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Transportation manager job description

I/ Key duties of Transportation manager

1. Manages network and trip assignment to meet budgeted costs

2. Investigates provider payment and billing issues

3. Maintains provider files to make sure they meet all credential requirements

4. Manage cost of transportation; manage cost per truckload, cube per truckload, and cost
per mile; support overall financial goals; fully utilize transportation assets to reduce
freight costs whenever possible; audit invoices of carriers on regular basis; review
general ledger for all charges dealing with transportation.

5. Drive Customer Service; develop customer service team; manage customer service
associates and store concerns from phone calls.

6. Financial and Operations Metrics development and reporting.

7. Maintain accurate operation of the yard integrity, dock, security, yard switchers and
pallet recycling.

8. Manages provider network related to specific contracts to ensure that performance
criteria are met

9. Regularly meets with transportation providers

10. Addresses issues and concerns raised by transportation providers

11. Manage carrier relationships and planning function to ensure timely deliveries to
stores while ensuring cube utilization; manage inbound deliveries to ensure on time, on
cycle and lead time; manage inbound deliveries to ensure product is available for delivery
to stores; manage outbound to minimize expedites; communicate daily with carriers to
ensure on time compliance.

12. Recruits and negotiates with provider network
HR management and career development

II/ Job description types of Transportation department

Transportation include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Transportation manager
   2. Transportation officer
   3. Transportation director
   4. Transportation clerk
   5. Transportation consultant
   6. Transportation executive
   7. Transportation supervisor
   8. Transportation associate
   9. Transportation assistant
   10. Transportation specialist
   11. Transportation coordinator

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