Chapter 14 Section 1 by decree


									      Chapter 14
      Section 1:

Political Changes in Greece
I. Rule by the Few
      A. Oligarchies
           1. Oligarchies are governments
              ruled by a small segment of
           2. Included large landowners,
              wealthy merchants and artisans.
           3. Headed by council that benefited
              the upper class.
B. The Rise of the Phalanx
     1. Began in about 670 B.C.
     2. Soldiers stood close so as to
        protect each other with shields.
     3. Allowed farmers and artisans the
        ability to purchase the necessary
        equipment to join the army since
        a shield was cheaper than a
     4. City-states began to consider the
        interest of the lower class, or lose
        their army.
C. Tyranny
     1. Tyrants were aristocrats that set
        up a government run by a single,
        strong, ruler.
     2. Usually ruled with an “iron hand”
     3. Attempted to create dynasties,
        but usually failed because
        tyrannies didn’t last long enough
        to pass on power.
II. Rule by the Many
      A. The Beginnings of Democracy in
           1. Solon appointed to make
              changes in 594 B.C.
                 - reduced punishments
                 - ended selling poor as slaves
                 - granted all male citizens right
                   to vote
           2. After, Solon, Athens was again
              ruled by a tyrant.
B. The Development of Citizenship
     1. Idea that people were citizens
        with rights and responsibilities
        was revolutionary.
           - people were subject of ruler
             in many other places
     2. Greeks had the right to take part
        in government affairs.
           - other people obeyed ruler

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