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            Audio Description on Freeview
            Freeview is digital TV delivered through your TV aerial. There are a
            number of ways to get audio description (AD) on Freeview but not all
            can give you access to audio description.

            Set Top Boxes
            Digital Televisions With Audio Description
            Sound only Freeview solutions
            Computer Adapter
            Freeview Coverage
            Consumer Testing of Products
            Further Information

            Set Top Boxes
            These set-top boxes listed below offer access to audio described
            programmes via Freeview:

            TVonics MDR-300 (RNIB product code TV01) is a digital set top box
            that connects to your TV using the SCART socket. This can only be
            purchased from RNIB; call 0303 123 9999, or visit our online shop.

            TVonics MFR-300 (RNIB product code TV02) is a mini digital set top
            box that connects to your TV using the aerial socket. This can only be
            purchased from RNIB; call 0303 123 9999, or visit our online shop.

            BT Vision Freeview
            BT Vision is Freeview TV and on-demand services delivered through
            your TV aerial and BT Broadband with a monthly subscription. You can
            now get AD if you have a BT Vision set-top box; here are the instructions
            for turning AD on:
             Press BT Vision button
             Press Right Arrow 6 times - "Settings"
             Press Select
             Press Down Arrow 4 times - "Audio Description"
             Press Select
             Press Right Arrow once - "Enable"

egistered charity number 226227
   Press Select
   Press LEFT Arrow once - "Save"
   Press Select
   Press "Back" button twice to return to programme

BT Vision can be contacted on 0800 800 900 or

The BT Vision+ box also provides the possibility to record programs
and if audio description (AD) is turned on, the program is recorded with
AD included. With a BT Vision+ box, AD is turned on in the same way as
with a BT Vision box.

Digital Televisions with Audio Description
An Integrated Digital Television (known as an IDTV) is a TV with
Freeview built-in, so instead of having a TV and a set-top box with two
remote controls, everything is in one unit with just one remote control.
The list below is information received from manufacturers indicating
which IDTV's they sell that can receive audio description.

All LG Integrated Digital TVs on the market from 2009 onwards can
receive audio description.

All Panasonic Integrated Digital TVs (except those that can also record
TV programmes) on the market from 2007 can receive audio description.

Phillips models that can receive audio description are:

19PFL3403D                42PFL9603D                   42PFL9903D
22PFL3403D                47PFL9603D                   42PFL9803D
32PFL9603D                42PFL9703D                   42PFL9903D
37PFL9603D                37PFL9903D
All Samsung Integrated Digital TVs on the market can receive audio

All Sony LCD Integrated Digital TVs on the market from spring 2007 can
receive audio description.

Toshiba models that can receive audio description are:

REGZA AV Small Screen Series
REGZA AV61 Series
REGZA AV63 Series

Sound-Only Freeview Solutions
Portset Digital Media Centre is a device that doesn't require a TV
screen. It offers sound only Freeview TV with audio description as well
as access to electronic programme guides, a daisy talking book player
and a recording function.

Portset also offer a Freeview Receiver with Personal Video Recorder.

Contact 01489 893919 or their website

Other Sound Only Receivers
A Freeview set-top box that delivers AD can be connected to a hi-fi or
amplified speakers. RNIB can provide instructions for doing this on 020
7391 2398.

You will not need a TV license if you adopt this method of getting digital
TV, as long as you do not own a TV or any device on which to display
TV pictures.
Computer Adapter
Nebula Media sell computer adapters for viewing television via your
computer some of these support audio description, website www.nebula-

Freeview Coverage
Freeview is available across most of the country however you may want
to check coverage in your area before buying a product. You may need
to upgrade your aerial.
Digital UK can provide you with further information, telephone 08456 50
50 50 or their website

Consumer Testing of Products
Ricability have produced consumer test reports for Freeview products
that deliver audio description, telephone 020 7427 2460 or their website

Further Information
RNIB Media & Culture Team can offer further advice on 020 7391 2398
or email

RNIB receives the information contained in this document from external
sources and inclusion does not imply endorsement of a product or
service. Consumers should check that products and services meet their
own requirements before purchasing.

Updated: 25 January 2010

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