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					          The Bitney ExPress                                                                                                                 April 2009

           Newsletter of Bitney College Prep High School
           11763 Ridge Road, Grass Valley CA 95945 (530) 477-1235 Fax (530)272-1091 www.bitneyprep.net
          Bitney College Prep High School is now located next to Nevada Union High School campus!

From the Editor

After an intense winter, spring is emerging with a riot of daffodils and bright turquoise skies. Creativity flowers at Bitney, where students are supported yet challenged.
This issue showcases students’ talented and imaginative writing. Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming events. Enjoy!
Shana Lee Parker, editor

Bitney Students Shine in Creative Writing
   There Was a Young Man Who
         Lived in a Shoe
                    By Jordan Belt

  There once was a man that lived in a
  shoe. He was a very gorgeous man and
  everybody loved him but it wasn’t what he
  was looking for. He felt empty inside and
  all alone even though he had many good
  friends. His mother, the old lady in the shoe,                                                                                   The Three Flowers
  died last year and he became very forlorn                                     The Tree
                                                                                                                                  By Cassie Pellerin, freshman
  even though he had many brothers and
  sisters that cared for him very much.                                  By Nick Tippner, freshman
                                                                                                                      They are the ones who stand by me, each
   One brisk morning when he woke up he                                                                               long and tall, three beautiful flowers each
  heard a strange sound from below him,                           Leafy green,
                                                                  Smells of air,                                      unique and delicate, each one with different
  he looked all around for where the sound                                                                            traits. These are special flowers, they change
  was coming from but he could not find the                        Rustles in the wind,
                                                                  Soft fern-like leaves                               color and look. From my house I can hear
  source; he became distraught. All day he                                                                            them, even though they are far, some farther
  heard the noise till he thought he was going                    Whisper to me.
                                                                                                                      than others. They call out for me especially
  to go insane and wondered if anybody                                                                                in the worst of storms. And when I myself am
  else could hear the strange sounds that he                      Rough, coffee bark,
                                                                  Woodpecker knocking                                 caught in a storm I look to the flowers, which
  was. He asked his favorite sister Morgan to                                                                         with the storm get heavy and droop. These
  see if she could hear it and with sad dismay                    On its door
                                                                  And the tree                                        flowers don’t stay in the same place though,
  she could not. He also asked Morgan’s                                                                               these small flowers sink into the ground and
  secret lover Jordan who had a tad bit                           Whispers “come in.”
                                                                                                                      when needed they spring back to life in
  better hearing if he could, but tortured by                                                                         another spot, only I can hear them though,
  the answer neither could he. All day the                                                                            sweet and beautiful.
  noise followed him and all day it got harder
  and harder for him to concentrate on his
  everyday tasks. Then at his lunch break the
  noise became so unbearable that he told                                   Desert Sand
  his secretary Ashley who was pregnant at                           By Daniel Freehling, freshman
  the moment that he was going to take the                                                                         Community Service Report
  rest of the day off and try to figure out what                                                                    by Daniel Freehling
  was going on.                                             Grain upon grain, these friends of mine.
  When he got home he decided to take a                     They are the sands in the desert of time.              These were Bitney’s options for March Community
  nice long shower to try and clear his mind,               Forever in touching distance, each one                 Service:
  but halfway through the sound got louder                  connected but can be moved by the wind.
  and louder till he realized that it was his               Like the ever changing facts of sentience              A) SYRCL - Environmental efforts to support
  stomach talking to him. He was sure that he               on this ever gracing land.                             healthy Yuba River lands, by removing English ivy
  was insane but then he heard his stomach                                                                         and scotch broom
  say, “You know that pizza you ate last                    They only demand that I am a trustworthy
  week with the amazing green peppers and                   and loyal friend. These friends and I                  B) Williams Ranch - Students assisted a teacher,
  anchovies? Well I am sorry to tell you those              are built like rocks and chipped away at               working with children in kindergarten and early
  anchovies were a tad bit old and I have                   from thought to thought. Until all that’s left         grades
  been trying to tell you all week long but you             is sand, but we are the land
  have been so caught up in trying to find                   and our accomplishments go far,                        C) Nevada County Land Trust - log and brush
  a cure for your emptiness you just need to                for the next generation of sand and rocks,             clearing
  look at the beauty around you and you will                we are ever more.
  find the answer.”                                                                                                 I cleared English Ivy (option A) and worked
  Then all the noise stopped and it was very                                                                       with the kids, (option B)who were really cool.
  quiet. This got him thinking and he started                                                                      Second graders rock!! We got to discover just
  to realize how amazing he had it in his                                                                          how intellegent those kids really are. I enjoyed
  great world, and how beautiful it was. All                                                                       everything from being outside on a nice day
  his sadness and emptiness drifted away                                                                           to helping the teacher and getting to hear the
  and it was like he saw it for the first time in                                                                   teacher’s side of the story. Community service
  his life.                                                                                                        rocks, so get out there and help your community!
The Bitney ExPress                                                                                              April 2009
SUPPORT THE SCHOOL Calendar                                                                   Parent Council News                (distilled -DP)

Attend Parent Council meetings:                                                               Stepping into Vice Chair: Ann Hobbs
usually held at 6 pm at the school                                                            (Hooray!) Shari announced that Ann Hobbs
on the first Thursday of every           April 2       Parent Council Meeting                  has accepted the position of Vice Chair and
month. Contact Shari Phillips for                                                             will serve as PC Chair next year. Several new
                                                            6:00 p.m.                         offices willl be filled at the May PC meeting.
more information: 265-6290 or
email shari-phillips@sbcglobal.net      Apr. 3        Physics Field Trip                      Next PC Meeting May 14th.

Participate in Painless Fundraising:                                                          Spring Wine Tasting Benefit, Saturday,
Cost to you: $0.
                                        Apr. 4-14     Spain Trip (returning very late on
                                                      the 13th or early on the 14th)          March 28--very successful! Raised $2200
Present your grocery store cards
(Safeway, Raley’s, SaveMart) or
rebate vouchers (SPD, BriarPatch)                                                             APRIL
to credit Bitney each time you          Apr. 6-10     Spring Break
shop. *We now have SaveMart                                                                   Ski Field Trip, April 16--only $16/person
shopping cards to benefit Bitney.        Apr. 14       Charter Council Meeting                 Equipment/ski lesson included. Please
Pick one up in the office.                                                                     get money and permission forms/rental
Before you shop online: Use             April 16      Ski Field Trip to Sugar Bowl            agreements in to Mrs. Noble asap. Need
http://www.onecause.com/shop            April17-18    All- School Yardsale Fundraiser         drivers!
to credit Bitney with % of purchase
at favorite places online.
                                        Friday/Sat.   Corner of Brunswick & Hwy 174
                                                                                              All-School Yard Sale Fundraiser, Fri/Sat,
                                                                                              April 17 & 18. Parents are needed to work
Pledge payments- thank you for          Apr. 20-24    Spirit Week                             the morning or afternoon shifts, or set up
continued support!
                                                                                              on Thursday evening. Call Linda Waring at
Recruit new students                    Apr. 20       This is now a school day- was           272-6538. Drop your stuff off either at school,
                                                                                              Mon-Thurs of that week, or at the sale location
                                                      previously scheduled to be a day off,
Insure attendance: Be sure your                                                               after Monday the 13th (Brunswick where it
student comes to class on time,                       as a snow day if not needed             meets Highway 174, call Lora Willis 477-7881
and maintains good health for
good attendance                         April 27      Northridge Pizza Fundraiser             Northridge Pizza fundraiser (Nevada
                                        5-8pm         10% of purchases will go to Bitney      City location only): Monday, April 27.
Chaperone/Drive students when                                                                 Lisa Hooper (272-1182) is coordinating this
needed                                  May 5-8       STAR Testing Breakfast
                                                                                              fundraiser and will supply flyers for students.
                                                      Families donate food.                   A portion of pizza sales from 5-8 pm will be
Volunteer with school activities
and fundraisers --
                                                      Senior Trip to Capitola                 donated to Bitney.
Do what you can, when you can!          May 14        Parent Council Mtg. 6pm
                                        May           Roadside Clean-up                       MAY
*Please listen to automated
phone messages left on your                           Date/time TBD
answering machine. You may miss         May 27        Senior “Big Night” @ Miners             May Roadside Cleanup: Ross Waring will
important information if they are                                                             involve students again when the weather
                                                      Foundry, Nevada City                    gets better. Parent Council expressed its
                                                                                              appreciation to the Warings for their support
                                        June 3        Senior Recognition Night                of this activity.

                                                                                              STAR Testing Breakfast (May 5-8): We
Graduation Is Around                                                                          need parents to bring food to continue the
the Corner                              June 5        Last day of school/                     tradition of feeding students on the testing
                                                      Graduation                              mornings. Bagels and cream cheese are
We are excited at the aproach of                                                              VERY popular, also fruit, juice, milk. There is a
senior class graduation; seniors and                  Parents of Freshmen,                    microwave but no oven.
families are already preparing for                    Sophomores, & Juniors
a fine ceremony and culminating
                                                      Host Reception                          Parent Council Meeting Thurs. May 14
                                                                                              Plan to attend. Ensure Bitney’s happy
Reminders: Please return permis-        June Move - Help Bitney move to our
sion slips and money for the Senior
Trip, and make your payment for
                                                    new site; to be announced
your cap and gown now.                                                                        JUNE
                                        July 4        Nevada City July 4 Parade
RSVP Shari Phillips regarding Senior                                                          Graduating Seniors: Senior trip to New
Potluck and Sleepover, re: how                                                                Brighton State Beach, Capitola, May 5
many family members are attend-         July          Roadside Clean-up                       - 8th; Permission slips must be turned in.
ing, bringing food and bever-
ages for family dinner, and for
                                                                                              Help needed at fundraisers to defray
seniors’snacks and breakfast on         July 12 to    Chinese Student Program                 costs. Graduation Ceremony Fri. June
                                                                                              5th, 5-6pm; Reception 6-7pm @ Bitney
Sat. June 6th. Contact Shari Phillips   Aug 8         Host families are needed for
                                                                                              quad; Senior Potluck 7:30pm followed by
@ 265-6290.
                                                      visiting Chinese students               Senior Sleepover10pm.
Please help out with senior fund-
raisers. Car wash, bake sales,
movie nights...every bit helps.                                                                                                                    p. 2
                                   David Luce presents great wines

April 2009                                                                               The Bitney ExPress
Who Understands?                                     Four Thick Books
                                                By Korban Earles, freshman

                                            They understand me. I
                                            understand them. Four thick
                                            books, full of stories, some
                                            long, some short, mostly fiction.
                                            But one in particular is not
                                            fiction and it helps me with my
                                            schoolwork. One is a horse
                                            book that I don’t read much,
                                            but at least it has a lot of action
                                            and interesting tales. One is
              The Night                     a comforting book with a lot                          Three Gusts of Wind
     By Athena Knowles, freshman            of pictures. The last book is                     By Katelyn Williams, freshman
                                            complete fiction. Non-stop
                                            action and adventure with lots
  She is the only one who                   of violence.                                 They are the only ones who
  understands me. I am the only one                                                      understand me, even though I don’t
  who understands her. The night                                                         quite understand them sometimes.
  with hidden fears and dreams like                                                      Three gusts of wind, entirely
  one who is feared but who comes                                                        unpredictable. Sometimes they blow
  anyway. One gloomy lady walking                                                        you down, sometimes they blow you
  alone in a dark dress. From the                                                        up, and sometimes they simply blow
  window you can see her looking at                                                      you away.
  you, but others just sleep and don’t
  appreciate these things.                                                               Every gust of wind is different. One
                                                                                         is a small and gentle wind, but gets
  Her strength is secret. She holds                                                      warm when the climate is right.
  the earth in her loving arms. She                                                      Another is a strong, yet refreshing
  makes dreams and gives lovers a                                                        wind. You know the kind that comes
  place to hide. She sends sad cries        I like them a lot. I wish I had              as soon as you lift your arms and say
  through the wind, and never gives         more time to read them. They                 you want wind, and you think it’s
  up on some day being loved. This          lie upon the shelf and do not                a miracle until it pushes you down
  is how she lives.                         prefer to move much, except                  and fades suddenly. The last one is
                                            the horse one. I spend as much               gentle, but is only mistaken as gentle!
  Let her forget her reason for being,      time as I can with them, unless I            It is actually the start of a hurricane,
  she’d bring rain clouds to hold her,      am absorbed in another book.                 buy only I know that you can smile
  like a child in it’s mother’s arms.                                                    during the hurricane, because it will
                                            They will tell you their stories, just       all be over soon.
  Dream, dream, dream, night tells          open them. Some may withhold
  me when I sleep. She teaches              certain ones or keep a secret,               Some winds need to be fanned to
  when I am too sad and too fearful         but so would you. Sometimes                  get going. But not these. They can
  to keep dreaming, when I am a             the latches on the sides are                 fly as they please, they don’t need
  small unseen thing against so much        locked and you cannot open                   my help. I seem to be the only one
  hate, then it is I that looks to the      them, look for a key, they will              who can handle these winds, so I will
  night. When there is nothing left         offer, just be stubborn. Try to              always stay with them, no matter how
  to look at in this world. One who         read the stories, it is sure to be
  loved despite being feared. One           interesting.
  who dreamed and does not forget
                                                                     Questions? Want to Enroll?
  to dream. One whose only reason
  is to be and be.                                                   Check us out!
                                                                     Call 477-1235 for info or to set up an
                                                                     Bitney College Prep High School is a
                                                                     tuition-free public charter school and is
                                                                     accepting new students for enrollment.
                                                                                                                              p. 3
The Bitney ExPress                                                                                                              April 2009
                                                                                                             his voice.
Don’t Stereotype Me!                                  The Other “L”
By MacDierney                                         Part II, excerpt by Cassie Pellerin, freshman
                                                                                                             Lone stepped inside, one step after another.
                                                                                                             She thought, she took a deep breath and
Just because I’m a dragon                             In the previous installment Lone learns she has
                                                                                                             walked inside. She had her eyes squeezed
         I’m not vicious                              a brother she never knew of. She has been
                                                                                                             closed when she heard someone moving, a
         I’m not greedy                               brought to meet him by the mysterious Watari,
                                                                                                             sound like they were getting comfortable in a
         I’m not maiden devouring                     who has warned her to ‘stay calm,’ when she
                                                                                                             chair. Lone opened her eyes. She swallowed
Just because I’m a dragon                             meets her brother.
                                                                                                             the gasp that crept up her throat.
         I’m not evil
         I don’t destroy villages
                                                                                                             “Hello Leona,” said the man who sat in the
         And I don’t plan to                          When the door opened the room was much                 chair, well it was more like squatted.
Just because I’m a dragon                             like the outside just a little darker, a lap top sat
         I’m not satanic                              on the coffee table, and the same “L” glowed           He was nothing like she had expected.
         I don’t worship Satan                        on the screen as it had done on Watari’s cell          Although he did look like her, it was like looking
         I don’t even know him                        phone.                                                 in a mirror, only a couple features were
Just because I’m a dragon
                                                                                                             different, his voice was a little monotone but
         It doesn’t mean you’re better                “Please sit. Would you like anything to drink or       yet still had some emotion to it, like a robot that
than me                                               eat?” he asked.                                        had accidentally been set with emotion.
         Smarter than me
         Or even as good as me                        “Do you have chocolate?” she asked.                    “H-Ho-” but she stopped knowing that he was
Just because I’m a dragon
                                                                                                             her brother, but still. Watari had said he didn’t
         Why should it matter,                        Watari smiled, like he had just heard a good           know who she was.
anyway?                                               joke. Lone cocked her head to the side, what
         What is race?                                was so funny?                                          What had happened in the last couple minutes
         What is life without races?
                                                                                                             that she had choked on chocolate? Had
Just because I’m a dragon                             “Of course. Would you like anything to drink?”         he told him? He seemed so cool headed.
                                                      he asked.                                              Surely he wasn’t feeling the joy/nervousness/
Don’t stereotype me!
                                                                                                             excitement she was, or if he was he was hiding
                                                      “I’m fine with w-water,” she said, her voice            it quite well.
                                                      breaking and skipping a beat as the realization
                                                      hit her. She felt her head spin and her hands          “Lone. I think you go by that now, is that right?
           Our Good Day                               become sweaty, she felt her body begin to              Sister?” he asked. Lone heard a slight sigh
    By Athena Knowles, freshman                       shake.                                                 of what sounded like relief from behind her,
                                                                                                             like this man had just figured out something
                                                      Watari ran off and came back with a tray that          incredible or life saving.
            If you give me five dollars I will take
                                                      had water and chocolate on it. Lone took a
you anywhere you want. That’s what Ian
                                                      piece in her hand and slipped it between her           “Yes, I know who you are.” He continued, “I
tells me.
                                                      lips.                                                  know where you came from, and what your
            Five dollars is cheap since I have no
way of getting to the beach except the bus,                                                                  name is, how you came up with your code
                                                      “I will go get your brother now,” he said.             name. I am L,” he said.
but it does not run today.
            Five dollars, five dollars.
                                                      That almost made Lone choke on her                     L? Just L? Like I saw on the computer screen
            He is trying to get somebody to
                                                      chocolate; she bit her lip to stop from coughing.      and on Watari’s cell phone, that’s what it
chip in so they will have enough gas money
                                                      She heard the door close as Watari left. Lone          meant!
to get home. They already have fifteen
                                                      choked out the last bit of chocolate and wiped
dollars and all they need is five more.
                                                      the tears from her eyes and composed herself.          “I see the wheels turning,” said L.
            Only five dollars, he says.
                                                      She couldn’t stop the shaking, or the sick
            Give the five dollars to them, says
                                                      feelings, or even the sweating. She could hear         Lone was getting a little mad, why was he so
Sequoia. I would but I have no money and I
                                                      her heart beat ten times faster then it should.        cool headed? Had Watari lied and did L know
want to go somewhere.
            I like them. Their clothes are new                                                               everything? Down to the last detail? Like which
                                                      She heard a door squeak open and she                   pack of peanuts she ate on the plane? How
and clean. They are wearing warm smiles.
                                                      jumped. Not knowing what to do she panicked            How HOW!?
It makes them look kind and welcoming, I
                                                      and stuffed a piece of chocolate in her mouth
like them. Especially Nathan who wears the
                                                      and turned, it was only Watari.
colorful coat. I like him even though he lets
Ian do all the talking.                                                                                                               This Is Just to
                                                      “You can come in now,” he said. His voice had
                       Five dollars, Ian says, only                                                                                   Say
                                                      changed; now it was softer. Like he was talking
five.                                                                                                                                  By Gator
                                                      to a child rather than an adult, was this really
                       Sequoia is tugging my arm
                                                      her older brother?
and I know whatever I do next will make her
happy.                                                                                                                                This is just to say
                                                      Lone stood and walked to the door, she
            I go to the back of the car and                                                                                           I have sold the cat
                                                      couldn’t see past Watari, and frankly, she kinda
find my money. I have three dollars left and                                                                                           That has been the
                                                      didn’t want to, she was afraid that she would
I take two of Jeffrey’s. He’s not here, but                                                                                           family pet for 10 years
                                                      vomit if she moved any closer. But her curiosity
I’m sure he’ll be glad when he finds out we
                                                      overwhelmed her sickness, making her want to
can come and see him. When I get back,                                                                                                And which we spent
                                                      push past Watari. But instead she stood glued
Sequoia is still waiting, I am happy. I have a                                                                                        hundreds on
                                                      to the spot, taking deep breaths; she wanted
ride to the sea.                                                                                                                      You worked hard for
                                                      that water now, the chocolate stuck to the top
            Because Ian is the oldest he drives.                                                                                      Twenty years.
                                                      of her mouth making it hard to take calming
I sit in the back seat and Sequoia sits next to
me.                                                                                                                                   Forgive me
            We ride faster and faster. Past the                                                                                       They convinced me
                                                      Watari stepped aside and Lone was slightly
store, small and sad and dirty in some parts,                                                                                         So I sold the cat
                                                      relieved and slightly disappointed not to see
past the boardwalk, and away to the sea at                                                                                            And got five dollars.
                                                      anyone standing there.
 p. 4                                                 “Step inside,” said Watari, a little amusement in

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