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Technical manager job description

I/ Key duties of Technical manager

1. Provide regular / daily performance and capacity reports with recommendations where

2. Ensure that the network elements are regularly maintained to achieve maximum

3. Management of optimization projects to completion.

4. Conduct interview of potential candidates.

5. Regular reviews of engineers performance.

6. Provide section orientation for new staff upon them being hired.

7. Recommend training courses for staff to ensure they are adequately equipped to handle
job requirements.

8. Participate in the product development of life cycle.

9. Assist in the delivery of technical presentations.

10. Assist in the rolling out of new product.

11. Recommend new upgrades or enhancements to the network to support business

12. Negotiate the purchase of equipment and associated services.

13. Management of any associated budgets.

14. Management of these upgrades to completion.

15. Improve and optimize the network to best support the business needs.

16. Manage the capacity and performance of each of the network elements.

17. Manage the end to end quality of the network services.
HR management and career development

II/ Job description types of Technical department

Technical include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Technical manager
   2. Technical officer
   3. Technical director
   4. Technical clerk
   5. Technical consultant
   6. Technical executive
   7. Technical supervisor
   8. Technical associate
   9. Technical assistant
   10. Technical specialist
   11. Technical coordinator

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