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									                     ACD Graduate Student Travel Award
The ACD Graduate Student Travel Award was established to encourage graduate students in Analytical
Chemistry to attend international conferences and present their work.

Two awards (Cdn $ 500 each) will be given each year, one in January and one in July. The application
deadlines are January 15 and July 15.

   July 2008 competition
   Note that two awards will be made in this competition only. See Terms of Reference below for
   details. Qualified individuals should mail their application to:
   Prof. Mark McDermott
     Department of Chemistry
     University of Alberta
     Edmonton, AB T6G 2G2

   Electronic applications will also be accepted (only in pdf format). They can be sent to

Terms of Reference
   1. The executive committee of ACD establishes a travel award for Canadian graduate students. The
      aim of this award is to permit promising students in Analytical Chemistry to participate in
      international conferences.
   2. An amount of $500 will be paid to each winner, providing that they incur travel expenses equal to
      or in excess of this amount. The amount paid is for travel and registration expenses only,
      including per diem and incidentals appropriate to the rules of their own institution. The amount
      paid (up to $500) should be deducted from any expense claim the awardee makes to their
      supervisor or institution.
   3. To qualify for the award, the graduate student must be registered in a Canadian University while
      attending the conference. All international conferences, including those held in Canada, are
      eligible. The award is not intended to support travel to the annual CSC Conference.
   4. The awardee is expected to give at least one poster or oral presentation at the conference. If the
      abstract submission is rejected subsequent to the notification of award, the awardee must inform
      the Executive immediately and arrange an alternate conference that takes place within the next 12
   5. Applications are to be submitted to the ACD Executive Committee prior to the January 15 or July
      15 deadline (or extended deadline as indicated above). The application should contain:
      • a cover letter (justifying why the applicant should receive the travel award to the specified
      • a curriculum vitae;
      • a brief summary of work to be presented (or the submitted/accepted abstract); and
      • a letter of support provided directly from applicant’s research supervisor.
   6. Each research supervisor may only nominate one student per competition. The nominee should
      not be holding the ACD Graduate Student Award (also known as the Ryan-Harris Award) in the
      same year.
   7. The applications will be reviewed by at least two members of the ACD Executive Committee. The
      result will be announced within 30 days of the deadline.

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