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									                                                  Music On-Demand

Make it sing
                                      — full-track music via phone or Web
Real gives mobile service providers the ability to offer a full-featured digital music service,
enabling their subscribers to use their PC or mobile device to discover, preview, purchase
and play the music they want to hear.

The Opportunity
Since the turn of the century, digital music has         could potentially generate $2 billion in additional
become a driver for innovation in the marketing,         data spending if targeted correctly.
packaging and delivery of entertainment. Globally,
                                                         A recent article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper
the revenue earned by mobile service providers from
                                                         reported that, “Many technology experts predict
full-track digital music downloads is expected to
                                                         people will eventually end up with one electronic
increase from just $20 million in 2004 to nearly $1.8
billion in 2009 (Juniper Research). This growth curve    device, combining elements such as an MP3 player,
                                                         phone and camera.” While most consumers still
provides an exciting new path to increased revenue,
                                                         operate multiple gadgets, a high-quality, full-track
data service usage, and customer loyalty for mobile
                                                         music service can help mobile service providers to
operators. Mobile music services can create a gate-
                                                         move consumers one step closer to what they want.
way to other popular entertainment services such as
video, ringtones and ringback tones. It also generates
new revenue streams by capitalizing on the spontane-
                                                         The Solution
                                                         Real’s Music On-Demand Service is a full-function
ous purchasing behavior characteristic of the youth
                                                         digital music service that allows users to download
market and high-volume music user.
                                                         full music tracks over the air or over the Internet—and
                                                         to transfer music between their mobile phone, PC and
The marketing opportunities abound with niche
                                                         portable music device. We currently provide music
segments and adult users representing growth oppor-
                                                         services to some of the largest operators around the
tunities. Today the youth segment accounts for nearly
                                                         world. They work with Real to benefit from our
90% of the mobile music market, but the “over 25’s”
                                                         expertise and our comprehensive music platform that
                                                             Music On-Demand
can scale and evolve as the market changes and grows. Our flexible platform supports content management, con-
tent and service creation, service delivery, Digital Rights Management (DRM), content downloading and streaming,
as well as marketing consultation and usage analysis.

  •   Web Streaming Overview
      Real provides an easy to use, intuitive
      user interface with full convergence of all
      personal settings available both on the
      mobile phone and the PC. Users experience
      seamless functionality between the PC and
      mobile device, and the ability to view
      podcasts, as well as rate and gift songs.

  •   Web Download
      Users can easily search and recommend
      songs, manage their library and also burn        Users can search, preview and purchase individual songs or entire albums
      and rip CDs by using Real’s Media Client.        via the Web or mobile device.

  •   Mobile Download
      Music can be searched by artist, track or album, previewed and downloaded. Subscribers can make personal
      recommendations and even receive an SMS alert by artist and album. They can create personal playlists with
      purchases delivered to both their mobile device and PC.

  •   Mobile Streaming Overview
      Users view animated playback screens showing album art, and can toggle between a music track list and
      playback screens. They can personalize their experience by creating channels based on preferences (mood,
      genre, decade) or music track.

How It Works
Instead of the complexity of working with diverse suppliers, Real provides an end-to-end music solution through a
trusted provider. Our Music On-Demand Service is a secure, scalable and industry-proven solution that manages all
steps of the music ecosystem from content ingestion and delivery to service operations
and maintenance.

The following is a summary of key components:

  •   Content Acquisition
      Content Providers deliver music files and associated metadata to Real.

  •   Content Ingestion
      Music files and metadata are standardized into a pre-defined format. DRM
      procedures are adhered to so that content cannot be used or distributed in an
      illegal manner.

  •   Content Management
      Content and metadata is registered so that only approved content is available for
      the service. Metadata is available to be viewed, changed or enhanced.

  •   Product Management
      A “product” is created by adding sales-related information such as price, usage
      rights and restrictions; this ensures that only approved products are available.
                                                            Music On-Demand
  •   Storefront Management
      Products are assigned to one or more “shops” from which they are to be sold. An interactive console allows
      placement of products within the consumer interface so promotions and additional features can be added.

  •   Browsing & Purchase
      The user can browse, preview and purchase digital music which is sold in product form.

  •   Delivery
      The music, protected by DRM, is delivered to the user according to the delivery type — over the air to the
      mobile device or streaming to the PC.

Back-End Platform
The Back-End Platform manages the music content lifecycle from content ingestion to ‘product’ creation to delivery
to your subscribers. Its flexible service creation and operations architecture allows for diverse business modes and
user interfaces. Our Music On-Demand service platform provides the following:

  •   An integrated delivery system for the wireless and wireline network

  •   Various CODEC and bit-rate support

  •   Market dominant DRM and multiple device support

Our proven platform also includes a multi-service supportable structure which includes easy discovery for
recommendation and search, and personalization feature support.

Deployment Options
Real offers three flexible deployment models to fit mobile service provider’s business needs:

  •   Custom
      A white-label option allowing the operator to offer a specific customized product carrying their brand with a
      custom feature set.

  •   White-Label in Multi-Tenant
      This option is designed to support multi-carrier customers with minimal implementation providing
      standardized features and functionality, and branding a flexible user experience outlined by the mobile
      service provider.

  •   Branded
      Our fully branded service allows the operator to deploy a co-branded or Real branded product with a fixed
      feature set and user experience.

The Real Difference
Real’s Music On-Demand services are deployed in 11 countries worldwide, available to over 200 million mobile
subscribers. Real enables more than 20 million full-track music downloads per month, and more than 129 million
full-track streaming pieces per month, more than any other mobile music provider. We have extensive experience
with operator billing and authentication systems, including subscription, a la carte, gifting, begging, packages and
bundles. Real has been a pioneer in digital audio services since the early days of the Internet. Our mission is to
enable the consumer to enjoy their choice of digital entertainment whenever and wherever they want.
                                                             Music On-Demand
An End-to-End Solution
Through a proven ASP model, Real provides comprehensive services to our customers, not just technology. We
invest in our customer’s success with well managed services that are continuously enhanced to meet the changing
needs of this dynamic market.

Real has a proven track record and global experience. We offer scalable services within a flexible business model
enabling carriers to offer a competitive, profitable service. As the inventor and global market leader in ringback
tones, Real has taken its technical expertise and operational experience to build an integrated mobile music
service platform, enabling mobile service providers to efficiently deliver a compelling, end-to-end music service to
their subscribers.

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