STUDENT TRAVEL EXPENSES- Policy by somewhereinthemiddle



   1. You can claim for travel expenses if you are attending the following academies:
      N.Somerset(Weston), Somerset(Taunton & Yeovil),Gloucestershire(Cheltenham &
      Gloucester), Bath, Swindon. You cannot claim for Southmead, Frenchay, Barrow,
      Blackberry Hill, UBHT, Yate.
   2. Expenses are only payable for one return journey to your academy, but you may
      claim if you are returning for Lectures ( we do not pay for you returning at
   3. If you are travelling by car, only the car owner may claim, but please state on the
      form any student who is travelling with you.
   4. If travelling by car at the start of each academic year, we would need to see your car
      insurance, which should show an endorsement that you can use your car for business.


It is your responsibility to make sure you have adequate insurance for your own
private vehicle if you use it to travel to your placement site.
You should be aware that driving without motor insurance is a criminal offence.
In particular, you are forewarned that some insurance companies may consider that, as
a student, you will only use your vehicle for “social, domestic and pleasure purposes”
and they may deem travel to a placement site to be “business” use.
Your motor certificate will show whether you have cover for “business” use. If this is not shown as
included you
must check with your insurance company that you are insured to use your motor vehicle.

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