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      Higher Education Tuition Assistance Program

         Guardian Index Corporation’s Higher Education Tuition Assistance Program essentially
gives current or prospective students the ability to gather business sponsors throughout their
community who will financially assist the student to further their education. Financial assistance
is one of the leading roadblocks for students today, as tuition costs rise. Guardian Index
Corporation’s Higher Education Tuition Assistance Program helps to alleviate that burden with a
little effort from the student. GIC’s H.E.T.A.P. assists students in building relationships,
whether personal or professional, with their respective sponsors that will in turn benefit both the
student and the businesses.

                        How It Works – Abbreviated
   1. A current or prospective student applies with Guardian Index for the opportunity to
      receive sponsorship from local businesses.
   2. Guardian Index approves the student through specific guidelines or criteria that meets our
      standards. (see Approval Criteria Appendix)
   3. Once the student is approved and properly trained, the student seeks sponsorship by
      contacting local businesses.
   4. When a business accepts the sponsorship, the student contacts Guardian Index who
      sequentially contacts the business sponsor for payment.
   5. 75% of the $600.00 payment (made to Guardian Index Corporation) from the business is
      directed to the institution the student is or will be attending. (see Payments Appendix)

   6. 25% of the $600.00 payment from the business provides the business with an online
      directory advertisement for 1 year on (see Online Directory

                                  Approval Criteria

        Guardian Index has listed specific criteria to match the ideal profile to represent our
company throughout searching for sponsorship. This list of criteria is a general outline of the
profile, although does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Guardian Index Corporation
does not discriminate against applicants by age, race, gender, religion, or disability.

The Individual:

   1.   Must be currently enrolled in a high school or acknowledged higher education institution.
   2.   Must carry a GPA of 2.5 (80%) or higher.
   3.   Must be a United States Citizen.
   4.   Must have a general idea of what field of study they will enter into.
   5.   Must be in the top 50% of their class (for high school).
   6.   Must be engaged in at least one extracurricular activity – confirmed by either the
        education institution or the organization.

Approval Process:

       The student obtains the application forms through their career counseling department at
        their respective educational institution or directly from Guardian Index.
       The application forms should be completed and mailed to Guardian Index Corporation
        Home Office.
            o Mailing Address

               Guardian Index Corporation
               Attn: HETAP
               178 South 1st St.

               Lehighton, PA 18235
      After review, selected students are asked to attend a brief interview with our HETPP
       coordinator. Parents or guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend.
      Final approvals are made and selected students are then trained to perform and carry out
       the program duties.

The Application:

       The student application was created for the sole purpose of selecting students that
Guardian Index believes will benefit from this program. Guardian Index Corporation does not
share any information collected from the applications with any third parties. Guardian Index
Corporation may contact applicants about the Higher Education Tuition Assistance Program for
application and program purposes only. This is not an employment application and students
enrolled in the Higher Education Tuition Assistance Program are not employees of Guardian
Index Corporation.

The Application consists of the following information:

      Applicant Information
          o Today’s date
          o Applicant’s first, M.I., and last name
          o Address, City, State, and zip code
          o Phone number
          o Email address
          o United States citizenship
      Education
          o High School
                   Address
                   Year/Graduation date
                   GPA
                   Class Rank
                   Percentile
          o College
                   Address
                   Year/Graduation date
                   GPA
                   Major

      Three References
          o Full name
          o Address
          o Phone number
          o Relationship
      Extracurricular Activities
          o Organization
          o Involvement
          o How long you have been involved with the organization
      Signature & Date
          o Must be signed, agreeing that the information listed is correct and true to the
              applicant’s best knowledge


Funds Breakdown
    $600.00 cost from business for sponsorship
          o $450.00 (75%) goes directly to the sponsored student’s tuition fund
                 Depending on individual circumstances, this may be a payment directly to
                    the education institution or their student loan
          o $150.00 (25%) goes towards the business sponsor’s Guardian Index Online
             Directory Listing
                 This listing is good for 1 year from time of payment
                 More information on directory listings can be found in our Guardian Index
                    Directory Listings section
Payment Options
      The business sponsor has several options of payment:
          1. Check
          2. Credit Card
          3. Paypal transfer

Payment Processing
       Sponsor payments are initially made to Guardian Index Corporation. Guardian Index
makes the payments toward the student’s tuition fund. Enrolled HETAP students should not
accept any payments from the business sponsors nor should the business sponsor make direct
payments to the student’s education institution or loan. If there are any questions concerning

payment processing, whether it be from the business to Guardian Index Corporation or from
Guardian Index Corporation to the student’s tuition fund, please contact our Home Office.

             Guardian Index Online Directory Listings

What are Guardian Index Online Directory Listings?

      Guardian Index Corporation’s online business directory listings offer a customizable
       advertisement for businesses
      GIC shares business’ directory listings with over 200 social networks
      GIC offers a more beneficial directory listing than that of large directories
      SEO
          o On average, within 7-10 days of a listing going “live”, listings appear on the first
               page of major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
          o This is achieved through the massive amount of exposure we provide each listing
               by sharing the listings through the social networks such as Facebook & Twitter

What information is provided on the Online Directory Listings?

      Business name
      Business phone
      Business fax
      Business email
      Business address
      Link to business website
      Map to business
      Customizable business logo or picture
      Business description
           o Customizable with videos, pictures, complete business description (what they do,
               how they do it, why they do it, hours, business history, etc.)
      Link to a printable “Specials Coupon”
      Full access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their own username and password
      Business ratings
      The ability to share their directory listing with others in their social network
      User-friendly creation, updates, uploads, and maintenance of listings

                   Guardian Index Corporation Contact

Home Office

178 S 1st St.
Lehighton, PA 18235

Office Phone
(610) 379 – 4747

Office Fax
(610) 379 – 4748

Director of Student Affairs / V.P. Sales & Marketing
Joshua Koch


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