Web manager job description

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Web manager job description

I/ Key duties of Web manager

   1. Maintain and develop the master content calendar for all web properties.
   2. Oversee freelancers, including writers, designers and community outreach
   3. Keep current with emerging web technologies through relevant blogs, listservs, and
   4. Assure web-based information is archived for future needs and reference
   5. Track and report on all site metrics.
   6. Work cooperatively with key team members, clients and vendors.
   7. Management of ongoing and new developments in relation to the company website
   and intranet.
   8. Development and management of website system.
   9. To create secure data transfer between web and internal systems.1. Manage the
   continual development of features on the website.
   10. Design, develop and implement database interfaces using Microsoft .NET
   technologies and support eBusiness development.
   11. Train staff to use all new developments and applications identifying time
   constraints, gathering key resources and conveying needs and requirements in plain
   12. To monitor web server and site technical performance.
   13. Create, develop and manage content for organization’s web presence (requires
   working with content management software).
   14. Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout all web properties.

II/ Job description types of Web department

Web include job description of positions as follows:

   1.   Web manager
   2.   Web supervisor
   3.   Web specialist
   4.   Web consultant
   5.   Web assistant
   6.   Web clerk
   7.   Web associate
   8.   Web executive
   9.   Web director
HR management and career development

   10. Web officer
   11. Web coordinator

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