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									ISSUE 115                    TROOP 226 BSA NEWSLETTER                        May 2008

  THE REVEILLE                                           Librarian – James B.
  EVENTS & ACTIVITY CALENDAR                              Historian – Ryan K.
                                                        Chaplain Aid – Adam B.
        May Theme - Camping
 May 5: Troop Meeting (Nighthawks)           BIRTHDAY‟S THIS MONTH
      Bowling at Woody’s-Bayport
 May 8: PLC Meeting                                       SCOUTS:
 May 10: Highway Cleanup
                                             Jared Z.            May 12
                                             Ryan K.             May 13
 May 11: Mother’s Day                        James B.            May 31
 May 12: Troop Meeting
 May 15: Troop Committee Meeting                    ADULT LEADERS:
 May 19: Troop Meeting (Aliens)              Horace Beale        May 23
 Jun 2: Troop Meeting (Nighthawks)
            Troop Elections
 Jun 9: Troop Meeting (Wolverines)
 Jun 12: PLC Meeting
 Jun 13-15: Lake Elmo Campout
 Jun 15: Father’s Day
 Jun 16: Troop Meeting (Aliens)                            THIS „N THAT
                                             A scout smiles and whistles under all
                                             circumstances…….Robert Baden-Powell
 Abbreviations used in the Reveille
 PLC - Patrol Leader Council
 SPL - Senior Patrol Leader                     Troop 226 Scouts Need You:
 ASPL - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader       Active, committed parents are the heart
 JLT - Junior Leader Training                and soul of a successful Boy Scout Troop.
                                             A little time and a little effort can make a
 Sign-up Sheets/Activity Fliers:             huge difference in a young man's life. The
 All sign-up sheets and fliers will now be   scouts of troop 226 are looking for adults
 posted on the scout bulletin board in the   to step forward, you'll be glad you did!
 church.                                             Scouting is for parents too!

            TROOP POSITIONS                           Troop 226 Web site:
             SPL – Thomas C.                 Do you know how to access the troop’s
             ASPL – Michael B.               Web site? Just type in –
              QM – Cortland F.          
              Scribe – Ryan D.
 2                                                                          The Reveille
The annual calendar, old copies of the          have earned Camping, Canoeing, and First
Reveille, updated information, forms,           Aid Merit Badges, and are swimmers. It's
pictures, and merit badge information can       not just a canoe trip, it's a challenge! The
all be found here. Please look at it            trip must be a minimum of seven days on
frequently for updated information.             the water, cover at least 70 miles, include
                                                no less than 30 portages, and pass the
          THANK YOU NOTE                        scrutiny of previous Ironhand voyageurs.
Thank you too everyone that came to my
Eagle Scout Court of Honor!! I hope you all     The Ironhand encourages excellence in
had as good a time as I did. Thank you for      leadership, planning, teamwork, and
your gifts and your being there with me on      mental and physical ability. It gives boys a
my celebration. I hope to see you guys          chance to build upon the skills they have
soon. Sincerely,                                spent years developing. In a remote
               Andy Bridges                     outdoor setting camping, cooking,
                                                pioneering and first aid preparedness take
          ALUMINUM CANS                         on a whole new meaning. Orienteering
The patrol aluminum can challenge was a         becomes a way of life, and the value of the
HUGE success. Congratulations to the            patrol method is proven when scouts and
Aliens patrol for bringing in the most cans     adult leaders work together, as equals, to
by weight for the month of April!               accomplish their mission.

Mr. Kasowan announced a new challenge           The physical challenge will appeal to
for the month of May. All patrols need to       some, carrying canoes, paddles and packs
beat the OGP total and that each patrol         across portage trails is heavy work and
needs to beat their April total. Bring your     requires excellent physical conditioning;
cans in to each troop meeting for them to       planning the route and finding the way may
be weighed! It’s a great opportunity to do      appeal to others, map and compass skills
a good turn that benefits your troop, your      will pay huge benefits. Still others may rise
community, the state, the nation and the
world. With the price for aluminum at
record highs it’s a great time to crush a       to the challenge of planning menus that
                                                don't include fresh food or ingredients in
can, toss it into a bag, and bring to a Troop   cans or glass bottles. The logistics of
meeting.                                        assembling gear, packing and
                                                transportation will attract others. For some
                                                researching the history of the area or
The Challenge of the Ironhand                   finding the best lakes fish may be the
The Ironhand is an outdoor adventure that       appeal.
provides Scouts the opportunity to
challenge themselves as they have never         There are rewards for everyone. The
done before; to push beyond the ordinary,       Ironhand is not merely a canoe trip, it is a
to open the door to what is possible and        voyage of discovery; a year long adventure
then to step through it. The challenge of       that will stimulate scouts to hone their skills
the Ironhand provides an opportunity            and then build upon them. The challenge
beyond summer camp or the Saturday              is not simply to paddle and portage for
night campout. A boy lead activity, the         seventy miles, the challenge is to do it with
Ironhand is open to Scouts 14 and older         style and grace.
who have attained the rank of First Class,
  3                                                                                 The Reveille
Print Resources:                                       1          $       175       $     175
Canoeing With the Cree, Eric Sevareid                  3          $       200       $     600
Reflections From the North Country, Sigurd Olson       5          $       300       $   1,500
Root Beer Lady, Bob Carey                              1          $       500       $     500
The Path of the Paddle, Bill Mason                     2          $     1,000       $   2,000
The New Way of the Wilderness, Calvin Rutstrum
Boundary Waters Canoe Camping With Style, Cliff       21                            $   5,470
The Basic Essentials of Canoeing, Cliff Jacobson               Employer Matches
Distant Fires, Scott Anderson                          1        $     50      $           50
Tales From Jackpine Bob, Bob Carey                     1        $     75      $           75
The Voyageurs, Grace Lee Nute                          1        $    200      $          200
                                                       3                      $          325
               ~ Bob Kasowan
                                                      24                        $    5,795
      Troop 226 FOS 2008 Update
On behalf of the Northern Star Council and         Goal                         $    4,500
the Committee of Troop 226, we wish to             Participation goal                   26
express our sincere appreciation for your
recent contributions to the 2008 Friends of
Scouting (FOS) Campaign. The Troop                             ~ Troop 226 Committee
committee feels very strongly that the
Scouting program leads boys down a
better path. A path that will lead to
                                                               NOTES FROM SPL
enriched lives and better communities.
Judging from the financial support at the                  No report submitted by the SPL.
Court of Honor you do to. In total, 21                            Thomas C. (SPL)
families contributed $5,795 towards the
2008 FOS Campaign. That is 29% greater

than our goal of $4,500 and one of the top                 SCOUTMASTER REPORT
three unit contributions in the Riverwood          Advancement continues in Troop 226.
District. God bless all of you. Even though        Andy Bridges just celebrated achieving the
we have exceeded our fundraising dollar            rank of Eagle at an Eagle Court of Honor.
goal we are still two contributions short of       The planning for Eagle Courts of Honor for
making our participation goal of 26. If            Damien Radtke and Colin McGinn has
anybody still wants to make a contribution         started. Jared Zupfer is waiting for his
we still have time to make our participation       Eagle Board of Review to be scheduled. At
goal. We only need two contributions. Any          the beginning of the journey, all of the
contribution amount would be greatly               members of the Spearhead Patrol have
appreciated.                                       earned the rank of Scout. There have been
     Troop 226 2008 Family gifts                   a number of advancements in the middle
 Number     Amount            Ext                  also. Just a word of warning to the other
   1       $      20      $       20               scouts of the troop, the Spearhead Patrol
   4       $      50      $      200               is aiming high and want to earn First class
   1       $      75      $       75               by the end of the summer.
   1       $     100      $      100
   2       $     150      $      300
 4                                                                               The Reveille
It is the end of April and the last snow fell
                                                 1 Complete              Sleeping            Scout
just a few days ago, but it is time to be       Scout Uniform*        bag/blankets         Handbook
thinking about summer camping. The                 Jacket /             Poncho or          Mosquito
equipment list for Tomahawk is available if       Sweatshirt             raincoat            netting
the first year scouts and parents would like      Underwear             Swimsuit           Flashlight
to start getting ready for summer camp              Socks           Plate, bowl, cup,       Pencil &
early. If any of the patrols think there is       (at least 3       knife, fork, spoon     Notebook
not enough camping happening in the             Shoes (2 pairs)         Sleepwear            Toilet
troop, plan you own patrol camp-out. You                                                    articles
can talk to Mr. Kasowan or me if you have            Boots         Handkerchief or          Towels
questions or would like some ideas.                                    Kleenex
                                                 Jeans/Shorts/    Mosquito repellant Spending
I have been amazed at the number of                 T-shirts        (non-aerosol)      Money
merit badge cards that I have had to sign;      *Scout uniforms are highly recommended, however,
                                                no Scout is denied admittance to camp because he
and am even more amazed at the number           does not own a uniform.
of merit badges presented to scouts at the
troop meetings. Keep up the good work.                          Optional Equipment
The members of the OGP were humbled              2 extra pair        Scout              Scout
by the scout's participation in the pop can         shorts            pack             compass
competition. Of course we didn't learn and         Watch           Extra Scout        Neckerchief
are coming back for more next month. We                              T-shirt
would be happy to be humbled again, but            Scout             Scout           Camera & film
                                                  cook kit          canteen
the patrols will have to step up to the            Bible /           Scout           Fishing gear
challenge. There is a lot of fun to be had      Prayer book            knife
by the scouts this summer, so be prepared
to have some fun.
             ~Dennis McGinn~                                    Please Do Not Bring
                                                 Firearms of         Fireworks             Pets
              TOMAHAWK                            any kind
With Tomahawk just around the corner,             Personal         Boats (without         Archery
you may want to check out the camp               Water Craft       prior approval)       Equipment
                                                   Alcohol          Illegal Drugs          ATVs
online – This site
will give you an overview of what the camp      Paintball guns         Bikes          Aerosol cans
is, what programs they offer (Spearheads
you will be doing the Brownsea program),
a map to the camp and a map of the camp                         DID YOU KNOW?
itself.                                         Several local retailers offer discounts to
                                                scouting members who show a
Just to get you thinking of what you might      membership card. These retailers include:
need, below is a “what to pack list”. More      Gander Mountain -10% discount on
information will be announced at future         scouting related items; Dick‟s Sporting
troop meetings.                                 Goods – coupon discounts on camping
                                                equipment, currently including $10 off a
                                                $25 or more purchase and 10% discount
 “WHAT TO PACK-TOMAHAWK”                        on camping equipment. Check with stores
                                                for specific details and any exclusion.
       Recommended Equipment
 5                                                                      The Reveille
Start thinking what you might need for       On June 2nd, the troop will hold elections
Tomahawk and other summer camping            for the July thru December 2008 scout
events!                                      positions. Scouts, to fulfill a rank
                                             requirement, consider taking on an
UPCOMING SCOUTING EVENTS                     (elected) position of Quartermaster or
                                             Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. Other
Troop Meetings – Patrol Assignments          positions to be considered are: the Troop
Which meeting is your patrol in charge of?   Scribe, Historian, Librarian, Chaplain Aide,
The patrol in charge of the meeting is the   or become an instructor.
     patrol that also does clean-up.
                                             Scouts can also be a leader within their
      Nighthawks – May 5 (Bowling)           Patrol, such as, Patrol Leader or Assistant
          Wolverines – May 12                Patrol Leader.
            Aliens – May 19
  Nighthawks – June 2 (Troop Elections)      Assistant Senior Patrol Leader:
          Wolverines – June 9                Every 6 months, a new ASPL is elected by
            Aliens – June 16                 all members of the troop. He serves as
                                             the Senior Patrol Leader's assistant, and
Wolverines: Matt, Kyle K, Ben B, Michael,    takes his place when the SPL is absent.
Jared, Ryan K, Adam B, Thomas                Among his specific responsibilities are
                                             training, and providing direction for the
Aliens: Erik, Cortland, Wade, Tony, Alex,    troop quartermaster, scribe, Order of the
Frankie, Derek                               Arrow

Nighthawks: Phillip, Jacob, James, Steven,   troop representative, historian, and
Ryan D, Blake                                librarian.

Spearheads: Kyle B, Sam, Adam J, Ben         Senior Patrol Leader:
M, Craige, Noah                              After fulfilling the role of ASPL for 6
                                             months, this scout then takes on the
**Mr. McGinn must have meeting planning      responsibility of being the Senior Patrol
sheets in advance to approve**               Leader. This youth leader has the most
                                             responsibility in the troop. During the
                                             scout's tenure as SPL, he is not a member
         Memorial Day Service
                                             of a patrol. The SPL is in charge of troop
Saturday May 24th - St. Mary's Episcopal
                                             meetings from beginning to end. He chairs
Church located at 8435 St. Croix Trail So.
                                             meetings of the patrol leaders' council as
(County Road 21) is having their Memorial
                                             they plan troop activities and programs.
Day Service at 10:30am
                                             He is to see that the troop runs in an
                                             orderly and timely manner.
Scouts are needed to attend this service,
and participate in the flag ceremony.
Please let Mrs. Danielson know if you will              Philmont Scout Ranch
be there. Don't forget to wear your full     Mark your calendars! Dates for Philmont
official scout uniform.                      are August 9 – 21, 2009. Those of you
                                             that registered for this; you only have 20
                                             months to get ready for this high adventure
             Troop Elections
 6                                                                        The Reveille
expedition! Check with Thomas for more         includes; lower level reserved “home run
information and to sign up.                    porch” seat, hot dog, soda, Twins t-shirt,
                                               and all overnight activities. Tickets and
     COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS                   overnight parking passes are limited!
            Highway Clean Up
Saturday May 10th scouts should meet at        “Scout Day – Valley Fair”
the Fire Station at 9:30am. Please bring       Valley Fair special discounted tickets
gloves! Many hands make less work!             offered to scouts and their families on June
                                               7, 2008 (Valley Fair Scout Day).
      Summer Vacation Bible School
St. Croix Valley United Methodist Church       “Scout Night - Minnesota Thunder”
will be holding their morning summer           The Minnesota Thunder is offering General
vacation bible school the week of June 9. If   Admission tickets to scouts and families.
you are looking for community service          Cost is $8 per ticket for scouts and youth,
hours SCVUM has an opportunity for you         $12 per ticket for adults. Price includes a
to earn them in a rich and rewarding way.      special Minnesota Thunder Boy Scout
Contact Tom Folz at 651-436-5741 if you        patch, meet the players, and get
need more information or wish to               autographs after the game. Free soccer
volunteer. Volunteers are needed!              clinic beginning at 3:00PM. Game is
                                               Sunday July 27th at the James Griffin
Remember, service hours are needed to          Stadium at 5:05PM. Game is against the
fulfill rank requirements.                     Puerto Rico Islanders.
     Scout Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily
                                               “Scout Day – St. Paul Saints”
        Scout Family Events                    The St. Paul Saints is offering tickets to
   See Scout Bulletin Board for Fliers         Scouts and families. Cost is $17 per ticket
                                               (a portion of each ticket sold will benefit
“Scout Days with the Minnesota Twins”          scout programs and the Northern Star
The Minnesota Twins is offering tickets to     Council.) Ticket price includes; general
Scouts and families. Cost is $19 - $29 per     admission ticket, coupon for a hot dog and
ticket (price varies depending on date.)       soft drink, scout patch, St. Paul Saints
Ticket price includes; pre-game parade for     baseball hat, admission into the “scout
all uniformed scouts, lower level reserved     only” post-game autograph session and an
“home run porch” seat, hot dog, soda, and      opportunity to run the bases after the
a Twins t-shirt. Tickets are limited!          game. Tickets can be ordered online at
                                      (enter scouts as
June 1: 1:10PM - New York Yankees              the password. Orders must be in by
June 17: 7:10PM - Washington Nationals         August 2, 2008.
August 15: 7:10PM – Seattle Mariners
September 6: 2:55PM – Detroit Tigers
                                                       FUND RAISING NEWS
“Scout All Night - Minnesota Twins”            Congratulations to all the scouts who
The Minnesota Twins invite scouts and          participated in the spring plant fundraiser!
families to watch the July 18th game           All plant orders have been submitted into
against the Texas Rangers and to               Gertens and a total of $7,200 worth of
overnight in the Metrodome after the           plants were sold by 18 scouts! Top honors
game. Cost is $28 per ticket. Ticket price     go to Ryan D. and Wade P. who sold over
  7                                                                    The Reveille
$1,000 worth of plants, and to Phillip B.                 Citizenship in the World
who sold over $800 worth of plants!          Steven K.    Fingerprinting
                                                          Citizenship in the World
Items need to be picked up from Donna        Ryan K.      Snowsports
Beale’s home starting Friday night May 9th                Citizenship in the World
and Saturday May 10th. Reminder that         Kyle K.      Personal Management
Mother’s Day is May 11th if you have any     Blake S.     Snowsports
orders that needed them for this day;
please get them delivered as soon as           Congratulations to scouts that earned
possible. If you have any questions or             awards and advancements!
need directions, please contact Donna
Beale at 651-436-1660.
                                                         Special Awards
Please see Mrs. Campbell for your            Damien Radtke passed his Eagle Board of
individual Boy Account statement. This       review and Andy Bridges Eagle Court of
was a great fundraiser to pay your way to    Honor was April 26th.

                                                      Outstanding Unit Scouter
                                             Our scoutmaster received the Outstanding
        APRIL / MAY                          Unit Scouter Award at the Riverwood
   AWARDS & ADVANCEMENTS                     District Dinner on April 18th. The award is
Kyle B.              Scout                   presented to scout leaders that contribute
Sam H.               Scout                   to the quality scouting programs offered to
Adam J.              Scout                   scouts.
Ben M.               Scout
Craig M.             Scout                          Congratulations Mr. McGinn!
Noah R.              Scout
James B.             2nd Class                           Quality Unit Award
Tony E.              1st Class               The Troop also received the Quality Unit
Steven K.            1st Class               Award from the District. Troops must have
Michael B.           Star                    had the following in order to receive this
              Merit Badges
Michael B.    Citizenship in the World             A Scoutmaster approved by the
James B.      Citizenship in the World              chartered organization.
              Fingerprinting                       At least one assistant Scoutmaster
Adam B.       Citizenship in the World              who is qualified to succeed the
Phillip B.    Fingerprinting                        Scoutmaster.
              First Aid                            Troop must hold at least nine troop
              Citizenship in the World              committee meetings, four boards of
Matt C.       Citizenship in the Community          review, and four courts of honor
              Citizenship in the World              annually, and must conduct a
              Citizenship in the Nation             service project annually, for the
Jacob C.      Fingerprinting
Ryan D.       Fingerprinting
 8                                                                            The Reveille
       chartered organization or the            their Boy Accounts. Order forms can be
       community.                               found in the Forms & Documents tab on
      Troop must have at least 50 percent      the Troop Web site -
       of Scouts advancing a rank.    
      Troop must have at least 50 percent
       of Boy Scouts subscribing to Boys'
                                                Official Uniform (Class A):
       Life, or a 10 percent increase over a
                                                Brown/Khaki shirt, troop neckerchief.
       year ago.
                                                Scout pants, shorts, socks are optional.
      Troop must have at least 50 percent
       of scouts camping for at least 10        Worn for a Scouting event or representing
       nights during the year.                  Scouting in a service capacity. DO NOT
      Troop must have an increase the          wear this uniform for fundraising events.
       youth membership in the troop over
       the past year.                           Activity Uniform (Class B):
                                                Any Scout related T-shirt.
   Thank you to everyone who helped our
   Troop receive this award!                    Worn for fundraising events or event that
                                                calls for the activity uniform.

                                                **Place your orders early so you have your
   MISC. SCOUT INFORMATION                      shirts in time for summer camp**

         Recycle your Scout Items:
FREE: See Mr. McGinn if interested                      COMMUNITY EVENTS
2 pair official boy scout shorts, size 33         th
                                                16 Annual Afton May Fair is a 2 day event
3 red Indianhead council 2005 Jamboree t-
                                                featuring outdoor fine arts and is a
shirts (2 are XL, 1 is L)
                                                traditional crafts fair.
                Merit Badges                    Saturday May 17th: 10:00am – 5:00pm
It’s never too late to work on merit badges!    Sunday May 18th: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Merit badges are needed to fulfill Star, Life
and Eagle rank requirements.
                                                       CALLING ALL SCOUTERS
Ask the Troop Librarian (James B.) for a
merit badge book or visit the Web site for                  Council Website
Information and worksheets are also on
the Troop Web site at                                      Wood Badge Training                      Prerequisite: For many leaders, this
                                                includes Youth Protection training, New
Return Merit Badge Books to the Troop
                                                Leader Essentials, and leader-specific
Librarian as soon as you are done with
                                                training. Wood Badge participants must
                                                first complete the training necessary to be
                                                considered trained for their registered
              Scout Uniform                     Scouting position.
Scout T-shirts and sweatshirts can be
purchased by Scouts with money from             Dates: August 15 – 17, 2008
 9                                             The Reveille
       September 5 – 7, 2008
Where: Fred C. Anderson
Cost: $200.00

 The primary purpose of the Wood Badge
experience is to strengthen Scouting in our
units, districts, and councils. The Wood
Badge “ticket” represents your commitment
to complete a set of personal goals relating
to your Scouting Position. These goals will
significantly strengthen the program in
which you are involved. In addition, the
ticket gives you an opportunity to practice
and demonstrate a working knowledge of
the leadership skills represented during the
Ask Carol for registration form.

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