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									                           Topic Outline (Sample)

Thesis Statement: The clothes, shoes and hairstyles of the 1990’s and 2007
have many similarities and differences.

I. Sub-topic#1: Clothes
     A. Similarities
          1. Sweatshirts-still popular
     B. Differences
          1. Pants
                a. 90’s- tight rolled cuffs, classic fit (waist)
                b. 2007- tight, slim fit, low rise, slouched
          2. Shirts
                a. sweatshirts- hoodies vs. crew neck
                b. 90’s- loose fit, big sleeves, florescent colors
                c. 2007- layered, tighter fit, empire waist style

II. Sub-topic #2: Shoes
     A. Similarities
          1. Vans-still popular
     B. Differences
          1. 90’s- Reebok hi-tops, jellies
          2. 2007- slipper shoes, clogs, flip flops

III. Sub-topic #3: Hairstyles
     A. Similarities
          1. Bangs-popular
          2. Side Ponytails
          3. Crimped Hair
     B. Differences
          1. 90’s-big bangs, perms
          2. 2007- angle cut bangs, straight hair

Conclusion: While many styles of clothes, shoes and hair have changed, many
have remained constant since the 1990’s.

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