18th Birthday Ideas – 6 Secret Tips!

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					                    18th Birthday Ideas – 6 Secret Tips!

So it‟s your 18th birthday and you‟re looking for 18th birthday ideas, something to
make your 18th that extra special birthday, something that you‟ll look back on in
years to come and remember it as “Yeah I really enjoyed that!”

You see so many 18 year olds make the mistake of not giving their 18th the time and
dedication it deserves and then wonder why when it comes down to the big day why
they‟re left disappointed. Luckily for you that will never happen as I‟m going to give
you the ultimate blueprint to celebrate your 18th birthday, packed full of 18th birthday
ideas taken from my personal experience and countless of hours of research.

Don‟t forget your 18th is the most important birthday of your teenage years and
comes round only once in your entire life, so make it count!

18th Birthday Idea 1: Massive 18th birthday Party!

Whether you live in North, West, South or East of the Globe this is one of the most
popular 18th birthday ideas and can be a great way to celebrate the start of your
adulthood. Whether or not you celebrate your birthday in a hired venue or in the
comfort of your own home having a birthday party is a very easy and fun filled way to
really enjoy your 18th.

To really spice up an ordinary 18th birthday party; try having a “themed party”. There
is nothing more fun than seeing every one dressed up in your favourite theme!

18th Birthday Idea 2: Clubbing!

Whether you choose to go clubbing with everyone you know or only those you love
“hitting the town” for a night out will definitely be worth. Be sure to choose a great
club well in advanced to avoid disappointment. My motto is "If you can‟t bring the
party home then take the party out with you!"

18th Birthday Idea 3: Hit the Cinema

This is a really relaxed laid-back way to enjoy your 18th. With the added bonus
of practically being able to invite everyone you know 17 year old friends and your
parents this is a great way to spend your 18th with everyone you know and love.

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                    18th Birthday Ideas – 6 Secret Tips!

18th Birthday Idea 4: Go shopping!

One of the great 18th birthday ideas that at least 73% of teens do for their 18th
birthday is to shop. Nothing more marks an 18th birthday than the latest Channel
shoes or Armani watch (budget depending of course).

If you can ask mummy or daddy to spoil you, at least once in your life, then this is the
perfect shopping spree to do so, so don‟t mess up your chances!

18th Birthday Idea 5: Theme Park
A great way to celebrate your 18th birthday with your family and friend is to go to a
theme park. If you do choose this option then try and go to one of the more well
known theme parks in your city / town as appose to your local as it will make the thrill
that much more exciting.

Nothing beats an 18th birthday celebration more than you shouting your lungs out, or
of course „sicking‟ them up!

18th Birthday Idea 6: Spa and makeover

You guys may think that this only applies to us girls but there you‟d be wrong. You‟d
be surprised at how beneficial a makeover can be for soon to be 18 year olds and
works wonders for us girls and boys alike. A makeover is more than the pedicures
and manicures for girls and new haircuts and new clothes for boys, it‟s a chance for
you to let go your child look and encourage your more adult appearance.

Enhancing and embracing your new look is the first part of becoming an adult so the
best 18th birthday idea I could give you is get a makeover, however small you think it
may be. You‟ll be surprised at how you look and feel afterwards!

Remember that your 18th birthday only comes once so make sure whatever you do
you enjoy it.

With some 18th birthday ideas above and more to come I think it definitely worth
mentioning some hints and tips that you must know to really take your 18th birthday
experience to the next level. Check out my Top Tips below for an unforgettable 18th
birthday celebration: www.ThingsToDoOnYour18thBirthday.net

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