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					 Window Waterproofing Solutions

FutureFlash™ Waterproof Membrane

       FutureFlash™ Sealant
FutureFlash™ Waterproof Membrane and FutureFlash™ Sealant:
The New System That Makes Short Work of Old Problems.
 T   he FutureFlash System puts new technology on your side in the
old battle against the elements. FutureFlash provides a secure seal
around doors and windows using a one-two combination of tough,                                                                    Step 4. Finish Up. Attach FutureFlash Waterproof Membrane horizontally to the

flexible FutureFlash Waterproofing Membrane and high-performance                                                                  header beam using standard fasteners. Be sure to extend 6” past the left and
                                                                                                                                  right vertical king studs. Building paper should extend over FutureFlash at both
FutureFlash Sealant. This innovative system protects against leaks                                                                top and sides, but should be tucked-in under the sill flashing strip. Your finished
and interior damage, yet the unique “weep” characteristic of the                                                                  window features the weatherproof, self-sealing properties of FutureFlash and is
                                                                                                                                  further secured by protective beads of FutureFlash Sealant.
system allows the structure to breathe. This permits moisture to
drain away from the wall cavity discouraging the formation of
toxic mold.* The FutureFlash System will give you a new level of
application efficiency, and the finished job a new level of protection!

 D esigned especially for stucco walls. The FutureFlash
System is suitable for use under all siding materials. However, it was
developed specifically for traditional stucco construction applications
where substantial through-wall movement of moisture can be expected,
and maximum waterproofing is absolutely essential.                                                 Step 2. Before the
                                                                                                   window is set, run a
 S   eals effectively, yet won’t trap moisture that can                                            continuous bead (3/8”
                                                                                                   to 1/2”) of FutureFlash
lead to mold. FutureFlash seals around fasteners, yet it’s adhered only                            Sealant around all four                                                                                                  Step 3. Install window.
                                                                                                   edges of the backside                                                                                                    Set window in opening,
at the point of attachment to the window flange. This uniquely prohibits                           of the window nailing                                                                                                    level, and attach. After
entrapping water, and that prevents moisture build-up inside the wall                              flange. This moisture                                                                                                    the window is in place,
                                                                                                   curing, polyurethane                                                                                                     apply a second bead of
cavity. Because water cannot enter this area, the occurrence of wood rot,                          sealant-adhesive is                                                                                                      FutureFlash Sealant over
warping, and particularly, the growth of potentially hazardous toxic                               specially formulated                                                                                                     the transition seam of
                                                                                                   to offer excellent                                                                                                       the window nailing
molds are substantially reduced.                                                                   compatibility with                                                                                                       flange and tool flat.
                                                                                                   wood, aluminum, vinyl,                                                                                                   FutureFlash will
 S uperior attachment with FutureFlash Sealant. This                                               asphalt building papers,
                                                                                                   steel/sheet metal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            self-seal around the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            40-60 fasteners used
high-performance polyurethane caulk adheres FutureFlash to wood,                                   construction, etc. I                                                                                                         during the lathing
                                                                                                   t comes in a                                                                                                                      or siding process.
vinyl, and metal windows. Because FutureFlash Sealant was formulated                               wide choice of
especially for this job, it delivers superior attachment characteristics                           colors, too.
across a wider temperature range compared to butyl or asphalt sealants.

 N o need to handle with care. FutureFlash Waterproof
Membrane is made from two high-performance films with a
core of specially formulated rubberized asphalt in-between.
It’s tough, self-sealing, and flexible with great tear strength and
UV stability. Resists damage from wind, rain, and structural
movement – can be left exposed to sunlight for months.
When we say, “Flash it and forget it,” we mean it!

  I nstalls faster. Use high-speed fastener guns

                                                                                                                                  Step 1. Mechanically attach FutureFlash Waterproof Membrane to the sill plate and
and sealant applicators for higher production                                                                                     vertical king studs–the rubberized core self-seals around nails, screws, staples, or
rates. Allows installation of building paper                                                                                      other standard fasteners. Extend FutureFlash Waterproof Membrane 5” past the left
                                                                                                                                  and right vertical king studs. Next, apply vertically to the king studs, making sure to
after windows are in place.                                                                                                       overlap the flashing 5” below the sill flashing. At the top, the flashing should extend
                                                                                                                                  5” above the header beam to ensure proper lapping for the next step.

*To obtain the most up-to-date information for preventing mold, mildew and bacteria growth,
 consult your state and Federal environmental and health departments for recommended guidelines.
                                       Specifications and Ordering Information
                                                                                         FutureFlash Waterproof Membrane Technical Data
                                                                PROPERTY                            TYPICAL VALUES                                            TEST METHOD
                                                               Thickness                                    25 mils min.                                          ASTM D5147
                                                                    Tear Strength                            44.7 lbs/in.                                         ASTM D5147
                                                                     Tensile Strength                        31.5 lbs/in.                                         ASTM D412
                                                                    Elongation                                  129%                                              ASTM D412
                                                                  Pliability                                Pass (-10º F)                                         ASTM D146
                                                              Roll Length                                        75’                                                  —
                                                          Roll Widths Available                         6”- 9”- 12”- 18”- 36”                                         —
                                                          Area Per Carton                                    225 sq. ft.                                              —
                                                                                         FutureFlash Waterproof Membrane is protected by U.S. Patent No. 6,103,356, is listed under ICC-ES ER-5213
                                                                                         and meets the requirements of Uniform Building Code Section #1 707(b).

                                                                                         FutureFlash Sealant Technical Data
                                                                         PROPERTY                   TYPICAL VALUES                                            TEST METHOD
                                                                      Cure Rate (1/8” bead)                 24 hours                                          In-house testing
                                                                    Sag                                      <0.05”                                             ASTM C2202
                                                                   Tack Free Time                           16 hours                                            ASTM C679
                                                               Viscosity (#7 @ 10 rpms)                    300,000 cps                                          ASTM D2196
                                                          VOC                                               45-55 g/l                                           ASTM D3960
                                                          Density                                          12.2 lbs/gal                                         ASTM D1475
                                                          Elongation                                          950%                                              ASTM C719
                                                          Tensile Strength                                   250 psi                                            ASTM D412
                                                          Hardness (Shore A)                                   35                                               ASTM D412
                                                          Peel Adhesion
  SPECIFICATION COMPLIANCE                                    Aluminum                                  30 pli                                                   ASTM C794
                                                              Concrete                                  30 pli                                                   ASTM C794
         TT-S-00230C Type II, Class A
             ASTM C-920, Type S
                                                              Glass                                     30 pli                                                   ASTM C794
   Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT, M A, G and O               Total Joint Movement                          ±25%                                                     ASTM C719
                                                          Service Temperature                      -40°F to -180°F
Warranty: MFM Building Products Corporation               Shelf Life           Future Flash™ Sealant has a nine (9) month shelf life
warrants to the original retail purchaser that                                              when stored at or below 80ºF
FutureFlash Waterproof Membrane will be free from
leaks caused by defects in material or manufacturing      Colors                    Black, limestone, aluminum, stone, bronze,
for a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase
when the membrane is installed according to the                                          classic bronze, beige, natural stone
Manufacturer’s written and accepted industry
standards using FutureFlash Sealant by PRO Installer,     Packaging               10.3 fl. Oz. (305ml) cartridges, 30 cartridges/case
a division of Schnee-Morehead, Inc. This warranty
does not apply to misapplication or poor                                                 NOTE: Skin and cure times are dependant on temperature, humidity and porosity of the substrates.
workmanship in the application of FutureFlash                                            The times listed above were tested at 77°F and 50% RH. Lower humidity and cooler temperatures and
Waterproof Membrane or FutureFlash Sealant, and it                                       non-porous substrates will lengthen these times.
also specifically excludes: (a) natural causes such as                                   FutureFlash™ is a trademark of MFM Building Products Corporation.
earthquake, lightning, hurricane, fire, etc, (b)                                         MFM Building Products Corporation has licensed Schnee-Morehead®, Inc. as the exclusive
disintegration of the underlying substrates, (c)                                         manufacturer of FutureFlash™ Sealant.
mechanical damage to the membrane caused by
individuals, tools, or other outside agents. The
Manufacturer’s only obligation shall be to re-supply or
refund, at its option, the purchase price of that
portion of the defective FutureFlash Waterproof
Membrane where leaks occur, prorated for time of
service. The Manufacturer shall be liable for no
additional remedies, hereby expressly denying any
other claims for damages, whether direct or indirect,
consequential or incidental, including but not limited
                                                                                                                                       Schnee-Morehead Inc.
to property damage, personal injury to the buyer or to                                                                                           111 N. Nursery Road
third parties and loss of business or profit arising                      P.O. Box 340
from the use or inability to use the product. Any                     Coshocton, OH 43812                                                          Irving, TX 75060
implied warranties arising under state law are limited
to the duration and terms of this express warranty.                      800-882-7663                                                                800-878-7876

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