Pharmacist manager job description

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Pharmacist manager job description

I/ Key duties of Pharmacist manager

1. Direct supervision for the dispensing and preparation of medications.

2. Direct supervision of the procurement, handling, storage, and inventory of medications
and devices to ensure their quality, safety, and stability.

3. Direct supervision of the accountability, security, and management of inventory
including controlled substances.

4. Ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and administrative rules
pertaining to the practice of pharmacy and the distribution of drugs and devices.

5. Promoting internal communication within pharmacy operations.

6. Direct daily workload scheduling, staffing, quality, and efficiency targets Education &

II/ Job description types of Pharmacist department

Pharmacist include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Pharmacist manager
   2. Pharmacist assistant
   3. Pharmacist executive
   4. Pharmacist coordinator
   5. Pharmacist director
   6. Pharmacist officer
   7. Pharmacist clerk
   8. Pharmacist associate
   9. Pharmacist specialist
   10. Pharmacist consultant
   11. Pharmacist supervisor

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