Bioinformatics manager job description

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Bioinformatics manager job description

I/ Key duties of Bioinformatics manager

   1.Collaborate with other Bioinformatics and Biomath leadership counterpart(s) to
   share practices and resources globally.
   2. Work efficiently under aggressive timelines in a highly collaborative environment.
   3. Represent informatics issues across company as part of a leadership team internally
   and externally with early adopters and collaborators
   4. Strategic input into planning, budgeting, project execution and milestone delivery
   5. Forward thinking and innovative, able to challenge and persuade without
   confrontation. Driven by desire to push envelope in key areas and also back that up
   with concrete delivery of corporate milestones.
   6. Develop qualified Biomath and Bioinformatics resources by providing training,
   mentoring, and coaching.
   7. Identify qualified resources through recruiting, retaining, contracting, and
   succession planning.
   8. Coordinate a team of computational biologists, biostatisticians, and software
   developers in an R&D environment with scientists
   9. Assist in driving collaborations with other divisions and disease area research
   10. Lead the establishment of the necessary IT infrastructure to support the design
   and implementation of our molecular assays.
   11. Lead the effort in evaluating published assays and implement novel or improved
   assay designs and analysis algorithms.
   12. Establish the budget (resources and expenses) for the Biomath and Bioinformatics
   activities in alignment with the corporate projects and budgetary guidelines.
   13. Identify and promote new analytical techniques (in consultations with technical
   experts within the team) in order to better position the company in the marketplace.

II/ Job description types of Bioinformatics department

Bioinformatics include job description of positions as follows:

   1.   Bioinformatics manager
   2.   Bioinformatics supervisor
   3.   Bioinformatics specialist
   4.   Bioinformatics consultant
   5.   Bioinformatics assistant
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   6. Bioinformatics clerk
   7. Bioinformatics associate
   8. Bioinformatics executive
   9. Bioinformatics director
   10. Bioinformatics officer
   11. Bioinformatics coordinator

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