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                           REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ) 53

 NAME & ADDRESS OF FIRM:                     DATE: 04.03.2010
 (please write company's name here)          REFERENCE: “Outsourcing of Preventive Management/Maintenance
                                             and Cleaning services of the UN House Building, Yerevan, RA”

 Dear Sir / Madam:

 UNDP Armenia is soliciting quotations for the items listed below.
 You can submit your signed and sealed price quotation in a closed envelope, marked “Outsourcing
 of Preventive Management/Maintenance and Cleaning services of the UN House Building, Yerevan,
 RA” RFQ - 53 to the UN security guards office at the following address, 14 Petros Adamyan street,
 0010, Yerevan no later than, March 15, 2010, 17:00 local time.
 Offerors shall submit signed and stamped price quotation.

                                             Price Quotation

Description of Services                              Unit of      Quantity    Price per   Total for year
                                                    measure                    month
Preventive Management/Maintenance
                                                      month          12
services of the UN Building
Cleaning of the all areas of the UN House
Volume No.1 Cleaning of Building Internal
Area                                                  month          12

Volume No. 2 Cleaning of Yard and
Removing Garbage                                      month          12

Volume No. 3 Removing Snow from the UN
Yard                                                  each           1

                                      Grand Total
                                          Terms of Reference

                     for Outsourcing of Preventive Management/Maintenance and

                             Cleaning services of the UN House Building,

                                              Yerevan, RA


The present Terms of Reference aim to provide a framework for outsourcing the provision of
preventive maintenance services and cleaning services for the UN House building to a private firm.
The service should be provided based on a fixed monthly fee.
UNDP Armenia, on behalf of the UN Country Team conducts the procurement process and will sign
a contract with the identified firm.


UN House building is located in central area of Yerevan at P. Adamyan Str., h. 14. It is a
three-storey building with basement and attic. The total area of the building is 3885 square meters,
with the following breakdown of the spaces:

804.7 sq.m. –     Basement Level;

923.8 sq.m. –     Level 1;

934.5 sq.m. –     Level 2;

905.6 sq.m. –     Level 3;

676 sq.m.       – Level 4 (attic).

I.  Preventive Management/Maintenance services of the UN Building shall include
management/maintenance of the below mentioned systems of the UN Building:

    1.   Water supply/Sewerage system
    2.   Power supply system (including generator backup)
    3.   Ventilation/heating system (not centralized A/Cs, el. heaters) – electrical part
    4.   Phone and LAN cabling systems
    5.   TV cabling system
    6.   Drain storm system

Scope of the Work
Under administration of the UNDP the company should perform the following services:


1. Implement Preventive Maintenance program. The Systems and Equipment units listed above shall
be included in a Preventive Maintenance program which means regularly scheduled actions needed
to keep all components operating efficiently and in a way to extend their useful life.

Preventive Maintenance shall include periodic inspection and test. Shall it become necessary or
required by Operation and Maintenance manual of Equipment unit or System then the calibration,
adjustment, lubrication, etc. shall be done to avoid breakdown of parts and components and
malfunction of System or Equipment unit. The frequency of actions to be taken (calibration,
adjustment, lubrication, etc.) shall be planned not less than it is described by Operation and
Maintenance manual of specific Equipment unit/System or as specified by standards and codes.

The frequency of inspections and test shall be scheduled and established for each System or
Equipment unit, but shall not be planned less than once in a month period.

2. Perform minor repair and maintenance of water supply, sewerage and drainage system,
maintenance of water storage tanks and pumps, repair of plumbing fixtures, repair of the roofing
sheets, maintenance of ventilation system, roofing, windows, general repair and maintenance works
on furniture, doors and windows, watering plants, preparation of new and adjustment of the existing
office furniture, installation/movement of the antennas with cabling.

3. Perform repair and maintenance of electric power distribution system, distribution panels, fixtures,
light fixtures, perform minor repair and maintenance of internal communication network (telephone,
LAN) cabling, perform repair of electrical appliances, power tools and equipment, laying new cabling
(telephone, LAN, electric, TV), installation and setting of the security cameras,

4. Load carrying, lifting of all type of the goods from the UN gate to all levels of the UN Building and
all type of the movement of the goods inside of the building.

preparatory assistance for exhibitions in UN Lobby. Assist with setting of conference hall.

Minimum required technical staff during the working hours in the building: 2 persons

II. Cleaning of the all areas of the UN House

The UN House in Armenia is three-storey building with basement and attic. The total area of the
building in square meters is 3885, with the following breakdown of the spaces:

804.7 sq.m. – Basement Level (243.6sq.m – everyday cleaning, 184.6 sq.m – once in month and
376.5 sq.m – upon request – storage spaces);

923.8 sq.m. –   Level 1 (everyday cleaning);

719.6 + 214.9 sq.m. –    Level 2 (719.6 sq.m – everyday cleaning, 214.9 sq.m – once in two month);

650.1 + 255.5 sq.m. –    Level 3 (650.1 sq.m – everyday cleaning, 255.5 sq.m – once in two month);

676 sq.m. – Level 4 (everyday cleaning).

The yard area of the UN building in square meter is 2057.

  Scope of the Work

Under administration of the UNDP the company should perform the following cleaning services:

Volume No.1
    -   Everyday cleaning of the floors, furniture, office equipment of all the space in the Building;
    -   Everyday emptying and cleaning waste-paper baskets (including toilet);
    -   Everyday cleaning of the inside stairs and staircases of the UN building;
    -   Everyday cleaning of the entrance glass doors;
    -   Everyday cleaning of all toilets and showers of the UN building;
    -   Everyday collecting scrap paper and putting in special cans placed in each floor;
    -   Everyday cleaning of the guards booths from inside (3 guard booths);
    -   Once per month washing/cleaning windows and doors of the guards booths;
    -   Once per month washing of all UN Flags (5 items).
    -   General Cleaning of all the building, including all the windows – once in three months
    -   General cleaning of the conference halls and offices of the heads of the agencies – once in
        two months.
    -   Performing other relevant duties as required.
Volume No.2
    -   Everyday sweeping of the UN building yard;
    -   Everyday sweeping entrance stairs - one front and three back side;
    -   Everyday removing the tree leafs from the greenery zone;
    -   Twice per month washing yard by pressured water;
    -   Everyday washing and cleaning of the smoking area of the UN building yard;
    -   Three times per week removing garbage from the garbage cans from the UN Building yard;
Volume No.3
    -   Removing of the snow from the yard of the UN Building (including loading and unloading).
        Each removal shall preliminarily be agreed with the Building Manager.
    -   The proposal shall describe machinery for cleaning loading and removal of the snow.
    -   The machinery which will be used for snow cleaning, loading and removal shall be
        specialized equipment and in good shape not to damage the asphalt layer of the yard of the
        UN Building.

Required pool of cleaners/general service staff during the working hours (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
3 persons – to provide ad hoc cleaning services, to help in setting of the UN Conference Hall, dish
washing, coffee/tea serving for meetings, events, dish washing, other relevant services as may be
All the work (Volume No.1, Volume No.2 and if possible Volume No.3) shall be finalized every day
until 9:00 before the UN staff comes to work. The UN working hours are from 9:00 till 18:00, from
Monday to Friday. No major cleaning work shall be done during UN working hours.

Qualifications and Experience of the company

UNDP requires the following qualifications from the potential offeror:

       Solid experience in provision of services in nature, scale and complexity commensurate with
        the present terms of reference, with already provided services possessing features required
        by these terms of reference; The company must have at least two similar contracts (similar
        by scope, nature and amount), preferably with international / intergovernmental
        organizations. Evidences of contracts are required; references from other clients are highly
    -   At least 2 years experience in relevant field.
    -   For the contact person - knowledge of Armenian and Russian/English

    All offerors shall include the following documents/information with their proposal:

    a) Certificate of Registration of the Company (copy);
    b) List of the provided similar services during past 2-3 years (including clients address,
    address of the site, description of the service provided, contracted amount and duration of the
   services provided)
   c) Reference letters from the previous/current contractors
       A detailed plan of the organization of the above mentioned job with time schedule and
       number of workers must be presented
   The Financial proposal shall indicate the detailed breakdown of:
   - a monthly fee for the Preventive Management/Maintenance services of the UN House. The
       cost of materials shall be excluded, and poor labor force shall be considered.
   -   a monthly fee for everyday cleaning of all areas of the UN House including the Volume
       No.1, Volume No.2 and Volume No.3. The fee shall include also the price of the materials
       used, with clear indication of the brands and confirmation that materials used are
       internationally certified products. For Volume No. 3 please indicate in the proposal the
       price for the removal of 1 track (up to 5 tones) of the snow (including loading and unloading).


 Validity of Quotation         60
 Delivery Duration             1 year
 Partial Bids in LOTs          Not Allowed
 Documentation Language        English
 Delivery Term & Place         14 Petros Adamyan, Yerevan, armenia
 VAT                           0 % VAT applied
 Payment Terms                 Monthly payment
 General Terms and
                               Please consult
 Conditions for Services

                                                   SIGNATURE AND SEAL:



TEL Number: