Distribution manager job description

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Distribution manager job description

I/ Key duties of Distribution manager

1. Plan warehouse space and utilization.
2. Develop and monitor a safety program and ensure OSHA compliance.
3. Demonstrate a commitment to core values.
4. Ensure that the facility and assets are maintained and secured. Provide input to location
5. Recruit, train, and develop department associates.
6. Partner with suppliers.
7. Ensure performance reviews, ongoing performance discussions, and salary review
recommendations are conducted effectively.
8. The above represents general responsibilities for the position.
9. Other duties, responsibilities, and qualifications may be required and/or assigned as
10. Normal warehouse environment exposure to business Internet and software
11. Works with distribution supervisor to ensure: Shipments are received promptly and
correctly and stored in the proper places with the least number of movements; Prompt
filling, accurate checking, and timely shipment of orders with a minimum amount of
12. Develop and train the distribution supervisors in management skills relating to LEAN
methodologies of process improvement, performance planning and salary reviews,
recruiting, problem solving, and corrective actions.
13. Monitor and improve productivity and quality while decreasing error probability.

II/ Job description types of Distribution department

Distribution include job description of positions as follows:

   1.   Distribution manager
   2.   Distribution supervisor
   3.   Distribution specialist
   4.   Distribution director
   5.   Distribution officer
   6.   Distribution consultant
   7.   Distribution assistant
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   8. Distribution clerk
   9. Distribution associate
   10. Distribution executive
   11. Distribution coordinator

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