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In the dictionary the word "presentation" has many meanings. We will understand
the word "presentation" in the sense derived from the "presentation" means "to
give someone something - say something to someone" or communicate with
"Presentation" is another form of communication and can be found under many
different forms. Some examples of business presentations are:
Writing: Letters, messages, reports, reviews, minutes of meetings, meetings,
please ...
Speaking: conversation, meetings, interviews, selling a product or service
Action: Language gestures, actions
The content on "Presentation Skills" below will not include details of a
presentation written form, which only refers to two types of presentation format
that is to say:
• An introduction / selling well
• Organize meetings
1 - Products and Sales
1.1 Characteristics of effective speech
- Have the purpose / function clear: Before the introduction of products or sales,
the purpose / function of the presentation should be set. This will ensure a better
chance to achieve effective presentations.
There are four main purposes and functions of a speech.
1. Notification function: Provides information about products and services related
2. Function convincing: In order to achieve the results required by the listener to
3. Control functions: To ensure that all referrals must go according to function or
4. Functional combination: Combine together the functions on the general
purpose of the presentation.
Any presentation or selling any product must have at least one of the principal
function or a function on the main and combined with other secondary functions.
- Be prepared: The more prepared increasingly persuasive. One of the basic
principle is "not love what you want to display that presented what they want to
Although the topic or speech or bad, then the speaker must always comply with
the strategy prepared. " Being prepared will reduce the level of fear.
- Content:
The content of any speech should be the logical order. Moreover, the speech
must be clearly presented with adequate information. That will create desire to
listen and understand the mind of the presenter. In order to achieve these
capabilities, then the preparation is extremely important.
Content will include three parts and divided by time speech rate. They are:
+ Introduction
- Purpose speech
- Creating harmony
- Introduction speech topic
+ Display the main points: The main points with detailed explanations or contrast
+ Display as photo illustrations to further enhance content presentation.
Presented photographs, drawings, graphics, .... Will have good results. A picture
can say thousand words. The main advantage of the teacher to convey visual
information business will help the listener / reader understand and remember
more. Just look at glance all information about past, present and future will be
analyzed quickly.
+ End of presentation:
- Recalling the goals and encourage
- Summary of key points.
1.2 Characteristics of a good presentation
• Demonstrate personal characteristics
- Reconcile with the audience.
- Eye contact with listeners.
- Demonstrating confidence: through action, gesture, gestures, words ....
- Ability to answer questions: Answer all questions related to content presentation
and never say "do not know" when asked.
• Voice control and interactive elements
- Voice control: The presentation can be variable depending on the performance
of content that use levels, the pace of different voices to emphasize the content
or focus of attracting listeners.
- Using the microphone
- Predictable response: Prepare well and accumulate experience before being
allowed prediction of response capabilities, the situation may evoke reactions of
listeners. Presented to understand that audience reaction is "an invitation to be
convinced." The reaction of the listeners never be construed as a sign of
obstructing or failure of the presentation.
- Know who hear and read is the only language of the listener
Practical exercises:
Please arrange the following for a speech about "Happy Hotel"
Has finished above summary of my speech today on "Happy Hotel." I hope that
you will come to our hotel in your business. The hotel will always interested in the
needs of your customers. As mentioned above the large room with furniture
made of teak wood, the restaurant has many dishes with reasonable prices and
people here are friendly. Stay with us you will feel wonderful.
The hotel has three restaurants. A restaurant serving dishes of Vietnam, a
restaurant serving European cuisine such as barbecue sandwiches and cakes.
No. 3 Restaurant located at the ground floor serving fish dishes. The dishes are
delicious and very reasonable prices.
The hotel has 100 rooms and 50 superior rooms executive class. The backup is
equipped with teak furniture and will likely stay very clean and quiet. Well-
designed lamps and bright. Each backup are wide and you can even have a
small business meeting.
Speech today on "Happy Hotel." The purpose of speech is to give you
information about new hotels. Hopefully end of this presentation you will consider
becoming familiar customers of the hotel. I will present the following three key
They are:
a. Room
b. Restaurants and finally
c. People
The hotel has 150 people. All people have been trained. To provide better
customer service they are taught to always smile. Customers will be very
interested to talk with them. The uniform of suit and all are clean.
2 - Organization Meeting
2.1 Characteristics of a good meeting
Concept: What is a meeting?
- Meeting is a form of communication. It's a focus group together with the
purpose to discuss, debate or decision. As a meeting usually involves many
people, so often different opinions and can cause problems.
- A good meeting will limit the difference and can achieve results immediately. All
meetings must be prepared, considered and carried out to see how to do
everything well.
- The meeting of different types of scale (number of participants), nature (formal
or informal), time of ...
Both formal meetings and informal must depend on the care and attention. It will
become less formal than when there is apathy and problems.
- All meetings must comply with one or a combination of the following purposes:
• Control
• Combination
• Report
• Persuading
- The process of a meeting will include
• Analyze and solve problems
• Consulting and reconciliation conflicts
• To discuss and exchange views
• If the engine problem and create
• Promoting changes in knowledge, skills and attitudes
• Receive comments and feedback
• Increase inquiry
• Training and development
General purpose of any meeting which aimed to have a decision, an action or a
- Cost and efficiency
All meetings are required to calculate the cost. Here are some examples of
different costs:
Cost + time
+ Cost of material: money and ancillary equipment used
+ Opportunity cost: People can do anything if they do not come to meetings, the
value of these activities, how, how much?. So please always remember
everyone's time and you must make sure your meeting is worthwhile to organize
and participate
The next meeting will lead to:
- Bad Decision
- Bad Policy
- Create the chaos and turmoil
- Interrupt task
- Attention to the smaller tasks are the most important tasks
- Low Spirit
- Reduce process and return to work action
- Tears
Waste time and money
... All the things on the job resulted in inefficient
Thus a good meeting should have speech of the president and members.
To avoid the high costs and difficulties and to ensure that the meeting will be
successful and worthwhile, then the first question should be posed when
preparing a meeting is to:
'The meeting is really needed? "
There are specific reasons and clear purpose for the meeting will achieve the
following effects:
• People will understand why the meeting was held
• People will be prepared and can contribute
• People will be focused
• People will want to attend your meeting if the meeting is effective.
• Organize and environment: The arrangement and environment in the backup
session creates atmosphere for the meeting. That presentation is prepared. That
could strengthen marriage for presentation said. The seating is very important,
and will be used for various meetings:
The meeting format:
+ Round, oval
+ Seminar / Conference
+ Square
Ambient air also made for the meeting. Consider these environmental issues will
further enhance the presentation. Environmental factors such as:
+ Air temperature and backup
+ Clean
+ Lighting
+ Room Size
+ Smell / fragrance
+ Audio-visual equipment
+ Audio System
+ Noise, noise
2.2 Role of the chair a good presentation
a-Preparation before the meeting
Preparation Program
- New items for discussion, and specifically who will lead or
- The order to sum up the last meeting and the next operation
- Time program, vacation time (if necessary)
- Other administrative matters
- Documentation
- Ensure that the records and programs are broadcast at
- Arrange Meeting
- Seating for delegates
- Coffee Beverages
Preparation of individual
- Program
- Self: Apparel, appearance, emotional control ...
b-Evolution process of meeting
Info and referral programs
The Chairman will inform people about:
+ Mode of meeting
+ Program of meetings
The program will be like a map of the meeting. It will tell us the order of the
issues discussed. There are three main parts called the opening procedure, the
issue of business and closing procedures. A good program will enhance the
presentations during the meeting.
+ Minutes: In some meetings, the minutes will be essential. Sometimes it's just a
simple form fields while in some other meetings it was written the next major
program. It is a form of written presentations will give presentations to say (the
chairman and members of the discussion)
Minutes are often written with three functions:
+ Urges action: Remind people got tasks to do in meetings and make timely
+ As a step connected to the next meeting: between meetings to ensure that
problems are reported or deployed
+ Notes:
Frequently recorded happened and what decisions are consistent.
The minutes will be very good and effective presentation is helpful if they:
+ Exactly: this is important because any omission which also caused problems
+ Objective: Although one must also prepare the minutes of making goals and
not give personal opinions on
+ Easy to understand: Summary and correct record
+ Responsibilities: Who will be responsible for what, before the deadline, all
written and presented in standard
- Comply with program
- Time
- Time
- Conduct and talk time of all
- Ask a question
- Each component of the program
- Gain a clear decision
- The behavior of people
- Contribute
- Mode body language showed confidence
- Speak clearly and use short sentences, simple, do not use slang
- Change the speed of speaking, ready to ask questions
- Select the appropriate volume level with the audience
- If using a microphone to microphone to mouth 4 cm
- Said, illustration
2.3 The effective presentation
a-first impression and last impression
Good first impression of the presenter will create:
• Trust
• Reliability
• Responding
Final impression of the presenter will create:
• A lasting impression
• Other Opportunities
7 rules apply to both the first and last impression the meeting:
Studies on socio-psychological study indicate that the situation can be presented
and the opportunity to impress in the first 7 seconds / final.
- Seven seconds first / last appearances and actions
- Seven seconds first / last movement
- Seven seconds first / last speech
Appearance sit and actions 'speak a thousand words' about the presentation,
including the grooming of the presentation can mean a great idea, should
consider the following details to match:
+ Hair
+ Face
+ Clothing, clothing style and why use that type of clothing.
+ Shoes
Others +: ties, belts, earrings, perfume ....
Combine colors
b-effective way of conduct
To be able to get the respect, the exact direction to the listener is very important.
In the presentation there are many forms of listener calls based on location,
environment and location.
For example:
"Mr. Tran Van Cong, head of business will be ... .. (officially introduce someone)
"The gentleman, the lady at the company ... ... (officially designated groups)
"Distinguished guests, Dear Mr. President ... ..."
Note that the presentation was never allowed to call no names, but should call
their full names with short positions
Towards the audience includes all forms of writing and appropriate action when
Writing: For example: Welcome to the letters and messages
Action: For example: + Giving and receiving documents, briefcases, books,
+ Give and receive business cards
+ Handshake
+ Bow
+ Gesture:
Body language communication is a form of quiet and subtle. In most cases, body
language is done not even intentional. Body language can convey a certain
content. We need to learn how to read the message and begin to understand the
message gestures.
Understand the different types of gestures
Upset: shortness of breath and the like 'Tsk' fingerprint,'d hand, just fingers,
clawed hand through the hair, neck scratching ...
Worry: Ho, a sound like 'Whew,' whistling, smoking, pinch structure,
restlessness, shaking Treasury money or keys, ear pulling, twisting arms ....
Cooperation: Heading toward the front, open hands, sitting at the edge of a chair,
set of gestures from hand to hand, her husband was not wearing a shirt button
Conservative: wristbands glancing at the side, touching the nose, rubbing your
eyes, set his coat buttons, move away
Power, confidence: There are friendly gesture, sitting up, against the pyramid
hand to hand behind his back, to hand in your pocket with your thumb to sit,
warm gesture, turned their backs on others , sitting at rest and posture are
almost out.
Weak and not feeling safe: There are small movements, withdrew the shoulder,
chewing gum, refused to sit, biting fingers, based on his rear.


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