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                                      Densodrin EP

Good waterproof finishing starts
with the wet end: Densodrin® EP

 Better dye levelness     Easier to finish
 Drier surfaces           Eco-friendly

Brilliant Solutions with
Leather Technology from BASF
Densodrin® EP
High-performance waterproof
leather with new chemistry:
Densodrin® EP
Densodrin® EP is the first product representing a new generation of Densodrins®. Based on a specially devel-
oped chemistry it combines more than 30 years experience with the advantages of our state-of-the-art R&D.
The new development enables more level dyeings with a drier surface, therefore less problematic finishing.
The product is stable to hard water and generally gives a very consistent leather performance.
And when it comes to environmental friendliness, Densodrin® EP is your natural choice. Densodrin® EP is
recommended for all types of leather, especially shoe uppers which require high waterproof performance
(Maeser and Bally Penetrometer tests).

Densodrin® EP has been formulated to ensure a good uptake and distribution of the performance silicon.

              Si uptake into the leather

Impressive benefits

                  High waterproof performance                   Water-repellent for
                  Drier surfaces                                chrome-tanned leather

                  Improved dye levelness                        Improved environmental
                  Good filling effect                           (AOX- and solvent-free)

® = registered trademark of BASF SE                                                       www.basf.com/leather

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