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									      Star World Travels

Bringing Dream Travel Deals to Corporate Clients
                Our company
 Star World Travels is the first Travel Service Provider to
  FOR CORPORATE CLIENTS – Executive Getaways,
  Distributors / Dealers Incentive trips to Dream
  Destinations .
 Headquartered in Bangkok , regional offices in Asia
  Pacific, Europe, North and South America.
 Backed by Multi Million Dollar turnover Star Asia
  Group .
 Has the advantage of Global Offices and Tie Ups with
  progressive agencies dedicated to Customer Satisfaction
  rather than short term profits.
        Our Corporate Goal:
             Maximize Your Gains
 Bring Refreshing Innovation and Vigor back to Corporate
  Junkets and Conferences.
 Make Corporate Travel interesting again
 Convince Decision makers that every dollar spent on
  corporate promotion travel can reap huge benefits .
 Help our clients to maximize the benefits of Planned
  Travel as an incentive.
 Increase the Value Addition to existing Travel Budgets.
    Different Skills , Different Pressures
          and Different Incentives
          You Choose , We Make It Happen

 The Management Realizes Today that the level of
  stress differs with the responsibilities of the Job.
 Travel Incentives do improve “on the job
 Since all the fingers of the hand are not of the same
  size , they can not perform the same function
              Corporate Packages
                           For all Levels
  We , therefore , recognize that different level of management need
  different levels of incentive.
 Executive Budget Level : >USD 5,000 / person
          South America
          North America
          Europe
          Intra Asia
 Middle Budget Level : USD 2,000 – USD 5,000 / person
          South America
          North America
          Europe
          Japan & Intra Asia
 Economy Budget Level : < USD 2,000 / person
          Japan & Intra Asia
          Europe
          North America
          Two countries combination in Asia
Some of our Packages
      Wine & Cheese Circuit
This package was specially designed for those
 who love good wine and cheese. We will take
 you to some of the most famous wineries in
 Europe, such as Bordeaux (France) and Tuscany
 (Italy) to see how they are made and also taste it.
           Beautiful Nature
Be ready to be overwhelmed by some of the
 most beautiful nature sights on the planet. In this
 trip, you will see Rio de Janeiro, famous for its
 beautiful beaches and Carnival party. We will
 also take you to Amazon, the largest rain forest
 in the world, and Iguazu Falls, the biggest falls
 with four times the width of Niagara Falls.
                 Lost Cities
This time we will take you back to 1460, when
 the lost city of Machu Picchu was constructed in
 Peru. This is one of the most beautiful and
 enigmatic ancient sites in the world. Enjoy the
 train ride up the mountain while on your way
 from Cuzco. In this trip, we will also take you to
 Lima, capital city of Peru, a big city with
 something of a small town.
             Golden Triangle
 Different smells and the colors of India are what
  make this trip special. In this tour we will see the best
  of India: the harmonious amalgamation of the
  capital of the country with its entire historic splendor,
  the soft romanticism that can be felt in amazing Agra
  and Jaipur, exuberant with color for enjoying North
  India's fascinating cultural heritage. Taj Mahal – the
  monument of love in Agra – is also one of the 7
  wonders of the world.
             Indian Casinos
If you like gambling but don’t like the share of it
 you have to leave at the casino or just want
 something different from everything else, this is
 the trip for you. We are going to take you to
 some of the most famous Indian owned casinos
 in USA, where you don’t have to pay any taxes
 on what you win. So just enjoy the journey!
             Heritage Tour
A great mix of some of the most beautiful ancient
 sites and spectacular modern architecture is what
 you will see in this package. We will visit one of
 the most magnificent man-made projects on
 Earth, the Great Walls of China, build 2500 years
 ago, the Terra-Cotta warriors and the skylines in
 Beijing and Shanghai. Be sure that by the end of
 this trip, you will understand why China draws
 millions of tourists from all over the world every
              The Great Siam
Beautiful beaches, overwhelming sites and
 temples, plus one of the most friendly people in
 the world. It’s not by mistake that Thailand is
 one of the most visited countries in the world. In
 this tour, we will show you a little bit more of
 the beauty of this remarkable country.
 Breathtaking beaches in south, amazing temples
 on north and a shopper’s paradise in Bangkok…
 You will fall in love with the country!
Let us be part of your Team!
      Let us be part of Your
              Team !
We bring to Corporate travel the same
 passion , professionalism , integrity and
 high standards of quality as you bring to
 your product .
You focus on making your product , we
 focus on your travel requirements .
 Together, we build a team that sets new
 standards in this field !
           Contact us!

Star World Travels CO., LTD
6th Floor, Asoke Towers – Sukhumvit Soi 21
          Klongtoey Nua, Wattana
            Bangkok – Thailand
        Phone: + 66 2 664-2690-95
         Fax: + 66 2 664-2696-97
Star World Travels CO., LTD

We make your dream trips come true

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