5th Grade Reading Course Outline by enp16801


									                     5th Grade Reading Course Outline

Course Objectives

Reading is essential in order to be successful in every subject area. Throughout the
school year, we will be working to advance in each of the following skills:

   1.   Word identification
   2.   Reading fluency
   3.   Reading and understanding a variety of texts
   4.   Vocabulary development
   5.   Reading comprehension
   6.   Responding to literature
   7.   Understanding literature concepts

Late Work

Ten points will be deducted off any assignment not turned in on the due date. An
additional ten points will be deducted for each day the assignment is not turned in, up to
four days. If you have a problem getting an assignment turned in by the due date, with a
justifiable reason, please let me know, and we will work together on making proper

Make-up Work

       When absent from class, for any reason, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain
        any missed assignment(s).
       Students will be given three days to meet with the teacher to make arrangements
        for missed assignments when returning from an absence. The teacher will assign
        the due date accordingly.

Classroom Rules

   1. Be in your seat and ready for class before the tardy bell rings.
   2. Be responsible, respectful, and helpful to everyone in the classroom, including
      classmates, teachers, and guests, at all times.
   3. During whole class instruction, raise your hand and wait for permission to speak
      and/or leave your seat.
   4. Treat others as you would have them treat you.


        1.   Teacher conference with student
        2.   Documentation of behavior and warning
        3.   Parent conference
        4.   Discipline referral to the office

There will be at least a total of ten grades taken per six weeks. Of the ten grades, at least
eight grades will be daily grades and at least two test grades. At least two of the daily
grades will come from teacher administered fluency tests.

Daily grades 60%
Tests 40%

Explanation of Accelerated Reading- Each student will be expected to read and test
over at least two AR books at or above fifth grade reading level per six weeks. The
AR Test grades will count as test grades for that six weeks.

All AR tests must be taken in Mrs. McEwin’s classroom with the teacher’s permission.
A sign in sheet must be completed by the student for each test taken with the teacher’s
initials showing approval in order for the points to count. The students may choose their
own AR books to read, as long as they are on the appropriate reading level.


I will be available most days before or after school by making prior arrangements for

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