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					Inexpensive Ways to Travel to Asia
I am fortunate to have been traveling in and around Asia for more than 10 years and have been living in Indonesia for not quite 7 years now. Since I
love to travel I often find myself in situations where I need to find inexpensive plane tickets. When I first started my search for inexpensive ways to
travel I realized it was quite different to deal with domestic versus international flights. In most countries there is little difference in the prices between
two "one way" tickets OR one "return" ticket when you purchase domestic flight tickets. Sometimes you may get a slightly discounted price for the
return ticket.

When it comes to finding international air tickets it is more difficult to find discounted Asia travel tickets. You might find that it is easier to get cheaper
return tickets. So if you plan to travel to a variety of cities (round trip with many transit stop) it can be difficult to find good deals. Below is some tips that
should help you find the cheapest flights to Asia available online.

I separate this article in two parts, international and domestic flight.

First, let's talk about international flight. There is a lot of good web site around there, but you will need to do a lot of searches before you find what you
really want. I suggest you to start by looking for the available airplane companies which deserve the concerned country you are flying to or from.

For sample, if you are in Indonesia and want to flight to Australia, you will most likely have to choose between Garuda and Quantas. There are
possibilities to use other flights companies such as Malaysia Airlines or Singapore Airlines. But you will loose a lot of time during your trip as you will
have to transit to this cities.

One of my favorites when I fly in and around Indonesia is Air Asia as they fly into many cities. They are also inexpensive which is definitely is huge

With regard to domestic flights, I have had two entirely different experiences in Indonesia and Australia.

In Indonesia, if you want to buy a domestic flight ticket you will have plenty of choices. Indonesia is a vast Archipelago of tropical and Virgin Islands
constitute of more than twelve's thousand islands. More than three thousands of these Islands are inhabited and I believe that more than hundreds of
them get an airport. So, you can imagine the number of possibilities and market available in Indonesia. The main company airlines in Indonesia are
Garuda (also provide international flight), Merpati, Mandala, Lion Air, Adam Air, Star Air, Batavia, etc..

Finding the most inexpensive airline ticket is one thing, but don't forget about safety. I don't have any statistics about safety right now so I prefer not
mention specifically any of them. However, if you have read the newspaper during these last few months, you probably are aware of what I'm talking
about. Some of the above names are probably famous around the world right now, but probably not for the cheapest airfare.... But don't worry too
much as airplanes are still one of the safest transportation systems in the world.

After you have eliminated the worst companies from your research, you can begin to compare prices between the remaining few. Simply go to Google,
type the company name and you can easily find their web site in matter of seconds. If you looking for tickets in advance (let's say more than three
weeks), you will find that most of the companies have similar quotes with the international and most reputed national company.....Garuda Indonesia.
The problem in Indonesia is if you want to order domestic tickets more than three weeks in advance...No cheap airfare ticket available. You will have
to wait for the "perfect" time to order your ticket (between two and three weeks in advance.... be careful after that it could be too late) and you should
be able to get 20% to 70% discount.

If you want to order your tickets in advance there is another way to find inexpensive tickets. You can use Air Asia. Air Asia has cheap airfare and an
easy to navigate website. Air Asia is based in Malaysia and provides travel to many cities and countries around Asia. Air Asia is a really good solution
for discounted Asia travel.

In Indonesia, AirAsia serves the main cities of Jakarta, Denpasar (Bali), Medan, Surabaya, etc... Globally, they fly to over fifty cities around Asia. The
service is limited (no seat pre-reserved in check-in), but it is safe and their fees really defy all other companies for the price and services available.
From what I have seen, they have the cheapest flights in Asia. So, have a look....

In Australia, it seems to works mostly like in the others western countries. More you booked in advance more chances you have to get a cheap airfare.
I heard Quantas have some interesting packages available, like you buy a kind of atonement and can get great discount for a certain number of flight.
If you need a lot of flights it could be advantageous. But the cheapest way to buy airline ticket is probably to book online with Blue Virgin or Jet Star.
Both of them deserve many different cities in Australia, but not necessary the same one. So, it really depends where you want to go. Sometimes, its
worse make some deep research to get better fee. For sample, once I was looking for a cheap airfare between Sydney and Darwin. Blue Virgin offered
450 AUD (via Brisbanne) and Jet Star doesn't have this possibility. But when I check more deeply some others cities, I found out that I can get
Sydney-Adelaide for 99AUD and Adelaide-Darwin for 167 AUD with Jet Star. Total 266 AUD. I just saved 184 AUD. Sometimes you will find better
price with Blue Virgin. It all depends of the availability. So good search and good luck.

By the way, JetStar also provide some of the Asia Cheapest Flight as they deserve many others country such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc...

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