded and become established as the nation’s first such formal
missions in Zimbabwe.                                                         program,” he said.

John and Shea Epperly, Jack Kline, Rick Moberly, and Paul and                 All six physicians will do mission work in Zimbabwe, with
April McQuillen met at Via Christi in 2006 during their residencies           four of them doing so as part of the IFMF program. Kline and
and became close friends through their interest in full-spectrum              Moberly are at Karanda Mission Hospital until December 2009.
family and international medicine, and a strong faith in God.                 The McQuillens and Epperlys, all program fellows, will start
                                                                              there in January 2010.
Last year, the group started a nationwide search for a rural,
faith-based hospital where they could all practice together and               When not in Zimbabwe, the fellows will do rotations in trauma,
do mission work overseas. New Hampton, a town of about 3,750                  orthopedics, burn, anesthesia, ultrasound and dental work, said
residents, was one of six communities who recruited them.                     John Epperly.

“After visiting the community, we were assured that this was the              Their desire to serve appears to be infectious. According to
answer to our prayer of finding a place where we could serve                  Stephens, another husband-wife team of Via Christi residents,
people stateside, as well as abroad,” said April McQuillen.                   Jared and Melissa Cardwell, plans to join the group following
                                                                              Melissa’s graduation in 2011.
Helping underserved areas is a driving force for this group. Todd
Stephens, MD, Via Christi International Family Medicine Fellowship
director, credits them with helping develop the IFMF concept. The             To learn more about Via Christi international Family
Via Christi IFMF program was developed to equip and mobilize                  Medicine Fellowship, visit

      Friends and former colleagues in the Via Christi
      Family Medicine Residency Program are teaming
      up to serve the medically underserved in
      Zimbabwe — and rural Iowa. From left to right
      they are Dr. Jack Kline, Dr. Shea Epperly,
      Dr. John Epperly, Dr. Paul McQuillen,
      Dr. April McQuillen and Dr. Rick Moberly.

[8]                         M ira c les • Y O U R L I F E I N E X P E R T H A N D S • V I A C H R I S T I F O U N D A T I O N • W I N T E R 2 0 0 9
 Children’s Miracle Network

                                                           Mr. Stinky Feet
                                                           returns the favor
                                                           M       ore than 10 years ago, Kansas                window and spotted the bright lights of
                                                                   City musician Jim “Mr. Stinky                Lawrence Dumont Stadium, where the
                                                           Feet” Cosgrove gave up a career as a                 Wichita Wranglers were playing. She
                                                           journalist for “a real job”: making kids             begged her parents to take the family
                                                           of all ages laugh.                                   to the game.

                                                           He has delighted audiences nationwide,               “It sounded like fun, and she loves
                                                           performing more than 250 shows a year                baseball so much, so we went,” said
                                                           at schools, festivals, teacher seminars              Cosgrove.
                                                           and corporate training sessions — and
                                                                                                                Soon after the family sat down far back
                                                           twice at the White House.
                                                                                                                in the bleachers, the ball flew their way
                                                           But some of his most appreciative                    — and hit the baby in Jeni’s arms.
                                                           audiences have been in children’s
About CMN                                                  hospitals and pediatric units in towns
                                                                                                                Then just eight weeks old, Willa suf-
Children’s Miracle Network is the alliance of                                                                   fered skull fractures and brain swell-
170 children’s hospitals nationwide that every             he visits through his work for Children’s
                                                                                                                ing, requiring a six-day stay in the Via
year treat 17 million children for every disease           Miracle Network.
and injury imaginable. Via Christi is proud to                                                                  Christi-St. Francis ChildLife Center.
be its Wichita’s affiliate hospital. in Kansas,            “We’re always eager to do what we                    During that time, the staff of Via Christi
Via Christi Children’s Miracle Network helps
                                                           can for the kids — and for CMN                       Children’s Miracle Network reached out
fund things like:
] expenses not covered by medical insurance,               because of the wonderful work they                   to the entire family with encouraging
   including travel expenses incurred by staying           do,” said Cosgrove.                                  visits and financial assistance.
   with hospitalized children.
] Family-centered capital improvements,                    He and his family know firsthand the                 “CMN provides support you don’t ever
   like Via Christi’s ChildLife Center pediatric
   care unit.                                              difference CMN can make to parents                   think you’ll need,” said Cosgrove’s wife,
                                                           with a hospitalized child. Two years                 Jeni. “But when you have a child in the
You can help                                               ago, their youngest daughter, Willa, was             hospital, you feel so helpless. Thanks
Your financial support of Via Christi Children’s
Miracle Network helps ensure that Kansas chil-             a patient in the Via Christi-St. Francis             to CMN we really felt like, even though
dren get the specialized care they need. Use the           ChildLife Center — and the family was                we were away from home, we had the
donation envelope provided in this issue, call
                                                           a recipient of CMN support — after the               help and support of ‘family.’”
the Via Christi Foundation at 316-946-5020 or
give online at                 baby was hit in the head by a foul ball
                                                                                                                Now Willa is a healthy, active toddler
                                                           at a Wichita Wranglers game.
                                                                                                                and the Cosgroves are eager to do
                                                           Cosgrove had just finished a concert at              what they can for CMN and its “wonder-
                                                           a Wichita library, and the family was                ful work.”
                                                           looking for a fun outing to end their
                                                                                                                Learn more about Jim Cosgrove at his
                                                           visit to the city. Daughter Lyda, a tod-
                                                                                                                Web site,
                                                           dler at the time, looked out the hotel

YO UR    L IFE   IN   EX PE RT    HA N DS     •    V I A    C HRI S T I   F O U N DAT I O N   •   W I N T E R   2 0 0 9   •   Mi ra c l e s             [9]
 Volunteer futist brings hea                    ts
                            ling tu
                                   nes to patien

                             C         Certified music
                                       practitioner Muriel Slater
                                       entertains and comforts
                                       Via Christi patients
                                       and families with her
                                       fute tunes.

                                           Flutist Muriel Slater is a walking jukebox, who plays everything from The Beatles to
                                           soul-stirring hymns.

                                           But Slater is more than an entertainer. She is a certified music practitioner, a volunteer
  can help                                 who plays to promote healing and bring comfort to Via Christi patients.

  Volunteers are needed for                Her bedside music strikes a chord among all who hear it.
  this important ministry.
  Applicants must have                     “Her ‘Amazing Grace’ is just beautiful,” said Juli Kirkpatrick, unit clerk in Harry Hynes
  advanced musical ability,                Memorial Hospice on 8NW of Via Christi-St. Francis. “We enjoy having her come and
  be committed to perform                  play for our patients and I know the families enjoy it, too. It’s a wonderful service and
  on a regular basis, have                 a wonderful way to minister to patients.”
  strong interpersonal
                                           Slater has played flute since elementary school. She completed a degree in music
  skills and be able to
  assess patients’ and family              education and flute performance at Wichita State University in 1972. Since then she’s
  members’ emotional needs                 performed in churches, and at weddings, and has given private flute lessons. She began
  during hospital visits.                  playing for hospital patients in the 1990s.
  Audition and orientation
                                           “Playing music in the hospital setting is a natural response to my interests,” said Slater,
  are required. For more
                                           who also is a secretary in the hospital’s Patient Care Support department.
  information call Muriel
  Slater at 268-8132.                      As a music practitioner, trained through the Music for Healing and Transition Program
                                           at WSU, Slater has learned to tailor music to each patient’s needs. For example, for a
                                           critically ill patient she’ll play music with a soothing 60 to 80 beats a minute, like
                                           a heartbeat.

                                           Her listeners often respond with tears and hugs.

                                           “It helps bring out emotions, which is one of its purposes,” Slater said of her music.

[10]                      M ira c les • Y O U R L I F E I N E X P E R T H A N D S • V I A C H R I S T I F O U N D A T I O N • W I N T E R 2 0 0 9
Patient Jake Young finds a happy distraction in the new
toy giraffe he received from nurse Missy Mollitor during
                                                                                anxious tots
a visit to Via Christi-St. Francis Emergency Department.
Grants from Via Christi Volunteers, Partners in Caring and
Children’s Miracle Network make it possible for ER staff
to present their youngest patients with comforting toys
during ER visits.

                                                                                                              You can help
W       hen 2½-year-old Jake Young heard he was going to get a                                                ensure this comforting ministry to
        special toy for being such a good patient at the Via Christi-                                         children continues by making a gift to
St. Francis Emergency Department, he got a big smile. Suddenly he
                                                                                                              Via Christi Volunteers, Partners in Caring
was every excited about his morning visit for an asthma attack.
                                                                                                              or Via Christi Children’s Miracle Network
“Oh, his name is Kisser, ”said Jake’s mom, Christine Young, as she
                                                                                                              for the er Toy Fund. Use the donation
looked at the tag attached to the red-and-white stuffed giraffe’s ear.
                                                                                                              envelope provided in this issue,
With that in mind, the blond-haired toddler planted a kiss on the
giraffe’s nose.                                                                                               call the Via Christi Foundation at

                                                                                                              316-946-5020 or give online at
At both Via Christi-St. Francis and Via Christi-St. Joseph Emergency
Departments, new stuffed toys are available for nurses and staff
to give to young children, who often are scared and need comfort
during their visits. Grants from Via Christi Volunteers, Partners in
Caring and Children’s Miracle Network pay for the purchases of the
thousands of stuffed animals distributed each year.

Cindy Johnson, RN, recalled how important the gift of a toy was
for a young girl whose parents couldn’t be with her as she under-
went treatment for her trauma.

“That stuffed horse became her friend and a source of comfort,”
said Johnson. “You know kids and toys — that’s just magic.”

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      723 N. McLean Blvd., Suite 310
      Wichita, KS 67203
                                                                                                           Wichita, KS
                                                                                                         Permit No. 1148

         what kind of legacy
                                                            will you leave?
W       e all have a desire for significance. For many of
        us, significance comes through creating a legacy
during our lives — something for which we will be
remembered in the future. A bequest is perhaps the
easiest and most tangible way to leave a lasting legacy
to the people and charitable organizations that mean
the most to us.
A bequest to the Via Christi Foundation, made through
your will or trust, can benefit any of our healthcare
services to patients, families or employees. There are
several ways you can make a bequest:
] Designate a gift of a specific dollar amount
] Donate a percentage of your estate
] Donate a specific asset, such as real estate
  or stocks
] Donate the remainder of your estate after your
  loved ones are provided for

  For more information on how to create a lasting legacy through a bequest, please contact Larry Boettcher,
  Via Christi Foundation’s director of Gift Planning, at 316-946-5039, or visit the Via Christi Planned Giving
  Web site at at

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