Jari Sarasvuo on tourism branding

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					Jari Sarasvuo on tourism branding
Finnish Tourist Board

24.1.2009   Esittäjä/Aihe           sivu 1
•    The four Cs form an interesting core, but shaping them into a vivid country brand requires many
     attention-grabbing tourism-associated acts
      •     Example: Credibility could be demonstrated with a “Find a crooked cab driver” competition
      •     The acts cannot be unimportant, discussion must be aroused
      •     Excessive rationalisation should be avoided because country branding is a handicraft
      •     Decision-making cannot be overly democratic, this would only bog down the process
•    Travel experiences exist in the tension between delights and memories
      •     Experiences become life
•    The success of tourism branding is important because the travel industry will employ more people than
     manufacturing by the turn of this decade
•    Travel industry professionals must put themselves in the shoes of travelnauts
      •     Travelnauts are tourists who express themselves through their way of life
•    Regressivity and progressivity have clashed in the development of Finnish culture
      •     On the one hand, we cling to a bygone way of life like in novel The seven brothers by Aleksis Kivi
      •     On the other hand, our society has managed to distribute income fairly equitably
      •     Country branding must break from this regressivity and orient toward the future

24.1.2009      Jari Sarasvuo, Trainers’ House                                                                    sivu 2
What does this means for you?
•   Competition will intensify in the travel industry
      •     More actors will enter the market, standards will rise
      •     A shortage of attention and credibility will develop
      •     Something surprising, diverse, relevant and arresting has to be done with tourism
•   Success in country branding will require:
      1 A collective state of volition (not present at the moment)
            - Establishment of a virtual community would facilitate debate and progress
      2 Service design – marketing communications not sufficient
•   Finland must become a major nation in services
      •     The episodes or phases encountered by the tourist must be designed
      •     Behavioural games must also be pondered – how do different cultures interpret
            various matters
      •     Communication combines behavioural games and episodes
      •     Authenticity a competitive advantage for Finnish services
      •     “We don’t fawn for tips”
      •     Jaakko Pöyry the Finnish pioneer in service design

24.1.2009     Jari Sarasvuo, Trainers’ House                                                    sivu 3
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