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					▌Example Job Description

Job Title:           Accounts Payable & Receivable

Reporting To:        Managing Director

Performance Review Period: 6 months

With                           Purpose

   ▌   Managing Director       Provide financial support

   ▌   Sales Manager           Checking customer remittances, new product files,
                               send out invoices

   ▌   Production Manager      Checking employee time cards, purchasing
                               requirements, stock take

Purpose of the position
The role of accounts is a support and reporting function with specific statutory and
management accounting functions. The overall financial health of the business is supported
from this area through the delivery of effective accounts receivable and payable services to
the business. The role is to be performed with high standards of service to external and
internal customers

▌Responsibility 1

Report to managing director on:
   ▌ Monthly cash flows, including debtor and creditor positions
   ▌ Monthly Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet.

Authority Level – Monthly as required. Including debtors and creditors

Measurement - Reports, cash flow

▌Responsibility 2

Effectively manage the accounts payable function:
    ▌ Ensure paperwork is entered in a timely manner – including purchase orders.
    ▌ Ensure major creditor accounts are reconciled and that payment is made according
        to these reconciliations.
    ▌ Ensure payments are allocated in a timely manner to facilitate bank reconciliation
    ▌ Identify any time consuming bottlenecks and recommend improvement processes.

Authority Level – Within budget and cash flow restraints. Agree guiding policy with
Managing Director.

Measurement - Accounts payable ageing, Performance Review

▌Responsibility 3

Effectively manage the payroll function:
    ▌ Ensure paperwork and timesheets are entered in a timely manner.
    ▌ Ensure wages, salaries are all paid on time.
    ▌ Ensure superannuation and payroll tax (if applicable) paid on time.
    ▌ Ensure group income tax is paid on time.
    ▌ Maintain annual leave and sick leave records.

Authority Level – Overtime approved.

Measurement - Financial reports, Performance Review.

▌Responsibility 4

Effectively manage accounts receivable function:
    ▌ Maintain a collection process to continually improve aged debtors.
    ▌ Maintain finance process to facilitate timely payment.
    ▌ Maintain an ongoing review of customer credit limits

Authority Level – Agreed financial benchmarks for aged debtors; accounts contacted directly.

Measurement - Aged debtors, Performance Review.

▌Responsibility 5

Manage stock take reporting.

Authority Level – Report on financial performance within one week of stock take.

Measurement - Stock take result.