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Discount fish oil _ the facts

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Leading authorities on the subject
of nutrition are now emphasizing th
e benefits of including fish oil in
 your diet.
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Question: What are fish oil_s bene

Answer:        Leading authorities on
the subject of nutrition are now em
phasizing the benefits of including
 fish oil in your diet. It is gener
ally considered to be one of the mo
st often sought-after remedies when
 it comes to improving physical per
formance, treating obesity, and imp
roving mental focus. Clearly, the b
enefits of this oil can be astoundi
ng to your health. Wide-ranged bene
fits that include helping your body
 both physically and mentally make
discount fish oil a substance that
can greatly affect your life for th
e positive in a multitude of ways.

Question: What makes fish oil wor
k on these problems the way that it

Answer:        There are many reasons
fish oil is good for your health. F
or one, the scientific world genera
lly agrees that the Omega-3 fatty a
cids found in fish oil known as EPA
 and DHA promote a healthy vascular
 system. Also, the more fish oil ab
sorbed by your body, the more _good
_ eicosanoids your body will releas
e. Eicosanoids are a type of hormon
e found in the body, and there are
both _good_ and _bad_ eicosanoids.
Fish oil helps to balance these lev
els, and in turn aids in such thing
s as heart performance.

Studies have confirmed that for the
se reasons, fish oil can help to pr
otect you from heart disease. A stu
dy done at Harvard University resul
ted in a conclusion that taking dis
count fish oil once a week lowered
your chance of death from heart dis
ease by 34 percent.

Fish oil has also been studied for
its help with bipolar disorder. Ano
ther Harvard study showed that the
disorder could be treated with fish
 oil with remarkable success.

Question: What should I look for
to get the best discount fish oil o
ut there?

Answer: The purity of the fish oil
you are taking is a key factor in i
ts benefits for your health. To mak
e pharmaceutical-grade fish oil, yo
u_re required to put the raw produc
t through substantial purification
processes. 100 gallons of health-fo
od grade fish oil results in merely
 one gallon of pharmaceutical grade
 fish oil. This pharmaceutical grad
e oil possesses about twice the EPA
 and DHA as the standard health-foo
d grade fish oil.
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