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   Krauter & Company’s professionals have a long established presence and expertise with
   environmental liability programs. Within almost any company in any given industry
   there exists at least some degree of environmental exposures that stem from statutory
   or common law liability. Krauter & Company is an industry leader in the identification
   and evaluation of these environmental risks. With a strong background in Mergers &
   Acquisitions, Krauter & Company knows what to look for and how to keep Clients
   protected and secure, whether that be for operations in the US or abroad. Many
   countries that have historically ignored the repercussions of pollution caused by
   industry are awakening to the potential hazards from pollution and the subsequent
   damage to persons, property and the environment.

   The insurance industry has followed suit and developed some very useful products to
   protect Insureds worldwide in any industry from these exposures through the use of
   traditional and alternative risk products. These programs have evolved over the years
   and can now be written to cover almost any potential claim emanating from pre-existing
   conditions or new conditions.


   The combination of Sarbanes-Oxley and new financial accounting standards creates
   significant new risks for companies, especially those companies involved in M&A
   transactions. These exposures are problematic to the facilitation of a merger or
   acquisition, especially if the two parties can not mutually agree on the valuation of the
   unknown exposure or the expected cost of remediation. Additionally, there are several
   key instances where suits can be brought against a company or its directors & officers
   where the typical pollution legal liability coverage would not respond. In the case of an
   M&A transaction, these suits can be brought against the directors & officers of both
   Newco and Oldco. We have identified these coverage gaps and know where to endorse
   other insurance programs to complement the environmental liability programs to
   prevent uninsured exposures and protect a Client’s balance sheet. In any circumstance,
   Krauter & Company has the expertise to design the proper environmental risk
   management solutions.


   For more information about Krauter & Company’s Environmental capabilities or
   professionals, send your request to: info@krautergroup.com.
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