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									Travel Tips
Before you go...                                                                  Packing your emergency kit...

❑ Refill any prescriptions and pack over the                                       ❑ First aid kit.
  counter medications.                                                             ❑ Flashlight with extra batteries.
❑ Make sure all vaccinations are up to date.                                       ❑ Jumper cables.
❑ Make a list of medications (dosage and frequency)                                ❑ Duct tape.
  and doctor’s numbers to carry.
                                                                                   ❑ Maps.
❑ Convert cash to traveler’s checks or plan
                                                                                   ❑ Blankets.
  to use credit cards.
                                                                                   ❑ Flares and white flag for indicating stress.
❑ Pack electrical socket covers and other child safety
  devices to childproof the destination spot.                                      ❑ A car jack and ground mat for tire changes.
❑ Don’t forget the sunscreen!!!!!                                                  ❑ Work gloves and a change of clothing.
❑ Be sure your cell phone is charged and pack a                                    ❑ Basic repair tools.
  cigarette lighter charger kit.                                                   ❑ Extra water and paper towels.
❑ Become familiar with local traffic laws.                                         ❑ Non-perishable food.
❑ Give the car a tune-up and safety inspection.                                    ❑ Extra prescription medications
❑ Get a full night’s sleep the night before a trip.                                ❑ Windshield washer fluid.

House...                                                                          On the road...

❑ Arrange to have a neighbor watch                                                 ❑ Stay alert.
  the house and check mail.                                                        ❑ Wear a seat belt.
❑ Make sure hedges are trimmed to                                                  ❑ Don’t drink and drive.
  eliminate easy spots to hide.
                                                                                   ❑ Use approved child restraints.
❑ Make sure the outside of the home is well lit.
                                                                                   ❑ Be patient and obey the posted speed limit.
❑ Put timers on lights, radios and televisions.
                                                                                   ❑ Don’t tailgate.
❑ Leave blinds open, but move valuables
                                                                                   ❑ Watch out for road debris.
  out of sight.
                                                                                   ❑ Avoid in-car distractions.
❑ Leave the air conditioner on.
                                                                                   ❑ Stop in a safe place to nap if you’re sleepy.
❑ Turn the ringer on the house phone off.
                                                                                   ❑ Travel at times when you are normally awake.
❑ Give a friend or family member a copy of
  itinerary and emergency numbers.                                                 ❑ Take a break every two hours or
                                                                                     every 150 miles.
❑ Ask a neighbor to park in the driveway
  or parking spot.                                                                 ❑ Pre-program radio stations for easy access
                                                                                     and select CDs before you start driving.
❑ Arrange to have the lawn mowed.
                                                                                   ❑ Keep the radio volume low enough to hear
❑ Unplug all appliances (except refrigerator,
                                                                                     sirens, horns and screeching.
  freezer and timers).
                                                                                   ❑ Designate a passenger to be a navigation
❑ Turn off water to sinks, toilets, showers,
  dishwashers, and washing machines
                                                                                   ❑ Avoid talking on cell phones while driving.
❑ Turn hot water heater to lowest setting.
                                                                                   ❑ Make sure pets are in a carrier.
❑ Unplug the automatic garage door opener.
                                                                                   ❑ Do not eat while driving.
❑ Put rods in the tracks of sliding glass doors.
                                                                                   ❑ Keep gas tank at least ¼ full.
❑ Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
❑ Double-check homeowner’s insurance policy.

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