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									                                                        Customs Brokerage
                                                        U.S. Air and Ocean
You need it
When you import into the United States from anywhere in the world, you need a customs broker that gets
the job done quickly, accurately and in compliance.

We have it – we’re a leader
TowerGroup has the infrastructure, technology,                Experience
information and experience to meet your needs.                §   3 million entries processed annually.
                                                              §   A customs brokerage leader.
§   61 service locations at air, ocean and land entry
                                                              Add it up
    points throughout the U.S. and Canada.
                                                              §   We’ll concentrate on your import issues so you
§   Uniform processes in every office.                            can concentrate on business.
§   Worldwide network of resources.                           §   A dedicated account manager will ensure your
                                                                  performance standards are met and will handle
Technology                                                        pre- and post- entry matters, including tariff
§   Electronic entry, release and duty payment for                classifications, protests and liquidations, appeals,
    speed and cost savings.                                       refunds and drawbacks.
§   Interactive relational database of your products for      §   Choose additional services such as cargo insurance
    instant and accurate tariff classification.                   and trade consulting, including seminars,
                                                                  compliance assessments, customs audit assistance,
§   Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology to
                                                                  appeal seizures and more.
    communicate with customers, regulatory agencies
    and global partners.                                      §   Bundle customs brokerage with our transportation
                                                                  services for a seamless importing solution.
§   Free* access to TowerNet Tracking, an online
    tool to continuously monitor your trade activity.
§   Free* access to TowerNet Reference, an online             You’ll want it from us
    library of tariff rates for the U.S., Canada and          §   TowerGroup has over 100 years of experience
    Mexico, as well as a resource for regulatory                  providing comprehensive import and export
    information and daily worldwide trade news.                   services worldwide.
                                                              §   As part of FedEx Trade Networks, a subsidiary
Information                                                       of $20 billion market leader FedEx Corporation,
We help you comply with regulations by keeping up                 TowerGroup has the resources and support to
with the rules so you don’t have to, including:                   help you conduct business anywhere in the world.
§   U.S., Canada and Mexico Harmonized Tariff                 §   With TowerGroup you get a powerful
    Schedules.                                                    combination of expertise, innovation, customer
§   More than 80,000 U.S. Headquarters and Port                   service and speed.
§   Anti-dumping/Countervailing Duty Case
§   Customs Regulations.
§   Title 19 Code of Federal Regulations.
§   NAFTA Rules of Origin.                                                     *Free to qualified TowerGroup customers.

§   NAFTA Agreement – full text.

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