Cultural Festival Tourism and European Integration research and by youmustknowme


									Cultural Festival Tourism and European
Integration: research and management

                 Dr Philip Long
    Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change
       Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  The (potential) contribution of festival and
cultural event tourism to European integration

• Festivals and cultural events are a vibrant expression of
  the diversity and vitality of culture(s) in Europe

• They help to define and animate places and they may
  attract special-interest, 'cultural' tourists

• They may provide a focus for inter-communal and cross-
  border dialogue, networking, development and
  participation in tourism

• They may promote pride in the community, social
  inclusion, co-operation and voluntarism
             Issues in the integration
         of cultural tourism and festivals
• Cultural events, festivals and tourism can make uneasy

• Cultural and community development agencies may see
  potential benefits from festivals being viewed as tourism
  attractions, but they have other (possibly conflicting)
  social and artistic priorities

• Tourism tends to exploit culture and festivals because
  they are seen to be “public goods”

• Some festivals will not attract (nor perhaps welcome)
   Some observations on cultural festivals in

• New festivals are being created and 'traditional' events
• (Why? How important/welcome is tourism for festival
  organisers and 'host' communities?)

• There may be increasing professionalism in (some)
  festival planning and organisation
• (What is professionalism in this 'sector'? What is the role
  of associations, education and research institutions?)

• There are emerging networks between European
  festivals and researchers
• (How may these best be supported by EU and Council of
  Europe programmes?)
 Existing research and management tools for
         festivals and festival tourism
• Various models exist for the analysis and management
  of festivals and associated tourism (often applications
  from business, management and marketing), e.g.

• Assessing economic impacts through input-output and
  multiplier models

• Identification of stakeholder needs and views

• Developing networks, partnerships and collaboration

• Managing quality
  Developing research and management tools
   for European festivals and festival tourism
Some existing research and management models are
  designed for application in North American contexts

Need to develop European models that explore:

• The meanings and importance that audiences attach to
  cultural events and festivals.

• Connections between festival tourism, community and
  economic development.

• The involvement of minority and diasporic communities
  in cultural event and festival tourism.
     Identifying research issues in European
           festivals and festival tourism

• Production and management

• Economic development – sme/supply chain linkages

• Multi-culturalism, social inclusion

• Social cohesion – e.g. animation of new communities

• Transnational practices

• Cultural enrichment
Making the connections between cultural tourism,
       festivals and European integration

• There are de facto synergies between cultural tourism
  and festivals but there is a need to integrate research in
  these areas

• There are potential synergies between the research
  needs and interests of practitioners, policy makers and
  researchers – the role of professional development

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