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Do you understand this?-

!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

Most very savvy entrepreneurs don’t! Your focus is selling a great product and getting
more customers to recognize your valuable commodity. You don’t need to be able to
write complicated HTML coding like the above in order to have a powerful SEO
website dedicated to your unique business requirements.

On the other hand, paying a web designer to create a website from the ground up is
cost-prohibitive and may focus too much on “pretty” and not enough on search engine

We’ve got the perfect way for you to build your website yourself, make it a powerful
SEO tool, and keep it within your budget. What could make better sense as part of
your overall business plan? Let Instant Affiliate Website help you meet your website
design goals easily and effectively, and with the inclusion of the search engine
optimization that is crucial in the internet commerce world. We’ll even host your site
for free! Instant Affiliate Website is the most hands-on website building tool for
dummies that you’ll find in the web hosting arena! We are here to let you focus on
business, not waste time (and therefore money!) trying to put together a website from
scratch without knowing where to even start.

We'll provide you with all of the tools that you’ll need to create your website. If you
have never built a website, you may have no idea of what you even need to get it off
the ground. We have every tool you’ll need, plus an online support desk to help with
any questions or concerns that arise.

Among the special features that are at your fingertips are video guides to help you
build your website. Sometimes a visual helps more than an entire e-book when it
comes to setting up, choosing and placing elements within a business website.
Choosing too many things to put on a web page can be as damaging to sales as
choosing the wrong ones.

Just having a good-looking site won’t be enough. Each page of your site needs to be
easy to navigate, and intuitively used by your customers. We’ll help you with this
complicated issue since it isn’t something that can be done easily by a novice.

Our web content generator will help you write and place the most effective words into
your site. You’re customers need to understand what you offer and why they need to
choose you over other competitors. You’ll even be able to easily write custom reviews
for each of your products.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the core to getting the traffic you’ll need to make
your website effective when you “go live” on the web. IAW’s free tools will help you
make sure that your new website has everything it needs to meet the strict demands of
SEO competition. We have a whole spectrum of plug-and-play widgets that can be
added to your site to pull in even more traffic.

Want to bring in even more revenue? As an affiliate you can work in tandem with our
services to share profits when your website brings in customers to our main website.

Description: Before you launch yourself on an internet marketing career you need to consider carefully the tools that you will require to be successful within this business area and building your own website is one