18th Birthday Ideas – The Ultimate Guide by Kristen_Thompson


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									                18th Birthday Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

# Top Tip 1: Doing Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing!

Although this may seem fairly obvious so many teens tend to get this wrong. They
over complicate their 18th birthday and think that they have to do too much and end
up doing nothing at all! Doing something, however subtle or common you may think
is always better than doing nothing at all. I really can’t emphasis this enough make
sure, whatever the case, you do something for your 18th birthday.

# Top Tip 2: The Secret To Clubbing

Depending on where you live this 18th birthday idea is by far the most popular thing
to do. There are, however, some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up that will assure
you that you 1. Get into a club, 2. Get your friends into the club and 3. Get in free!

Just so you know this may not work all the time but it certainly works some of the
time so give it a try! What you need to do is call each club you’re thinking of going to
and tell them it’s your birthday and you’re looking to come to their club with a certain
amount of friends (the more the merrier)

Many clubs have provision for groups of people like free entry, free tables, free
birthday gifts etc. What this means for you is that you can play your “birthday card” to
your advantage. But why does this work? Simple, they know that a birthday
celebration means guest and guest means money. The more guest they can get to
come to their club the more potential money they will make so when you contact
them you are potential business and they should bend over backwards to help you

Give this one a try and you’ll be surprised at your results. (Remember the worst that
they can say is and you simply move on to the next club!)

# Top Tip 3: Have a Plan B

You’d be surprised at how many 18 year olds get this part wrong! They plan an 18 th
birthday extravagance and if that plan fails they have no backup and their entire 18 th
birthday experience is wasted. Don’t make the same mistake thousands of 18 year
olds make.

You must have a backup plan that compliments your original one. Examples of this
could be anything from a restaurant to a cinema but just have one. Remember it’s
better to do something that you don’t really mind doing on your 18 th birthday than
nothing at all!

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                18th Birthday Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

# Top Tip 4: Celebrate Your 18th More Than Once!

This is by far the best advice I could give you on your special day. Trying to fit
multiple people all in on your special day can sometimes be impossible. So what do
you do? The best way to fit everyone in is to celebrate your birthday more than once.
For example: Thursday night in a restaurant with the family, Friday night going to the
cinema with your partner and Saturday night parting until dusk with friends. Now you
can chop and change each category but don’t forget the more people you try to
please the less likely you are of pleasing the number one person that really counts
here – yourself!

Turning 18 is one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life for so many
reasons with changing into an adult being one of them. To fully understand what to
do, where to go and how to celebrate it you need to really sit down and figure it all
out, which can be very confusing and frustrating.

Luckily I recently stumbled across an online resource that reveals over 100 18th
birthday ideas, is packed full of 18th birthday tips, 18th birthday hints, and includes
step by step guides on what to do and, importantly, what not to do to make your 18 th
birthday an unforgettable one.

Check out exactly how this 18th birthday online blueprint helped me and see it for
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Discover A Secret Step By Step Guide That Takes You By The Hand
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