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					             Nurse Extern Program 2010
Covenant HealthCare has established a solid reputation for quality patient care and
community service. Our efforts to continually improve and enhance these services
translate into greater career opportunities for you.

Our Nurse Extern Program will begin mid-May 2010 and continue into July 2010. We
are interested in qualified candidates who will enable us to maintain the high standards
of quality and customer service Covenant has established in the healthcare industry.

Our program begins with one day of new employee orientation (external applicants
only), three days of nursing core orientation and training, and one day of Epic training.
The remainder of our program includes ten weeks of training with an RN mentor. Your
anticipated graduation date must be no later than August 2011.

       Applications will be accepted October 19th
             through November 20th, 2009

Please review the enclosed Nurse Extern application information, job description and
potential interview questions. All submissions must be forwarded to Covenant
HealthCare Human Resources Office, 2 floor, 1020 Almira Street, Saginaw, MI
48602. Please contact Charla Warren at 989-583-4228 or, if
you have any questions.

If selected for a Nurse Extern position, the following will be required on the first day of
employment in May 2010:

   1. A copy of a validated skills checklist signed by your clinical instructor
      (able to utilize checklist from clinical rotations)
   2. Documentation of training in IV starts (if you wish to start IV’s, may be
      part of the signed skills check list)
   3. Updated set of current official academic transcripts
                         Nurse Extern
                    Employment Information
Covenant HealthCare is offering an invaluable experience for nursing students with
our 2010 Nurse Extern Program. Our program is designed to provide students with
 the opportunity to learn and grow in the registered nurse role through hands-on

                   To apply the following steps must be completed:

  1. A Student Nurse Extern Application (see attached).
  2. An on-line employment application ( Nurse Extern posting will
     be available on October 19 .
  3. An unofficial copy of current academic transcripts required at application submission,
     followed by an official copy at the completion of the Winter 2009 semester (GPA must be at
     least 3.0 to be eligible for the program).
  4. Written recommendation from two recent clinical instructors.

      The above requirements must be completed by both internal and external candidates
                   in order to be considered for the Nurse Extern Program.

                                        $13.93 per hour
                             Overtime and Holiday Pay provided
                      Nurse Extern participants are not eligible for benefits

                                   Program Information:
     Interviews and will be conducted in December & January by a panel of individuals including
      Nurse Managers, HR Employment Specialists and Educators
     Nurse Externs may continue employment at the conclusion of the program following
      evaluation/recommendation by the RN mentor and Nurse Manager
     At the conclusion of the program, Nurse Externs will may continue employment as a Nursing
      Care Assistant II with the appropriate wage adjustment

                 For more information contact Charla Warren at 989-583-4228

Name_________________________________Social Security #__________________

Home Address__________________________________________________________

City____________________________State______________Zip Code_____________

Home Phone_____________________Alternate Phone_________________________

School of Nursing_______________________________________________________

School Address_________________________________________________________

Expected Date of Graduation_______Degree___________________G.P.A._________

Are you presently employed or have you previously been employed by Covenant?____

Are you a participant in Covenant’s Clinical Progression Program?_________________

Clinical Service Area Preference: (Please rank (1,2,3) your top 3 choices)

     ___ Adult Surgical                         ___ Orthopedics
     ___ Cardiac Telemetry                      ___ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
     ___ Coronary Care Unit                     ___ Neuro Step Down
     ___ Emergency Care Center            ___ Neuro Intensive Care Unit
     ___ Intensive Care Unit–Harrison           ___ Pediatrics
     ___ Medical/Dialysis                       ___ Progressive Cardiovascular Unit
     ___ Medical/Oncology                 ___ Rehabilitation/TCU
     ___ Medical/Pulmonary                      ___ Surgical Intensive Care Unit
     ___ OB

Shift Preference: (Please rank (1, 2) your top 2 choices)

              ___ 7:00 a.m. - 7:12 p.m.
              ___ 7:00 p.m. - 7:12 a.m.

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                  NURSE EXTERN CANDIDATE
1. Please share with us the areas you have chosen and why?

2. Describe the strengths and weaknesses you bring to the extern role.

3. Please describe your Customer Service skills.

4. What do you hope to gain from the extern experience and how will you apply it to your

5. What feedback from instructors have you received?

6. Please describe in your own words the role of the RN.

7. Give an example of how you have been proactive in identifying and acting on opportunities
    and problems.

8. Tell us about the most difficult patient (or customer) you've ever dealt with and how did you

9. If you were to observe other staff verbally breaching a patient’s confidentiality, what would
    you do?

10. Is there any thing else you would like to add? Do you have any questions?

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                                 Job Title                                                 Job Code
                               Nurse Extern                                                 30105
Department Name:             Patient Services                           EX/NE:                  NE
Reports To (title):          Patient Services Manager                   Pay Grade:
Location:                    All Campuses                               Last Revised:         Feb-08

The Nurse Extern works under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse mentor while
carrying out designated skills that she/he has had in educational programs and/or orientation
and has demonstrated competence to her/his unit manager or RN mentor. The summer extern
program is designed to provide a student nurse an opportunity to become more comfortable in
the hospital setting, gain skills in organizing their work, compliment learning provided in their
educational program, while not counted in the units core staffing. At the conclusion of the
summer extern program there is an option to continue employment at the manager’s
recommendation. The Nurse Extern would perform those components of the job that are
delegated by a Register Nurse and the Nurse Extern would be counted in the units care staffing.
The Nurse Extern demonstrates excellent customer service. He/She upholds the standards
contained in the Vision, Mission and Values of Covenant, and commits to Keeping our Promise
of Caring.


                                                                                               % OF
     JOB CATEGORY                                       JOB DUTY
                                         Contributes to organization success targets for
I. Fiscal Responsibilities
                                         net operating margin.
                                        Models Covenant’s Mission, Vision and Values of
II. Customer Satisfaction                keeping our Promise of Caring and Commitment         100%
                                         to Service.
                                        Has clinical and social contact with patients,
                                         including all age groups, and is able to
III. Scope of Practice                   appropriately assess, care for and treat them        100%
                                         according to the guidelines as defined by
                                         Covenant HealthCare.
                                        Demonstrates excellent customer service.
                                        Provides nursing care under the direction of the
                                         RN mentor using the Nursing Process.
                                        Prioritizes and organizes delegated patient care
IV. Essential Job Duties:                assignments.                                         100%
                                        Accountable for all patient care assignments and
                                         documentation of all interventions.
                                        Performs technical nursing skills as outlined in
                                         standards and procedures manual and as

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                                     described by unit-specific competencies.
                                    Engages in reinforcement of patient and family
                                     teaching as delegated by the RN mentor.
                                    Encouraged to be proactive in seeking learning
                                    Performs and records complete physical
                                     assessment as outlined in unit specific guidelines.
                                    Care planning for the shift with RN mentor.
                                    Identifies and communicates changes in the
                                     patient’s condition to the RN mentor.
                                    Handles equipment appropriately. Returns
                                     equipment to proper place after its use. Asks
                                     questions about its use when necessary.
                                    Demonstrates ability to give care cooperatively
                                     with other patient care team members.
                                    Accommodates schedule during summer
                                     externship to coordinate with the RN mentor’s
                                    Other duties as assigned.

   Internal
    All hospital departments

   External
    Patients and patient representatives
    Contracted businesses

Direct: None
Indirect: None

      JOB CATEGORY                                           JOB DUTY
                                  Computer competency, including Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes.
     I. Knowledge
                                  Excellent oral and written communication skills.
                                  Must be able to work well with the public and able to be tactful in
    II. Skills
                                   often hectic and stressful situations.
                                  Sound judgment in handling confidential or sensitive issues and
    III. Abilities                 material.
                                  High School diploma or equivalent.
                                  One year from graduation from an NLN accredited school of nursing
                                   and has completed clinical content pertinent to the assigned unit.
    IV. Education
                                   Has demonstrated by transcript and instructor evaluation above
                                   average academic and provides a signed clinical skills checklist.

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                                          Experience in a hospital setting preferred.
    V. Experience
                                           PHYSICAL DEMANDS
 Hours worked per day:          12                           Hours worked per week: 36
                               Indicate percent of day work activity is performed:
         Sitting                10         Inside Work             100         Working with others              80
        Standing                50        Outside Work              0         Working around others             10
        Walking                 40                                               Working alone                  10
      FACTORS                    PRESENCE                       FACTORS                         PRESENCE
                          NP         O     F       C                                     NP     O       F            C
 Standing                                          X     Twisting                                       X
 Walking                                           X     Reaching                                       X
 Sitting                                   X             Handling                                       X
 Reclining                 X                             Fingering                                      X
 Lifting                                   X             Feeling                                        X
 Carrying                                  X             Talking                                        X
 Pushing                                   X             Hearing                                        X
 Pulling                                   X             Tasting/Smelling                X
 Climbing                            X                   Near Vision                                    X
 Balancing                           X                   Midrange Vision                                X
 Stooping                            X                   Far Vision                                     X
 Kneeling                            X                   Depth Perception                               X
 Crouching                           X                   Visual Accommodation                           X
 Squatting                           X                   Color Vision                                   X
 Crawling                  X                             Field of Vision                                X
    LIFTING: Please indicate the frequency and weight of unassisted lifting this position required.
         WEIGHT                    NP                          O                     F                      C
 0-10 Lbs.                                                                           X
 11-25 Lbs.                                                                          X
 26-50 Lbs.                                                    X
 51-100 Lbs.                                                   X
 100 Lbs. Or More                                              X
       NP = Not Present                                                  F = Frequently (66 % of the day or less)
       O = Occasionally (33% of day or less)                             C = Constantly (67% of the day or more)
NOTE: This job description is intended to cover the minimum essential duties required on a regular basis. Incumbent
      may be asked to perform additional duties as required by his/her supervisor.

It has been determined that Covenant HealthCare cannot provide a latex safe or latex free work
environment at any of its facilities. Unfortunately, that means that any individual, including an
applicant or an employee, is likely to be exposed to latex while on Covenant’s premises. Therefore,
latex tolerance is considered to be an essential function for any position with Covenant.

Dept. Mgr:                               HR Rep:                                   HR Director:

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Date:   Date:                 Date:

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