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					Hidroflex System                                                                   G-Mat
Hidroflex Liquid Membrane & Primer F                                               G-Mat Decoupling Membrane

                                  ING AND TRA
                                                                                                                                                     Total Waterproofing

                      VTT B

                                                                                                                                                     for showers & wet rooms
                          O D No. C214/02 A


                             U           IC
                                 C T C E RT I F

Code          Description                                                Box Qty
SWA10K        Hidroflex 10 Kilo Bucket                                         1
SWPIM02       Primer F 2 litre                                                 1

Waterproof Mats & Joint Strip
                 Waterproof	and	vapour-closed	with	
                 Polypropylene	fleece,	PE-foil	barrier	film,	
                 flexible sealing membrane. For tanking and
                 waterproofing	bathrooms,	balconies	and	other	
                                                                                   G-Mat Solutions
                 wet	areas	in	combination	with	ceramic	tiles.
                                                                                   •	 Creating	a	seal	even	in	very	wet	locations
Code          Dimensions                                  Type           Box Qty   •	 Bridging	Cracks
SWR01M	       1m	x	1m	                                    Mat	                50   •	 Tiles	on	Wooden	substrates
SWR05M	       1m	x	5m	                                    Mat	                50
SWR30M	       1m	x	30m	                                   Mat	                 1   •	 Tiles	on	Asphalt
SWJ10M	       12cm	x	10m	                                 Joint	Strip	        50   •	 Fresh	Foundations
                                                                                   For full information on G-Mat please contact Genesis.
Waterproof Pipe Gasket                                                             Code                  Description         Colour        Box Qty
                 Flexible:	This	flexible	gasket	is	specially	designed	             GMAT05	               1m	x	5m	roll	       Grey	               1
                 to	accommodate	varying	sizes	of	pipe,	while	                      GMAT05	               1m	x	10m	roll	      Grey	               1
                 helping	provide	a	watertight	seal.                                GMAT05	               1m	x	30m	roll	      Grey	               1

Code          Dimensions                                                 Box Qty
SWH1024       10-24mm                                                         20
SWH3255		     32-55mm		                                   	                   20
SWH7510		     75-110mm		                                  	                   20

                                                                                                           Genesis APS International
Waterproof	Corner	Pieces
                 Internal	and	external	corners	for	use	with	joint	                          UK Head Office & Factory Stokesley Industrial Park
                 strip SWR/SWJ.                                                                                Stokesley
                                                                                                            North Yorkshire
                                                                                                              TS9 5JZ UK                             Introducing the Genesis Hidroflex System
                                                                                                           Tel: +44 (0)1642 713000
Code          Type                                                       Box Qty                           Fax: +44 (0)1642 713777
SWI100		      Internal	Corner	                            	                   20                         Email:
SWE100		      External	Corner	                            	                   20
Hidroflex - Elastic waterproofing membrane for interiors
                                                                           Using	the	Hidroflex	System

                                                                           1.	 Protect	walls	and	floors	   2.	Apply	by	brush	the	Hidroflex	 3.	Apply	by	brush,	roll	or	    4.	Apply	by	brush,	roll	or	      5.	Where	necessary	for	larger	
                                                                               from	moisture	by	roll	         flexible liquid membrane         trowel	the	first	coat	         trowel	the	first	coat	           pipes	use	waterproof	hole	
                                                                               coating	PRIMER	F.	             to seal corners and gaps         of	HIDROFLEX	liquid	           of	HIDROFLEX	liquid	             cover	SWH7150
                                                                               Drying	time:	about	            between	wall	and	floor.	         membrane	on	the	wall.          membrane	on	the	floor	
                                                                               20minutes	at	23ºC.             Simultaneously	apply	                                           foundation.
                                                                                                              Genesis	SWJ/SWI/SWE	
                                                                                                              when	the	Hidroflex	liquid	
                                                                                                              membrane	is	still	wet.

                                                                           6.	Apply	a	second	coat	         7.	 Apply	a	second	coat	      8.	For	floors	follow	the	same	 9.	 Apply	cement-based	            10.	Carefully	check	that	a	
                                                                                                               of	HIDROFLEX	liquid	         process	of	the	3	-	6	using	     adhesive	using	Genesis	            complete	covering	of	the	
The	Hidroflex	System                                                          of	HIDROFLEX	liquid	
                                                                                                               membrane	onto	the	Genesis	 gaskets	around	wells	and	         notched	trowel.	Fix	tiles	         back	side	of	the	tiles	is	
                                                                              membrane	on	the	sealing	
The	Hidroflex	System	comprises	the	Hidroflex	membrane	and	a	                  tape Genesis SWJ / SWI /         SWH gasket around pipes.     drains.	When	HIDROFLEX	         with	tile	adhesive.	Tiles	can	     obtained.	Once	the	tiles	
range	of	accessories	designed	to	work	with	the	membrane	to	give	                                                                            coat	is	dry,	make	a	hole	into	 be	laid	after	the	second	           have	been	grouted	and	
                                                                              SWE	to	the	corners.	Apply	
                                                                                                                                            the	gasket	to	bend	it	and	      coat	of	HIDROFLEX	liquid	          cleaned	of	grout	residue,	
a	total	waterproofing	system	for	showers,	bathrooms,	wetrooms,	               second	coat	of	HIDROFLEX	                                     apply	a	sealing	ring.           membrane	is	completely	dry	        apply	Genesis	silicone-
saunas etc.                                                                   two	hours	after	application	                                                                  (minimum	24	hours).                based	soft	sealant	to	the	
When	used	together,	Hidroflex	and	it’s	accessories	provide	a	sealing	         of	the	first	coat	at	+23ºC.                                                                                                      corners. Protect tile edges
system	that	complies	with	even	stringent	Scandinavian	wet	room	                                                                                                                                                with	adhesive	tape.
standards,	some	of	the	toughest	in	the	world.
Hidroflex Membrane
                                                                          Suitable	for	waterproofing	interior	floors	and	walls.	Typical	
Hidroflex	is	a	ready-mixed,	solvent-free	paste	based	on	synthetic	
                                                                          applications include:
resins	in	aqueous	dispersion	and	aggregate	of	selected	particle	size.	
When	dried,	the	product	has	very	high	elasticity,	which	it	maintains	     •	 Waterproofing	of	substrates	of	various	kind	s	(such	as	cementitious	
from-20°C	to+100°C.                                                          screeds,	cementitious	or	gypsum-based	plaster,	gypsum	board	and	
                                                                             wood	panels,	concrete)	in	bathrooms	and	showers	before	installing	
It	is	capable	of	withstanding	any	structural	movement	caused	by	
temperature	variations	or	vibrations	and	is	excellent	at	withstanding	
the	washing-out	action	of	water.	Since	the	paste	is	thixotropic,	it	is	   •	 Waterproofing	of	surfaces	in	kitchens	or	worktops	prior	to	tile	
suitable	for	use	on	vertical	surfaces.                                       installation.
The	product	is	type	tested	by	the	Swedish	Testing	and	Research	           •	 Anti-crack	elastic	membrane	to	be	applied	prior	to	tile	installation	
Institute	SP	(conforming	to	Per	sector	standards)	and	by	the	Finnish	        to	prevent	cracks	from	propagating	to	the	surface.
VTT	Institute	(Cert.	No.	C214/02).