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									                                          HSC Learning and Teaching Program for

                                                                  Year 12 IPT

                                HSC Communications Systems
Learning Program Preamble
This program is not intended as an exhaustive program of student activities but rather as a complete copy of the syllabus with creative activities to correspond to the topics
within the unit.

Created by Graham Betts 2006
 Students learn about:                                           Students learn to:                                        Activities

HSC Communications Systems
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When participants within the information system have a need to transmit and receive data or information, the type of system required is a communication system.
Communication systems support people who are working together, by enabling the exchange of data and information electronically. In this topic, the information
processes of transmitting and receiving are featured, with the other processes considered when relevant because all information processes play a role in communication

A student:

H1.1     applies and explains an understanding of the nature and function of information technologies to a specific practical situation
H1.2     explains and justifies the way in which information systems relate to information processes in a specific context
H2.1     analyses and describes a system in terms of the information processes involved
H2.2     develops and explains solutions for an identified need which address all of the information processes
H3.1     evaluates and discusses the effect of information systems on the individual, society and the environment
H3.2     demonstrates and explains ethical practice in the use of information systems, technologies and processes
H4.1     proposes and justifies ways in which information systems will meet emerging needs
H5.1     justifies the selection and use of appropriate resources and tools to effectively develop and manage projects
H5.2     assesses the ethical implications of selecting and using specific resources and tools, recommends and justifies the choices
H6.1     analyses situations, identifies needs, proposes and then develops solutions
H6.2     selects, justifies and applies a methodical approach to planning, designing or implementing a solution
H7.1     implements and explains effective management techniques
H7.2     uses methods to thoroughly document the development of individual and team projects.

Created by Graham Betts
 Students learn about:                                         Students learn to:                                       Activities

                                                               use applications to create and transmit messages         Notes and worksheets on “Characteristics of
 communication systems as being those systems which            establish a communications link and describe the steps   Communication Systems”
 enable users to send and receive data and information         that take place in its establishment                     Complete worksheet and questions about 5 basic
 the framework in which communication systems function,                                                                 components, protocols, handshaking, error checking,
 demonstrated by the following model                                                                                    speed of transmission and settings
                                                                                                                        Alien game: Imagine communicating with aliens that have
                                                                                                                        no idea of human communication. In teams work out how
                                                                                                                        to do this and explain the reasoning to the class. Make
                                                               identify and describe specified protocols at different
                                                                                                                        links between this and handshaking
                                                               stages of the communication
                                                                                                                        Handshaking and Error Checking
                                                                                                                        Play Chinese whispers compare to an accurate error
                                                                                                                        checking method.
                                                                                                                        Agent Game: Imagine you are a top secret agent. You
                                                               identify client processing and server processing
                                                                                                                        have important information that must be understand and
                                                               describe the advantages and disadvantages of client–
                                                                                                                        relayed to the next agent. How would you know you have
                                                               server architecture
                                                                                                                        their attention. Explain the process of passing on the
                                                                                                                        information to ensure it is correct. Students then form a
 the functions performed within the communication systems      Terms to Cover
                                                                                                                        long chain and pass on their information. Did it reach the
 in passing messages between source and destination,           five basic components—data source, transmitter,
                                                                                                                        end of the human chain correctly? Could it be improved.
 including:                                                    transmission medium, receiver, destination.
                                                                                                                        Error Checking
 message creation                                              communication protocol.
                                                                                                                        Worksheet where students need to identify the error
 organisation of packets at the interface between source       handshaking.
                                                                                                                        checking method used
 and transmitter                                               the speed of transmission—bandwidth, bps, baud rate.
                                                                                                                        Worksheet where students add the correct parity bit.
 signal generation by the transmitter                          methods of error checking—parity checking,
                                                                                                                        Students must also describe weakness of parity bits.
 transmission                                                  checksum, CRC.
                                                                                                                        Worksheet where students give the correct checksums.
 synchronising the exchange                                    communication settings—bps, data bits, parity,
                                                                                                                        Students must also describe inadequacy of checksum
 addressing and routing                                        stop/start bits, flow control.
 error detection and correction
 security and management
 the roles of protocols in communication
 handshaking and its importance in a communications link
 functions performed by protocols at different levels
 the client–server model
 the role of the client and the server
 thin clients and fat clients
 examples of clients such as web browsers and mail clients
 examples of servers such as print servers, mail servers and
 web servers
Created by Graham Betts
 Students learn about:    Students learn to:   Activities

Created by Graham Betts
 Students learn about:                                             Students learn to:                                        Activities
 • network hardware, including:                                    • document a network, including:                          Notes and worksheets on:
            – current cable standards                                        – diagrammatically represent the topology        “Network Hardware” including: Current cable standards,
            – servers, including:                                            – describe the location and function of         servers, routers, switches, hubs, transmission media
                     - file servers                                hardware components on the network                        (twisted pair, coaxial cable, fibre optic, wireless), network
                     - print servers                                         – detail the network management software        operating systems and software, network administration
                     - mail/web servers                            and the network software at the client                    tasks (access, privileges, file access rights, logon and
            – routers                                                        – detail the applications that are supported    logoff procedures, backups and security), other
            – switches                                             by the network                                            information processes (collecting: phone voicemail,
            – hubs                                                 • for a given scenario, choose and justify the most       EFTPOS), processing (sending of attachments, encoding
            – transmission media, including                        appropriate transmission media                            and decoding methods), client server architecture, Issues
                     - wire transmission: twisted pair, coaxial    • describe the role of the network administrator and      Related (harassment over internet and mobile, privacy
 cable and fibre optic cable                                       conduct network administration tasks                      and security of collected data, internet trading
                     - wireless transmission: microwave,           • demonstrate logon and logoff procedures, and            (profitability, growth, phishing and fraud), changing
 satellite, wireless networks, mobile phones                       justify their use                                         nature of business (effects on society, information
 • network software:                                               • compare and contrast the Internet and intranets         overload)
            – characteristics of network operating software        • using available technology, link together three or
            – network administration tasks, such as:               more computers                                            Invite
                     - adding/removing users                                                                                 Bring in the school network administrator to discuss
                     - assigning users to printers                                                                           duties and responsibilities and their importantance
                     - giving users file access rights                                                                       including: diagram of topology, describing location and
                     - installation of software and sharing with                                                             function of hardware components on network, detail
 users                                                                                                                       network management software and the applications
                     - client installation and protocol                                                                      supported by network
            – logon and logoff procedures                                                                                    Excursion
            – network based applications                                                                                     Perhaps the students can go for an excursion of the
 • the difference between the Internet and intranets                                                                         school network.

 other information processes in communication systems              • distinguish between original data in analog and         Ask
 • collecting:                                                     digital form                                              What type of information do EFTPOS terminals collect?
          – the phone as the collection device with voice          • adopt procedures to manage electronic mail              What type of information do RFID tags transmit and
 mail                                                              • encode and decode analog and digital data and           which grocery items carry them?
          – EFTPOS terminal as a collection device for             describe the techniques used
 electronic banking                                                • identify client processing and server processing on a
                                                                   network and describe its advantages and

Created by Graham Betts
 Students learn about:                                            Students learn to:                                       Activities
 • processing:                                                                                                             Sample
          – the sending of attachments with                                                                                Use Audacity (freeware) to turn a cassette into a digital
 e-mail                                                                                                                    signal. Plug cassette (audio out) into microphone jack of
          – encoding and decoding methods, including:                                                                      sound card. This will work and then it is easy to see the
                   - analog data to analog signal                                                                          beginning and end of sound file. Make a choice as to the
                   - digital data to analog signal                                                                         bit rate. Discuss sampling, analog to digital and digital to
                   - digital data to digital signal                                                                        analog
                   - analog data to digital signal
          – client-server architecture:                                                                                    Send
                   - the client controls the user interface and                                                            An email including: attachments, bcc, cc and explain what
 the application logic                                                                                                     each section does
                   - server controls access to the database
 • displaying:                                                                                                             Share
          – the phone as the display device with voice mail                                                                Have you ever been harassed over the internet or by
          – EFTPOS terminal as a display device for                                                                        mobile phone? What should you do? Tracking phonecalls
 electronic banking                                                                                                        and the Police
 issues related to communication systems                                                                                   Don’t put up with it
 • the use of communication systems to share knowledge,                                                                    If you know of someone else being bullied or harrased in
 not just data                                                                                                             this way don’t allow it to continue
 • issues related to messaging systems
          – ideas delivered by this means appear less             • describe and justify the need for ethical behaviour    Investigate
 forceful and caring than ideas delivered personally              when using the Internet                                  Ask around and find out how much time people spend
          – danger of being misinterpreted                        • discuss the ethical issues that have arisen from use   checking their email each day? How much extra work
          – power relationships                                   of the Internet, including:                              (measured in time) has been generated by email. What
          – privacy and confidentiality                                     – the availability of material normally        strategies do people have for coping with the new
          – electronic junk mail                                  restricted                                               pressures? Is there is a trend where bosses are saying,
          – information overload                                            – electronic commerce                          “email me” instead of dealing with the issues?
 • implications of Internet trading including:                              – domination of content and control of
          – local taxation laws                                   access to the Internet                                   How Safe?
          – employment ramifications                              • identify the type of communication system in use       How safe is internet banking? Look at the web site
          – nature of business                                    for a given scenario                                     associated with your bank. What safety precautions do
 • trading over the Internet and its commercial implications                                                               banks ask their customers to follow? Why are they
 • the difficulties of censoring content on the Internet                                                                   important? What can happen if you don’t?
 • issues arising from Internet banking, including:
          – security of banking details
          – changing nature of work
          – branch closure and job loss

Created by Graham Betts
 Students learn about:                                           Students learn to:                                   Activities
 • the removal of physical boundaries by enabling:               • be participants of a team and exchange ideas and
          – work from home                                       data
          – virtual organisations, ie organisations structured   • design and implement a communication system to
 around the communication system                                 meet an individual need
          – removal of national and international barriers to
 • how participants are supported:
          – individuals by providing a means for
          – participant teams by enabling the exchange of
 ideas and data
 • the emerging trend of accessing media such as radio and
 video across the Internet

Created by Graham Betts
 Students learn about:    Students learn to:   Activities



Created by Graham Betts

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