Example of an Outline by wwr12351


									                   Example of a Conceptual Organization Using an Outline

          This section introduced the National Staff Development Council’s Standards for
Staff Development. The context standards of learning communities, leadership, and
resources, respectively, are discussed more fully in the subsequent sections of this
   I.        The Development of the Learning Community

   II.       Elements of Professional Learning Communities

             A. Shared Norms and Values

             B. Concentration on Student Learning

             C. Collaboration

             D. Deprivatized Practice

             E. Reflective Dialogue

   III.      Conditions Supporting the Development of Professional Community

             A. Structural Conditions

             B. Human and Social Resources

             C. Additional Elements of Professional Community

   IV.       Results of Professional Learning Communities for Staffs and Students

             A. Impact on Staff

             B. Outcomes for students

   V.        Criticism of Professional Communities

   Having discussed the context standard of professional learning communities, the
next section regarding the context standard of leadership examines the importance of
the school principal, as well as traditional and contemporary models of school
leadership. Also discussed are four areas through which principals can provide
leadership that supports professional development: (a) culture, (b) social cohesiveness,
(c) purposes and goals, and (d) structures.

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