JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE Public Health Manager Long Term Conditions PAY BAND Agenda for Change Band 8a RESPONSIBLE TO Assistant Director Public Heal

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JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE Public Health Manager Long Term Conditions PAY BAND Agenda for Change Band 8a RESPONSIBLE TO Assistant Director Public Heal Powered By Docstoc
					                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE: Public Health Manager - Long Term Conditions

PAY BAND: Agenda for Change Band 8a

RESPONSIBLE TO: Assistant Director Public Health Quality and Health Protection

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Director of Pubic Health


To lead, from a public health angle, the modernisation, redesign and evaluation of services to
meet the growing demands of Long Term Conditions (LTC). To work with key partners in the
development and implementation of care pathways, protocols and guidelines including work
included within the Commissioning Strategic Plan (CSP) and Transforming Community Services
(TCS) Programme.

  • To identify and lead action to address inequalities in health related to long-term
     conditions within Knowsley.

   •   To influence key stakeholders to ensure Public Health action is incorporated within LTC

   •   To undertake or co-ordinate comprehensive needs assessment, including modelling, of
       the population in relation to long-term conditions, including those at high-risk of
       developing long-term conditions, within Knowsley.

   •   To provide and interpret performance and outcome data for services to identify areas for
       action to address improvement.

   •   To provide in-depth knowledge of national policy, guidelines and evidence-base for
       chronic disease and associated long term conditions.

   •   To act in an expert Public Health advisory capacity to Practice-Based Commissioning
       Groups, Communities of Practice and other relevant stakeholder groups within Knowsley
       Health and Wellbeing. Assess the impact of existing services on health inequalities and
       propose service changes where appropriate to reduce health inequalities

   •   To ensure a focus on the primary and secondary prevention of long-term conditions
       within the development of pathways of care.

   •   To develop and programme manage agreed public health strategies / action plans
       addressing long term conditions in partnership with a range of agencies across health
       and social care, including voluntary and private sector agencies.
    •   To ensure the development of pathways is informed by the clear definition of high quality
        services and outcomes, including patient experience, addressing inequalities
        effectiveness and safety.

    •   To establish working links with organisations/teams responsible for primary and
        secondary prevention i.e. Health Promotion, Knowsley MBC and the voluntary sector.

    •   To network and work collaboratively with surrounding Primary Care Trusts.

    •   To play a role in identifying, accessing and influencing resource allocation in
        collaboration with senior managers across Knowsley, including PBC Groups and partner

    •   To play a leading role in the evaluation and audit of existing services to ensure high
        quality provision across long-term conditions management.

MANAGERIAL / LEADERSHIP (including financial / physical resources and staffing)

•   To take managerial lead to support Communities of Practice in Knowsley for diabetes,
    respiratory and cardiovascular disease and any future other groups to ensure multi agency
    planning to achieve high quality services.

•   To support primary, secondary, tertiary and social care commissioning colleagues to
    establish integrated care pathways for people with long term conditions. Formulating
    strategic plans in disease specific areas.

•   To consistently review the quality of care provided through the coordination of and
    contribution to multi disciplinary assessment and performance management.

•   To challenge professional and organisational boundaries in the interest of the patients to
    improve health outcomes.


•   To work in partnership with the Long Term Conditions Education lead and others on the
    development of training in areas pertaining to disease specific areas.

•   Participate in relevant and appropriate research opportunities.

•   To maintain own professional development by use of evidence based practice and identified
    learning needs.

•   To disseminate of NSF, NICE, DoH and national guidance pertaining to disease specific
    areas to promote evidence based care delivery.


•   To lead the quality of service issues through evaluation/ audit of the effectiveness of health
    care provision and programmes and the development of appropriate health outcomes.

•   To be responsible for and facilitate/ contribute to the development of research pilot/ projects
    with partner agencies to improve quality outcomes of patient care for residents of Knowsley.
•   To lead the evaluation of milestones and targets against national standards in disease
    specific areas and disseminate findings widely.

•   To ensure Patient and Public Involvement is incorporated into strategy development.

•   To identify risk issues in strategy development and to inform developments.


•   Suggest this point is deleted To facilitate continuity of care by establishing and developing
    links and communication networks across primary, secondary, tertiary and social care

•   To establish communication pathways with project sub groups and primary care teams
    within general practice settings and the wider health community.

•   To facilitate the relevant Communities of Practice and working group meetings.

•   To support commissioning colleagues in relation to public health issues at acute and tertiary
    service providers and other such partnership groups.

•   To communicate chronic disease and disease specific strategies to health forums across the
    borough of Knowsley.

•   To develop networking links with national collaboratives to improve service provision and
    disease specific outcomes for individuals and family/ carers.

•   To negotiate and deal with sensitive information, utilising interpersonal skills to deal with
    difficult situations and challenges when necessary.


•   To establish, maintain and develop professional working relationships with colleagues.

•   To follow all agreed Quality Assurance Mechanisms in operation and contribute generally to
    the establishment and development of a quality service.

•   To adhere Health and Wellbeing policies and procedures including standing financial
    instructions and orders.

•   To contribute to and promote the achievement of the Trust’s Mission and uphold the
    organisation’s values.

•   To participate in the Trust’s Development Review Appraisal process and, with line
    management, objectives and development plans. All staff is entitled to participate in the
    Review Process and, with their manager, are jointly responsible for the completion of agreed

•   The Trust is keen to ensure the health and safety of patients, staff and visitors. All staff is
    responsible for complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and ensuring no one
    is affected by individual acts or omissions.
•   The Trust aims to be a place in which people can work and study free from discrimination.
    All staff, patients and visitors are required to comply with the Trust’s Equal Opportunities

•   To be aware of, and responsible to, the changing nature of the Trust and adopt a flexible
    and pro-active approach to work.

•   To participate in relevant continuing personal and professional development, encouraging
    others to do the same.

•   To hold team meetings and disseminate corporate messages / feedback staff queries and
    recognising staff contribution.

•   All managers are expected to operate within the context of the NHS Manager’s Code of




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