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									                                       Program Assistant
                                             Job Description
                                               Melbourne Office
                                                  April 2008

Position Summary
The Program Assistant is responsible for the development and maintenance of customer support and
service, in accordance with the policies and objectives established by IEP. This position is responsible for
handling most first enquiries by customers including front desk reception, telephone, email and database

The Program Assistant will assist Melbourne Program Coordinators with clerical duties and promotional
activities as needed. The Program Assistant will also assist Sydney Program Coordinators with Melbourne
duties associated with the inbound program.

Organisational Relationships

•    This position reports and is accountable to the Marketing Manager.
•    Under the direction of the Marketing Manager, the Program Assistant will assist Operations & Marketing
     staff with all clerical duties and a range of other office duties as required.
•    The Program Assistant will assist with maintaining Melbourne facilities for IEP’s Inbound Program.

The Program Assistant is responsible for fulfilling the following duties:


•   Answer all telephone and walk-in enquiries, referring to other staff as necessary.
•   Assist inbound participants with general enquiries.
•   Reply to all emails and website enquiries, and transfer details into enquiries database.
•   Maintain enquiries database, i.e. delete duplicates and ensure mail out queries are correct.

Direct mail

•   Run database queries as per campaign brief and create & print letters.
•   Oversee collation and stuffing of materials ready for dispatch.
•   Ensure requested materials are dispatched on a daily basis.
•   Ensure undelivered mail returns are deleted/investigated.
•   Ensure the quality of material mailed is of a high standard.
•   Order couriers as needed for the office and maintain a correct record keeping procedure.

                             Leading the way in global work and travel opportunities


•   Receipt all applications when first received in office and enter basic details in program databases.
•   Assist with conducting program interviews with participants as required.
•   Assist with all follow-up correspondence and data entry.

General office duties

•   Maintenance of computer and hanging files on an ongoing basis to ensure relevant information is kept
    and irrelevant documents are discarded.
•   Co-ordinate the opening and distribution of the daily mail.
•   Receipt incoming participant payments accordingly.
•   Co-ordinate the stamping and sending of all out-going daily mail.
•   Ensure franking machine is cashed up.
•   Receive and record all answering machine enquiries.
•   Greet all customers, participants and appointments.
•   Maintain foyer cleanliness.
•   Attend weekly Work In Progress meetings and provide minutes.

Promotional material and office stationery

•   Provide stock control for all stationery and promotional material.
•   Re-order and despatch promotional material after consultation with Marketing Manager.

Advertising/Promotion and public relations

•   Work with Program Coordinators on the launches of programs, social events for inbound participants
    and other special events.

Program Assistant for Work Australia Program

•   Answer phone, walk in and email enquiries + maintain personal contact with participants.
•   Give advice & assistance to participants about employment, accommodation, transport, culture,
    insurance, tax, immigration, emergency services and any other aspects of their lives in Australia.
•   Assist with organising and facilitating orientations for participants.
•   Liaise with Inbound Program Coordinators to maintain employment listings, accommodation options and
    social events.

Other duties as directed by the Marketing Manager or Executive Director.

                           Leading the way in global work and travel opportunities

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