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VOLCLAY® VOLSEAL 250                                                                                    D
DESCRIPTION                                              INSTALLATION

VOLSEAL 250 is a two-component acrylic polymer           PREPARATION
modified cementitious waterproof coating, with
elastic properties.                                      Remove all surface contamination (laitance, dirt,
                                                         grease, paint, etc.) and any other material that
VOLSEAL 250 provides surface waterproofing for           might compromise the adhesion of VOLSEAL 250,
internal and external applications, subject to both      by means of high pressure water jetting, wet sand-
positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, against      blasting or wire brushing.
concrete or prepared masonry.
                                                         Very irregular substrates or faulty concrete in the
                                                         form of cracks, honeycombing, etc, must be chased
APPLICATIONS                                             out, and filled flush with proprietary repair mortars.

!   Internal or external waterproofing of concrete or    Masonry joints must be filled through, and struck
    prepared masonry structures                          flush. Old or loose joints should be raked back and
!   Vertical surfaces as part of the VOLSEAL Deck        repointed. Concrete blockwork should typically be
    400 System                                           ‘sealed’, by brush application of cement slurry.
!   Termination and continuity detailing as part of
    the Volclay VOLTEX Waterproofing System              Active leaks should be stemmed using proprietary
                                                         methods (contact CETCO Contracting).

ADVANTAGES                                               All surfaces must be pre-wetted prior to the
                                                         VOLSEAL 250 application, but be free of standing
!   Withstands high positive and negative                water (damp not wet).
    hydrostatic pressure
!   Excellent adhesion - bonds to most porous and        Expansion or movement joints within the structure
    non-porous surfaces including concrete,              to be waterproofed should be covered with
    masonry, and steel                                   Jointseal, looped to accommodate the required
!   Elastic properties provide flexibility over cracks   movement, and bonded to the surface using the
    up to 1mm                                            VOLSEAL 250 mixture.
!   Breathable – vapour permeable, allowing
    structure to ‘breathe’
!   Easy on-site mixing
!   Easy application by brush, roller, trowel or spray
                                                         Stir or shake the liquid component in its container,
!   Can be applied to green or damp concrete             and pour into a suitable plastic or metal mixing
!   Can be rendered                                      vessel, with a volume of at least 25 litres.
!   Can be painted (water-based paints)
                                                         Start to mix using a mixing paddle attachment with
                                                         a slow speed electric mixer or drill. Slowly add the
                                                         powder to the liquid. Mix for between 3 and 5

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minutes, until a smooth, lump-free mixture is            Surface blisters caused by the formation of steam
obtained. Mix only as much as can be used within         from prolonged sun exposure on a dampened
30 minutes and stir the mixture frequently. If the       application surface are acceptable and do not
mixture starts to set do not add water, simply re-mix    adversely affect the final product performance.
to restore workability.

The mix proportions by weight are 1 unit of liquid to    USAGE / YIELD
2.5 units of powder, so smaller quantities can be
mixed.                                                   CONCRETE and MASONRY SURFACES (internal
                                                         and external). Two 1mm coats of VOLSEAL 250 at
                                                         1.5-2Kg/m2 per coat, applied by brush, roller, or
APPLICATION                                              spray equipment. Apply the second coat at right
                                                         angles to the first.
All surfaces must be pre-wetted prior to the
VOLSEAL 250 application, but be free of standing
water (damp not wet).                                    TECHNICAL DATA

Apply Volseal 250 in two 1mm coats at an                 Appearance / Colour           Powder: cement grey
approximate rate of 1.5-2Kg/m2 per coat, by short-                                     Liquid: milky white
bristled masonry brush, roller, or appropriate power
spray equipment. Do not ‘paint on’, but ‘lay on’ /       Specific weight (mixed)       1.75Kg/L
coat, to obtain a 1mm thickness.
                                                         Workability                   30mins @ 20"C
If VOLSEAL 250 drags when applying by brush or
roller, re-wet the application surface (but not the      Operating temperature         -5"C - +60"C
                                                         Mixing ratio, liquid:powder   1:2.5
Apply the second coat at right angles to the first to
improve coverage. Allow the first coat to dry no less    Elongation @ break
than 6 hours (‘green’ is acceptable) before applying     - 7 days, 20"C                >45%
the second coat.                                         - 7 days + 21 days water      >45%

                                                         Static Elasticity Modulus     <20N/mm2
                                                         Crack Bridging Ability
Allow VOLSEAL 250 to dry completely before any           - 7 days @ 20"C, 60%RH        1mm (pr EN 1062-7)
‘temporary’ light foot traffic, and provide protection   - Ditto + 21 days water       1mm (pr EN 1062-7)
as necessary / specified. VOLSEAL 250 is not
intended as a trafficable coating.                       -ve pressure resistance       150KPa (CESI method)
                                                         Ditto, over 0.4mm crack       50KPa (CESI method)
For water tanks, allow VOLSEAL 250 to cure for 7
days prior to filling.                                   Adhesion to concrete
                                                         - 7 days @ 20"C, 60%RH        0.9N/ mm2 (ASTM D 4541)
Allow VOLSEAL 250 to cure for at least 3 days prior      - Ditto + 21 days water       0.8N/ mm2 (ASTM D 4541)
to subsequent finishes (paint, render, etc.)
                                                         All data are averages of several tests under
Do not add water to the VOLSEAL 250 mixture nor          laboratory conditions.       In practice, climatic
alter the mixing ratio.                                  variations such as temperature, humidity and
                                                         porosity of substrate may affect those values.
Apply VOLSEAL 250 within 30 minutes of mixing.

Do not apply VOLSEAL 250, if the temperature is
lower than 5°C (or likely to fall below 5°C
over the 24 hours following application).

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VOLSEAL 250 is supplied in 35kg ‘double packs’,
comprising 25Kg plastic tub (powder), and
10litre/Kg plastic bottle (liquid).


When stored off the ground, in a dry place, above
5"C but out of direct sunlight, in unopened,
undamaged original packaging, shelf life is 12


VOLSEAL 250 is a non-toxic, alkaline product,
containing cement, and is irritating to eyes and skin.
VOLSEAL 250 may cause sensitisation by skin
contact. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid
contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with
eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and
seek medical advice. Wear suitable gloves. For
further information please refer to material safety
data sheet.

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