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Product manager job description

I/ Key duties of Product manager

1. Participate in the development and delivery of vendor product enhancements.

2. Develop service standards for benefit providers and regularly monitor adherence.

3. Design, implement and track various creative and benefit tests.

4. Develop sales tools and collateral.

5. Propose an overall budget to ensure success.

6. Brief and train the sales force at quarterly sales meetings.

7. Analyze test results and make recommendations based on key findings.

8. Monitor and communicate product key performance indicators.

9. Coordinate with Customer Service to resolve member issues and conduct regular
training sessions.

10. Brief press and analysts and go on press tours.

11. Act as a leader within the company.

12. Generate ideas and concepts to increase awareness, usage and product value.

13. Support the internal development and implementation of new product benefits and
service enhancements.

14. Develop the core positioning and messaging for the product.

15. Perform product demos to customers.

16. Define the product strategy and roadmap.

17. Deliver MRDs and PRDs with prioritized features and corresponding justification.

18. Work with external third parties to assess partnerships and licensing opportunities.
HR management and career development

19. Be an expert with respect to the competition.

20. Manage product configurations and client set-ups, including resolution of competitive
issues between Clients and participating merchants.

21. Manage the merchandising of products and promotions on website and in emails.

22. Set pricing to meet revenue and profitability goals.

23. Deliver a monthly revenue forecast.

24. Monitor email deliverability performance and escalate issues as they arise.

25. Develop and maintain a product competitive analysis.

II/ Job description types of Product department

Product include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Product manager
   2. Product director
   3. Product officer
   4. Product coordinator
   5. Product clerk
   6. Product associate
   7. Product executive
   8. Product supervisor
   9. Product specialist
   10. Product consultant
   11. Product assistant

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