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HR management and career development

Recruitment manager job description

I/ Key duties of Recruitment manager

1. Develop recruitment materials

• Instruct, review recruitment materials such as job descriptions, testing tools…

2. Workforce planning

• Build plan for workforce supply and demand.

3. Workforce market

• Instruct recruitment staff to search workforce
• Review and approve recruitment channels..

4. Recruitment agencies

• Review recruitment agencies and send to Director for approval.

5. Issue recruitment notices

• Approve recruitment notices

6. Selection process

• Instruct recruitment procedure to staffs.
• Supervise selection process.
• Take part in interview process.
• Ensure all recruitment policies, procedures and techniques are adhered to and
recommend improvements.
• Reviews employment contracts and send to director.
• Sign engagement advice.

7. Recruitment records

• Supervise the keeping of recruitment records.

8. Inventory candidates
HR management and career development

• Maintains an active and organized data bank of applicants for various positions.

9. Reports all recruitment reports to HR directors.

10. Manage the recruitment budget.

II/ Job description types of Recruitment department

Recruitment include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Recruitment manager
   2. Recruitment officer
   3. Recruitment supervisor
   4. Recruitment specialist
   5. Recruitment coordinator
   6. Recruitment director
   7. Recruitment clerk
   8. Recruitment consultant
   9. Recruitment executive
   10. Recruitment associate
   11. Recruitment assistant

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